Chocolate Anyone?

Am I A Fool or Just Fickle?

Now it's not the biggest stash around but, there's no foolin' its more than I ever intended.

Today is Bust Flash Your Stash Day!  I have to ask myself...HOW did it get this big?  I didn't have much of a stash before I started blogging.  In fact I did socks for the most part and mostly stitched needlework pieces.  Since starting this blog there have been no needlework pieces stitched, started or finished and the yarn stash ever groweth.

Stash o'the Closet


While there has been some stash busting going on lately (Chickami, Eyelet Cardi, Nothin' but a T, all from stash yarns) there is always something to want somewhere along the way.  Four BIG bins and a large bag...will it continue to grow?  I hope so. ;-)

Conwynotfinished You may also have noticed the Spearfish Madness button on my side bar. I couldn't resist after seeing it on Ann's blog yesterday.  Kristi designed a very cool pair of socks for her Sockapalooza Pal and she has made the pattern available.  You can check out the Spearfish blog and join, too.  I remain a fickle knitter and instead of finishing the wonderful Conwy Socks (knit with KnitPicks Sock Garden yarn in Star Gazer Lily) I threw them over for the Spearfish. First one done (it most likely won't be me) wins free sock yarn!  Progress pix next week.

After all the snow this week (60 more inches!) it is expected to be a sunny weekend ahead.

Happy April Fools Day!


I am not sure it is smaller :-) But it is definitely jam packed with goodies.

The Spearfish sock is alovely sock......I could be tempted, even though I have 2 socks waiting for their mates....LOL.

Unbelievable about all that new snow. About the stash: I think you can do better next year. Hee! (I think I might have you beat. Of course, one reason for that is the speed at which you churn those lovely knits out.)

I've just said the same to another flasher, size does matter! (I think I'm about to be banned for lewd comments) That purply stuff in the bottom left hand corner looks interesting by the way, what is it?

you know who's going to win the Spearfish race? It's Anita --- she's evil, I tell you, evil!

Lovely stash flash! It's so much fun to collect those little wooly wonders!!

Well, I didn't know about the stash flash until too late last night to do anything about it. But, GAH! It would have taken me a long time to get it all out and in one place to take a picture!

The question is: seeing it all in one place - was it inspiring or scary?

That totally LOOKS like a flash - somehow sexy and indecent....

It's quality not quantity baby!

I LOVE your current sock WIP. Can you please tell me which Knitpick yarn colourway you're using? Thanks.

I want to flash my stash, and I really don't have such a gigantic stash of yarn...well, maybe I do...but it's absolutely nothing compared to my unspun fiber stash. That particular stash has's overtaking the house, frankly. Maybe some pics this evening.

Wow--what is that blue yarn on the left??? It's mighty pretty--is it Schafer yarn?

Nice flash, uh..I mean stash *smile*

I am SO not flashing my stash -- only three knitters have seen my stash and lived to tell about it. I did let a Washington Post photographer in to see it, but took her camera away at the door. ;-)

OOOH pretties! Love when they act coy and hide in their bags. Such teases!

Woo! Thanks for Flashing Along ! Same time next year? ;)

Great stash flash. Mine is such a shameful mess I am ashamed of it for that reason alone.

You're still having snow?! Lucky you! Happy April Fool's Day, sweetpea, and thanks for the birthday wishes! :)

Drive safely in all that snow! xxoo

What does it say about my stash that I think your's is "cute"?

oooo, i am jealous of your stash, lovely to behold. guess i'll give mine a flash... allbeit a few days behind...... such is my world :)

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