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Oriel Becomes a Star

Oriel made her debut on a beautiful winter day in the Wasatch Mountains.  The sky was the color of cobalt blue and the snow was as white as it could be. Oriel knew how to show her stuff with a depth of character carrying her through all the demanding scenes of the photo shoot.


Oriel as Damsel in Distress


Oriel as Ice on Snow


Oriel trying to make a star of the unglamorous.


Oriel ready for her close-up.

Oriel Lace Shawl or Stole
Designed by: Anne Carroll Gilmour
Yarn: Douceur et Soie by Knit One Purl Too - Color Soft Seaform, 2 balls
Started: November 14, 2004
Ended: February 22, 2005

Anne is a local designer and she has other great patterns. Her Whisper Rib Socks are a favorite pattern of mine.  Contact Nancy Bush for a kit with the pattern and Nordic Lites yarn (which makes a more substantial stole like Laurie‚Äôs). Or contact Black Sheep Wool Co. 801-487-9378 for Douceur et Soie and the pattern.


Thank you for your lovely comments yesterday. It was wonderful to hear that so many of you enjoy what happens here.  We all know the time and effort that goes into making regular posts and the reward is having people stop by.  You have made this a very enjoyable and rewarding past time.  Hugs to you all!


I love that stole. Very airy and light looking. The colour is wonderful too

Beautiful! This has been one of my favorite WIPs of yours. The soft V's on the edges are so pretty and the lightness of the yarn shows through in all those photos. I'm really intrigued to try out the Douceur et Soie!

wow! oriel is just gorgeous. congrats!

This stole is lovely...
I like reading your blog !!!

It's just beautiful! And the photo shoot is really fun :-)

Stunningly beautiful.

A beautiful creation, Margene! I love the soft wispiness of it :)

Take care!

She is absolutely beautiful

How great that something sooooo beautiful and delicate is probably as warm and cozy as all get out! Beautiful job - I love it!

"..a star of the unglamorous," HA! VERY glam, dear.

Wow, Margene, Oriel is amazing!! And in my favorite color. :) Every last picture is beautiful.

I can almost smell the crisp, cold post-snow air when I look at your pictures. Such a wonderful scarf. And happy belated Blogiversary!

WOW. Oriel is absolutely stunning. Can you tell me - is she knit in one piece, or in 2 pieces and grafted? I will definitely have to look into this pattern. (thanks for posting the source!)

Oh Margene, it's absolutely beautiful!!! Makes me want to dig out my lace scarf and keep at it. Almost. Hehehee.

I gasped when I saw your gorgeous shawl. I love everything about it including the name. I have some of that yummy yarn languishing in my stash. I might need to knit pattern with it :) You look mah-velous in her!


gorgeous... and you are a star!

Oriel is very pretty! Happy belated blogiversary! I'm way behind on my blog reading so I missed yours. :-(

It's beautiful. And it must be so soft. How warm does it keep you?

It's heartbreaking, how lovely that is. Is it warm, or just elegant and decorative?

Oh wow! I am totally floored with how lovely she is. I'm almost brave enough to try lace knitting....almost!

Oriel is absolutely gorgeous! Wear her in good health.

Oh and happy blog-aversary.

Another stunning project!

What a gorgeous stole, and happy belated blog-o-versary.

very pretty, margene!

Geee-or-geous! Hope that you enjoy wearing it.

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