Sucking It Up

Famous Last Words

"I'll keep Oriel as I can knit a shawl for my sister in one weekend."

Uckedupfbs_1 At least I thought I could...the arrogant knitter is struck down by the goddess whenever she gets on her high horse.  I should have known better than to tempt fate.  Having one Flower Basket Shawl under my belt you think I could knit a second one, quickly.  And I could, if I hadn't taken my skills for granted and if I hadn't pissed off the goddess with my arrogance. Bitching about Sucks and now this mess...of course fate had me in her sights.

The yarn is the lovely Alpaca Cloud in Autumn, (the above picture's color sucks.)  Problem is you have to hold two strands together.  You'd think I could do this but, it isn't so smooth and easy.  If you drop one of the strands....bad news.  Plus, I can't count!  Maybe it's too many martinis.  It is also hard to tink back (two strands to deal with), hard to rewind (two strands) hard to roll back into a ball if you frog very far (two strands).  I really *ucked it up and now I'm in a pickle from which I am (it is) unlikely to recover.  It is best to keep the scissors out of reach...thoughts of the worst 'technical terms' have flooded the brain channels and multiple martinis each night sounds like a plan.

You'd think I'd learn...


Oh no! I hope you sort it out. I am sure you can. :) Did you knit the last one with two strands?

I always use the lifeline. Every time I saw, "Nawww, I'm fine!" and don't put it in, I'm sunk. That way, you can even take it off the needles without chest pain occurring.

Oh dear. Happens to me, too. Why are the most straightforward-looking projects the most complex in the end?

Those knitting goddesses can sure be mean sometimes!

Blame it on the martinis... you are too talented of a knitter for this to be your fault. :)

Darn! But being the knitting goddess that you are I know that you will recover :-)

It took me a while......but I figured out......NO WINE when knitting the flower basket shawl....hehe

I understand completely. I was powering away on my sockapalooza gussets when I realized that rather than doing a heel decrease I was decreasing for a toe. D'oh! That's what I get for trying to finish up my sucks in two nights! One night of ripping and several more of re-knitting! How do you like that Alpaca Cloud? It greatly interests me....

How frustrating for you! Maybe you need to give the yarn a martini! :)

Maybe if she is focusing on you, she won't have time to smite me down.

That was self-centered. Sorry.

It's the martinis and the back pain, made you a bit delirious.

that really stinks. maybe Smith could do the ripping so you don't have to watch?

How frustrating! You need to start doing the dark chocolate instead of the martinis immediately!!! It might not help your knitting, but the serotonin in the chocolate will give you a feeling of peace and happiness.

Oh, that sounds familiar!! Heh, can't seem to learn that the high horse should be left to pasture. Good luck, Margene!

Grrr...I have been there - when mistakes compound and the ripping is rough! Hang in there, Margene.

That knitting goddess can be a real b*tch. Sorry about the shawl. That two stranded business can be a real pain. My Pi is two strands of very very fine merino held together and has given me a great deal of aggravation, especially as I work from both ends of a center wound ball. Blech.

I'm sure you'll achieve peace again and finish the shawl in no time. Its the process :)

Step. Away. From. The. Scissors. And have another martini! It sounds like that two-stranded monster needs to marinate for a while!

the famous Wendy left a comment on my site yesterday saying that her favorite non-dinner dinner is a Hershey bar and a martini .... I wonder if

a. you're a light-weight
b. she has a hollow leg

I can relate! I too started the FBS in the alpaca from Knitpicks, 6 major frogging attempts later my yarn was tangled around me, around the chair and around every other project in my basket. Here's what I did. Step slowly away from the alpaca. Next, pick up some lovely Koigu and knit on! I love watching the color transformations and hey, one strand is always better than two!

I feel your pain. Really I do. Remember, Zen is simply nothing more than paying attention to your life as it unfolds in this moment and in this world. Ohm...

Cringing. My FBS came off without a hitch, but I can imagine how bad it would be if it went wrong somewhere. Crossing my fingers that the repair goes smoothly.

Sounds like you need to lay off the martinis for a bit :). Start thinking positive thoughts (about the sucks, too) and you'll be able to make it right.

Definitely tee many martoonis.

Isn't that always the way... you brag, then the knitting goddess comes and gives you a big whack on the side of the head :-)

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