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Stockinette Avenger!

It was a quiet weekend of rain, more rain, and rain is forecast for the rest of the week.  It's cold too, which means I can wear winter sweaters at least another week.  It give me more time to get my summer knits completed and ready for warmer weather (if it ever comes). So, I 'knit on' all weekend.

Tshirthalffront Yes, I will avenge stockinette stitch to the death end. This much maligned stitch is my constant companion, for now.  I love the flow of the stitches, one lining up right after the other, and I love the smooth fabric created by these simple stitches. The garments will be simply perfect for summer wear.  The NBT by Alison is knit with Calmer.  It's fun(ny) to knit with, as it stretches. The stretching made it very weird to work with until I got used to the 'give'.  Instead of a name on the front of the 'T', I'm using the Chinese symbol of Love from this Knitty article on charting a design for intarsia. The front is about half way and, as usual, modifications are being made to fit my 'statuesque' frame. Bossing the knitting is paramount around here.

Eyeletcardibeginning So, I bossed around the Eyelet Cardi, too.  Being a 'statuesque' person most of my life I have a couple of hangups.  It took me forever to buy 3/4 sleeves and crop pants.  These two fashion trends were the things my nightmares were made of. Every garment I could buy, in my early years, was too short in length.  Long sleeves hit three inches up the arm, and pants...well, I wore mostly skirts because all pants looked like 'floods'  I do buy these fashionable lengths now and again, but I don't want a closet full.  So in the interest of making my Eyelet Cardi 'classic', the sleeves will be full length. I can push them up when I want them shorter. The body will need to be about 2-3" longer than the pattern but that's a usual 'fix' for me.  The sleeves are finished and the body, knit in one piece, is up about 6".  (The Eyelet Cardi is much like the Sitcom Chic and I'm not sure what the differences are.)   Stockinette...it's the stitch of the goddess....it IS the process.

Annie is my Weekly Zen as she has moved to her new domain name, www.knittygritty.net.


A big YEA for this post. Stockinette is relaxing and looks so smooth. How did I miss the cardi? I'll have to order that. Now if only someone would stand up for garter stitch. No groans! It's insulating, has a great stitch to row ratio and is also soothing. You just have to knit it snugly cause it can stretch if knit loosely. It's not a kindergarten stitch as many think but has infinite possibilities. How did I get on this soapbox?!! I'm not as tall as I once was having lost 1-1/2 inches but I still have very long arms and legs so I can relate. They didn't call me Spider in school for nuthin.

I had the same problem with buying my first capri pants. I don't think I'm as tall as you (I'm 5'8"), but it did seem wrong. And 3/4 sleeves? Not for me, either. Of course, I had to get comfortable with my height when I married a shorter man, but it was about time I got comfortable with me. You're inspiring me to get started on some kind of spring sweater (now that summer will soon be here).

I'm loving the color of your cardi. Beautiful! And I'm with you on the longer sleeves.

Thank you for making me your "weekly zen". What an honor!

The cropped pants aren't ideal if you happen to be wide either.

I hope to be a stockinette avenger in another week or so - wish me luck!

your post makes me want to try Rowan calmer again...just couldn't stick with it when I tried it about a year or so ago. The cardigan is turning out lovely and the color is yummy...off to check the Weekly Zen blog.

I'm by no means "tall," since I'm only 5'6", but I feel your pain in always having to extend sleeves and sweaters a few inches. I have the longest arms and torso for anyone my height that I've ever met. Kickback to the apes, I guess! :)

I am a big fan of Calmer. Your sweater is looking great! I don't know how tall you are, but I am 5 10 1/2 and I agree with you completely about your hesitation on cropped pants, etc. Heck! when I was growing up, my mom ordered my knee socks from NYC! Nothing worse than knee socks that don't reach the knees!!! Being tall was something I was not comfortable with then, but now I love it!

Stockinette sure is nice and relaxing. I enjoy the process. :)

Oooo, what a perfect idea to use a Chinese symbol! I can't wait to see it completed :-)

As you already know, I'm completely with ou on the tall factor. I boss my knitting all the time. And I love it when the weather is finally warm enough to justify wearing the pants that are all too short. Part of the reason I took up knitting socks was to fill in the gap between the hem and the shoe with something interesting. We tall girls need a button!

I have the exact opposite problem with capri pants. Whenever I try on cropped pants, they end up at my ankles. Without fail. The only way I can find cropped pants that fit is if they were meant to end around the knee. Then they hit me mid-calf. Fortunately, my arms are not as freakishly short as my legs, so I can wear 3/4 length sleeves. Can't wait to see the classic Eyelet Cardi.

Ditto on the tall issue. I always look bad geeky in the OR with scrubs showing my ankle bones. Yech! I'm a stockinette fan....or reverse stockinette, which seems to be a constant in some of the patterns I'm being drawn to these days. Let's ask Abby to do a tall girl button.

Hmm, I knew that Eyelet Cardi looked familiar. I can't telll the difference between the two, either. Anyways, I love the color of yours! I need to get me some stockinette "meditation" knitting. :)

Bravo for sticking up for stockinette! I have always loved the fabric it produced--even before I knew how to knit.

Sadly I cannot relate to making things longer to fit as I have the opposite problem :)

Happy knitting and have a great week.

wanna laugh? those cropped pants are a short girl's dream come true! why? i can buy the longer cropped pants and wear them as full length trousers without even taking them up!

uh huh...i hear you laughing from here ;)

I am _so_ with you on the cropped pants. I still don't own any - since washing often makes my usual pants look the same :-)

I always have a stockinette pattern on the needles - perfect for when I just want to knit, and not worry about it.

I love that Calmer T. The color is gorgeous...I need to knit with some Calmer. Sitcom Cardi is sadly neglected due to gauge issues...sigh.

That T is going to be gorgeous! Can't wait to see it finished. I love Calmer too. So nice.

I love 3/4 length sleeves! I have long arms for my torso, but not hugely so. I've spent my whole life turning my long-sleeved items into 3/4 by tugging them up. :)

I believe (but I'm not sure) that the difference between Sitcom Chic and the Eyelet Cardi is the gauge.

I'm glad someone is championing stockinette. I find that it just soothes the soul sometimes. :)

Yay for stockinette. How did all those grrls miss this train the first time around, huh?

Thanks for that heads-up about the Knitty article. I find Knitty's technical information to be supurb. The pattern, eh, not so much. But that's just hard-to-please me.

Oh, I haven't heard 'floods' in a long time. :-) And I'm a fan of stockinette too. If nothing else, it's good for putting down ANYTIME my kids need my attention and there's no need to worry about where I left off!

this blog is as insightful as your comments when we discuss good books together. all of you knitter-bees are remarkable and you inspire me.
roz, a newbee knitter.

Way to Boss it BOSS! Can't wait to see your Cardi - you always do such SPECTACULARLY FINE work...

I always thought that cardi would look great with long sleeves too! The original reason I made it with 3/4 sleeves was that I was always pushing up my regular long sleeves up on my arms to get the 3/4 effect - so lazy me thought I would just skip a step.

But it DOES really have a different effect than starting out l-o-n-g and pushing to 3/4 :) I like them both.

The difference between the Sitcom Chic Cardi and the Eyelet Cardi is that the SCC is written in Aran gauge (18/24) and the Eyelet is written in both DK (22/30) and Worsted (20/28) gauge. The general *pattern* is about the same with a better fit and finish on the commercial pattern. Many people wrote to me not wanting to do the gauge conversion, so VOILA!

Stockinette GALORE! I find it more soothing than a dry martini...

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