From the Garden of Zen to...
Ribby Fun!

Double Nickel Time

That's me today...two nickels....5-5.
In the immortal words of Sammy Hagar....(sing with me....)
I can't drive......


Yep, Fifty Five...the BIG FIVE-FIVE.

So, Let's hear it for this  'Woman of a Certain Age' who...

knows how to play (doesn't 5+5 =10?) ...who is young at heart,

knows how to love, live and enjoy every moment,

and who doesn't mind gray hairs and wrinkles smile lines.  It's all good.


Hippo Birdy to Ewe....ME!!!!



happy happy birthday to you and lots of more life, love and healthyness. Never guessed you are 55 :)

Found you thru the updated Typepad listing--enjoyed your going-ons. Keep up the good work!
Happy birthday to you!

Found you thru the updated Typepad listing--enjoyed reading your going-ons. Keep up the good work!
Happy birthday to you! You look great and what a fun personality you have--go girl!

Happy, Happy Birthday Margene! May it be wonderful, as you are!
And, erm, is that really something someone with a bad back should be doing? I mean really. :)

Happy Happy Birthday!! Love the Ribby Cardi!

Happy Birthday Margene. You look terrific in your Ribby Cardi! And these new poses...Greta's handstand and your upside down swing trick! Wow!

H*A*P*P*Y B*I*R*T*H*D*AY!!

Happy birthday to a wonderful, wise, peaceful and generous .... you! I'm so glad to be able to count you as a friend. Have a great day.

happy birthday! have a fabulous day.

Happy Birthday Margene! How many pain killers and brandies went into that upside down hangie thing? You are an inspiration to me, honestly. I hope to reach your level of love and life, playfulness and joy sometime this year and hang onto it for life. Enjoy your day!

Happy Birthday!!

May this year be the best one yet!

Take lots of time to celebrate YOU today!

Happy Happy Happy Day! I've enjoyed reading your blog. Your outlook on life is great and inspiring.

happy birthday! may you have a happy and healthy year filled with yarn and fun.

Happy birthday to you! You certainly do not look your age--you look much younger and I believe you probably act much younger, too! :) That's a good thing.

Happy Birthday!!! May the upcoming year give you many smiles and continued peace~

Your Ribbi looks GREAR!!

HAPPY Birthday!!!!

I was going to be all tsk-tsk about the back, too, like Sandy. And then I thought, "awww, hell with it -- she's having fun!!!" (but are you on drugs? hee) I love your spirit and your youthfulness, and your exuberance. You go, girl! Everyone's saying 40 is the new 30 and 60 is the new 40, and I truly believe it. So I'm not too good at math, but I guess that means 55 is the new....ummm, well, 42. Or something. Just rounding it off. Happy, happy birthday!

I'm less than 3 years behind you. Happy Birthday!
And here's a quote, attributed to Diane Keaton:
"As you get older, physical deterioration is offset by a larger world view and a deeper sense of gratitude."

Best wishes for many years to come!

Well, Margene, I was expecting more gorgeous Utah scenery, per your usual Monday posts, but I have to say I was even more impressed by your swing photo in your new Ribby Cardi. (Okay, at first I didn't see the chains from the swing and I thought you were levitating upside down!) Have a wonderful birthday -- you deserve it!!

Have a great day!!

Happy Birthday! I'm thinking your back is better, judging solely from the upside-down-ness.

happy birthday!

Woohooo!!! Happy happy Birthday, Sunshine!! And what a beautiful 55 you are!

Great pose! I couldn't balance in the swing like that at 10, let alone at 55! Happy Birthday! I like your sweater in the second picture.

Congratulations, have a wonderful birthday and you really don't look 55 anyway!

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