Still Piles and Piles of Snow
Twas the Summer of our Stockinette

Readying for Summer

Mycutesummerjacket_1Yes, Claudia CAN buy nice summer clothes but, look what happened when I did.  The purchase of this summer jacket made me 'want' a Chickami to go underneath. And wearing this jacket made me think how much fun having a hand-knit cardi would be,  which brought on the 'want' for the Eyelet Cardi.  It's a vicious cycle, I swear. 

Thisstandingchickami_1 After the very unZen week, a trip into the mountains seemed like a must. What better way to get back to balance than to feel the warm sun on your face, breath the clean crisp air and see that true blue sky.  Ah, it was heaven.  Chickami came along for her photo shoot and provided us more time in the sun. While knitting the 'Kami' I had to become the boss to ensure a good fit.  More rows were added  before starting the decreases that shaped the waist.  Also added were more rows before starting the increases for the bust.  The best thing about knitting your own clothes is that you can 'make' them fit well.


Chickami by Bonne Marie of Chicknits
Yarn: Saucy by Reynolds - 637 'Purple'
Time to Knit: Quick! A couple of weeks.
Fun and fast. (You think I'm pants were soaked through!)

Teaonthepatiowithmurphy_1 After returning home and cleaning up the Zen patio we enjoyed some Adagio Tea. The true signs of summer; yard work, grilled food and ice tea.  Come on over! Ice tea, everyone!?


I'd love an iced tea....I can't believe you sprawled out in the snow. :) You are too funny Margene. Chickami looks fab. And I love the purple. Saucy is a nice reasonable yarn. Granny is always trying to push it.

You are one funny lady! I'll take a page from your book next time I do a photo shoot!

The kami looks great!

beautiful kami and love the color! and your pics are great too!

brrrr! that looks cold! the tank looks fab in the snow.

Brrr - you look great! I love the purple Kami...and the white jacket. I'd love to have an iced tea with you! :)

Love the cami...what a fun photo in the snow. I'm going to check out the chickknits patterns. The purple color is perfect on you...take care.

A tank top in the snow. Well. Brr. Good thing you had that jacket with you!
Chickami looks wonderful! What a great color on you!
Great job!
ME! Me for iced tea!

Hmmmm..... don't you think you're rushing things a little with the tank and all that snow? Looks great on you, though. Enjoy it.

the purple kami looks great

That's a really fine cami, and a great photo shoot. You can come to my house for tea!

Probably the only person I "know" who can model a summer top whilst lying on several inches of snow! It looks great by the way, you wear it well.

You are just too cute!!! Love the bright purple Chickami:-)

Margene, have you lost your mind?!

signs of summer - when Margene dons a tank top and lays in piles of snow

Yikes.......chickami in the snow...brrr! What a lovely little tank and your fit is perfect!

You look marvelous in that 'chickami'. I did notice that you were wearing sandels in the snow... just a step ahead of the season, huh? I also saw and coveted that jacket.

You are too cool. It takes a real woman to get down in the snow in a tank top!

Love the cami and your photo shoot as well. And yes, a large glass for me, please!

Wow. Is the snow warmer when the sun shines? ;-)

Now there's some sacrifice for art. I think I would've gone with HOT tea, instead of ICED though.

The tank looks great - the fit is perfect.

You're killing me here......I love it!!

LOVE the ChicKami! And in particular, the snow-pose! Brrrr!

very stylish, Margene!

That is pretty dramatic -- a tank top and sandals while lying in the snow!

It appears then, that the root of the issue is the wanting.


It looks great, but jeez weren't you cold?!

I would love to come on over--when is the tea ready?

The tank top looks great. I love that color. And the jacket looks great, too, although it's hard for me to wrap my southern mind around needing a new jacket for summer. It's supposed to get up to 84 today.

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