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The day after I took the picture for Sunday’s post the peony opened!  This is meant to bring a little sunshine to those of you with endless rain.  We know how it feels, as our last few months we had constant rain. After one week of beautiful blue skies theysay that Sunday and Monday may be overcast. 

A  Sock Saga

This knitter, as many a knitter does, loves to knit socks.  Some knitters have too many socks on their needles (if there is such a thing). My problem has been not enjoying any of the socks I currently have on the needles (maybe that's the same problem).  The heel on the Spearfish sock has been turned, but I've decided to set it aside for now.  The yarn is homespun with a little to much vaiation of thick and thin.  It should have become a nice piece of lace instead of a pair of socks.  The color isn’t fitting my mood just now, either. It isn’t springy or sunny. I solemnly swear to finish them later.

SpearfishwithgreenGreen yarn isn’t something you see much around here. It's not a good color for me to wear.  I bought this bright green Lorna’s Laces as I think you can (and should) knit socks in colors that you wouldn't usually wear and rarely buy.  It's my way of knitting outside the box, if you will.  Why not show off those hand proud?  My first intention was to knit the Birch Leaf  sock from A Gathering of Lace, but my book is still visiting a friend. (Grumble, grumble.)  So instead,  I tried the Lace Leaf sock from Fiber Trends.  Hey, what gives?  Only 60 stitches around? Well, that isn’t going to fit my non-Cinderella foot.  Yes, I could add a repeat, but still, I do want the Birch Leaf socks more. Sigh, foiled again. 

PeachesinsummersockDespite having 50 balls of sock yarn in my stash, on a recent trip the LYS this bright and beautiful ball of Sockatta sock yarn jumped into my hands. It was impossible to put the ball back on the really wanted to come home with me.  The colorway reminds me of summer peaches or a summer sunset.  I had to cast on right away, as a grrls gotta see the way the colors work, right? The colors stripe evenly and there is a row of alternating red and white stitches between each color change.  It is a very cool sock yarn made of part cotton part wool.  Instead of looking through books and finding an appropriate sock, I decided to emulate Claudia and knit picot socks.  I’ll have happy sunny feet come fall and have a good time knitting with summer colors (and I might just finish them right away).


NICE claudia socks! :) And, well, we don't have to lecture YOU on the process of knitting, do we? I mean, if that sock is not doing it for you, you know what to do. :)
Thanks for the peony fix. I am hopeful now. My peonies got blown flat during last night's noreaster. Such wind!

I like the idea of knitting out of the box. That is a good thing. We have to be EXCITED about what we are creating.

I'm in the midst of really serious peony envy. Sorry.

Peonies! They're my favorite, bar none. And that stripey sock is really WONDERFUL!

Peonies are my favorite! We planted one a couple of years ago and this year there are blooms pending! Thanks for sharing...they are just so pretty. I must have that sock yarn...I love it. Be well and thanks for the sock comments/inspiration. I have way too many on needles, but I eventually come back to them. Take care.

Suggestion for the green yarn: Cascading Leaves sock from the Jeanie Townsend knit-along on yahoo.

I think Jody from Savannahchik made picot socks with that yarn in that colorway a few months back. With all of the yarn, patterns, and colorways in the world, what is the liklihood of that happening?

I agree.....that green would be perfect for cascading leaves socks. Green is one of my favorite colors :-)

That peony is lovely............the rain......uggghhhhh. It feels like it is never going to stop. Not fun when you have a bunch of wet, muddy dogs :(

All you sock knitters seem to have waaaaay too much fun with it. One of these days, I guess I otta try it. Pretty peony!

i agree with Christy's suggestion of using the cascading leaf sock. i saw hers in person and it was beautiful!

but, if you really really need to do the Birch Leaf sock I wouldn't mind sending a copy of the pattern to you. just let me know.

oh, and while I did knit picot socks a couple months back, the yarn isn't identical. mine was out of Regia Cotton Surf -- also a cotton/wool blend. but the colors do look pretty similar.

Hey! I bought that Sockotta yarn too! I'm very happy to see how it knits up - I love stripey goodness.

I can't wait until my peonies open up too, but I think that would require a little sun.

Thanks for the bit of cheer on another cloudy damp day! Nice cheery colors.

That is a thoroughly delightful picot sock. Its cheering me up enough to go on.


Very pretty sock and goregous peony. Good luck sorting out the green sock yarn and mustering onward with the Spearfish. Remember, it's the process. ;)

Our weather people are telling us that we might see some clearing tomorrow. Of course they are still calling for rain, and my theory is that they try to keep our hopes up by teasing us with suggestions of sun, but keep us grounded by predicting rain, which is most likely to occur. This, I think they presume, will keep us from mass suicide. Those socks are bright and cheery and I hope you really do finish them. Mine are almost done. That cheers me only slightly. Must.Have.Sun.

Have I told you that everyday I'm passing some Peony bushes, waiting for the peonies to peak out? I want to catch them at a very precise moment! Yours are beautiful.

Love the sock yarn too! God help me, I WANT TO KNIT A SOCK!

Thanks so much for the sunshine. It is much needed and very appreciated.

I love those socks. I can understand why you didn't fight that skein too hard. I do agree with you on colors for socks. I'll knit and wear socks in colors that I wouldn't want anywhere near my death warmed over skin-toned face ;) Feet are fine for that!


I love that Sockotta picot sock! So bright and cheerful.

Thanks to Claudia, I may never knit a ribbed sock again. :-)

Snap, it looks so much prettier than a plain rib. We need a bit of girliness in our lives every now and again.

Lovely socks, Margene--I love the Sockotta colors

That peony is breathtaking. They are such amazing flowers!

I too love to knit socks. They're portable, fairly inexpensive, never dull, and make a wonderful gift. I found myself this morning with several hours of wait time and no knitting project -- hard to believe but true -- so I grab some sock yarn and started the PomPom Squad footies from MagKnits.

I love the colors of that sock yarn so much that I have two skiens of it in my own stash. It is just such a nice and sunny shading that you have to have it.

I love your socks and your peonies. Truly lovely.

That peony is prettier than any plum I've ever seen!!

I hear what you're saying about the Leaf Lace socks from Fiber tiny!! I didnt change the pattern but knit the leg on a size 2 needle cause loose is better with lace, hehe and I went down to a size 1 for the foot and they came out perfect!

My most recent post on my blog is for you Margene, go have a look!

why wait until fall? socks go so quickly, i think you will have happy tootsies come sometime in june.

Sky's turning grey again here, frustration is at an all-time high, and then I land here and see gorgeous things like blooming peonies and cool socks. Breath of fresh air, Margene...thanks :-)

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