Oriel Becomes a Star

Knitting Seashells Instead of Sucks


Dear Sandy-

You are a very smart woman.  Your comment of February 25th showed me the way. Because of the hours already invested in the Six Suck, I can now knit one complete Seashell Sock.  Then and only then will I suck it up and continue with the sucky knitting.

This delightful Twinkletoes colorway brings to mind warm thoughts of spring tulips, seashells by the seashore, and ripe juicy peaches. A warm glow and hope of spring comes into my heart as I knit.

Thank you for sharing your inspired wisdom.

Yours in warm pinky stitches,



Is that Latvian Lace again? I do love that color. The variations seem more subtle in the sock. VERY pretty!

Are those crocus? I am so jealous! I mean the sock is lovely too but I love crocus. Mine's not out yet...and who could see 'em under the snow? Glad you are knitting something that makes you happy. :)

Dear Margene,
Sometimes I am wise. Other times I am onlly a wise ass. And sometimes I just don't know the difference! I love the pinky goodness that is that sock.
In fact, Margene, I love it so much, that I blatantly copied you and ordered me up a skein.
Yours in Your way,

Beautiful!! If only mine would grow like that!

Hurray for the help of other knitters! Truly, what would we do without them? The sock look sgreat!

looks great.

too early to be typing...

I'm firmly on the side of knit what makes you happy. If the process sucks then the sucks will suck.

yummy, don't you feel better now?

oh that is so pretty! Yes, make that sock, then you will want to finish the suck so you can make your other beautiful springy sock!!

I love that sock, and to be knitting something you actually want to sit down with.....all the better.

Ooohh.......what a lovely sock!! I love the pattern! I hear you about working on something that is just not doing it for you. If I EVER finish my x and o vest, it will be a day for celebrating..LOL. I am determined though.....not another thing will be worked on until it is finished, but I am truly not enjoying this process at all,knowing how much I will enjoy the finished project is what keeps me going :-)

Ooooooooooh yummy...I'm in love! I'm back on track with my Six Sock. The error I made was SO stupid, I put myself in the corner when I discovered it - hee! The delightful sock you are working on now should definitely ease the pain of the other.

Your title had me chuckling for a few minutes! The sock is gorgeous!

That Twinkletoes sure is beautiful yarn. Now I have to hurry up and finish something before I start playing with mine!

Oooh, it DOES look like tulips. Won't it be nice to think of spring everytime you pick them up?

And P.S., glad you decided to keep the Oriel. It is really lovely. I particularly like it as "damsel in distress," you nut.

Thanks for the springy picture, as I contemplate the wind chill in these parts.

I cannot even tell you how profoundly jealous I am that you have crocuses and I am still buried in snow and fog. Care to have a houseguest for a few days? Just kidding.


Margene, I just wanted to say that your blog always has the most beautiful photography of knits. I love the plants in the background and the knits photgraphed outside (especially against my precious Utah snow!). How do you know how to do that?

your speed and talent in your knitting continues to amaze me! soon to be another gorgeous item :)

I like those way better than the Sucks. Don't even tell me you have crocuses blooming. My indoor paperwhites aren't even flowering yet.

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