Am I A Fool or Just Fickle?

Chocolate Anyone?

So, I've decided to make today a chocolate day.  All chocolate all day, dark deep rich chocolate....oh ya, with almonds or hazelnuts, and not the cheap stuff, either.  Wouldn't a day like that be a dream come true?  And wouldn't it be wonderful if all sustenance could come from chocolate (and coffee)?  Yes, I'm daydreaming as I'm headed for a maudlin day....therefore, the need for chocolate and the need to dream of being pain free. I'm trying to stop the need to bitch vent and not succeeding, so here is a little one:

I'm tired of pain, this constant pain in the butt.  I have done everything, since starting PT, that they say to do.  Every stretch, every exercise and even daily electrodes on that muscle to ease the agony  pain.  It gets better OH SO SLOWLY!  Actually the last couple of days have been better than usual.  I have been very Zen about the whole thing.  With little complaining (growing up with 7 siblings you find whining does little good) I've been going to work everyday, blogging as much as usual, knitting, and seeing friends as often as possible. All this, in fact, has made the days worth facing.  I often think of Lorette.  She can't work, can't blog very easily, and while she most likely can visit with friends, she can't knit!   I guess I'll stop complaining and feeling sorry for myself.  Lorette is such an inspiration.

Things that have made my recovery possible:

  • medicine - martinis (self prescribed), muscle relaxant, Advil LiquiGels
  • yoga pants (waist bands are the enemy of sciatica) Verve Leda to be exact
  • electrode machine (twice daily) ...it hurts so good
  • TJ my PT
  • work (it's where I blog)
  • knitting
  • blogging (reading and posting-it takes a lot of thinking some days to come up with a post and some have been lame, but at least I did it!)
  • friends virtual and real
  • knitting
  • the mountains
  • Smith

I'm praying that the end is in sight.  Each day is better and I meet the personal trainer tomorrow to start my workout.  And speaking of tomorrow...it's Flash Your Stash Day.  I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours!!


Oh Margene, slow but steady progress--kinda like what Owen makes--is good. Good for you for looking at the positives. It's a good list. :) Hang in there and eat an extra piece of chocolate for me. And Owen too.

You can have my chocolate ration too, especially if it helps the pain go away you poor thing.
I'm flashing tomorrow too, just got to make sure I've got every last bit from every dark corner and hope that I haven't forgotten anything. With a bit of luck I will shame myself into not buying any more wool for at least....a week!

Chocolate is always a good treatment for everything. You're such an inspiration. When I want to whine and quit everything I just read your posts.

Poor Margene! I can and do certainly sympathize with you. I echo Kathleen's wise words, "slow but steady." My car accident was in mid-November and I'm still in pain although it lessened somewhat by February and continues to decrease steadily with a few bad bumps along the way. I still see my chiropractor/physical therapist twice a week. And most importantly, I know where I stash the gourmet dark chocolate. =) You just keep on doing what you're doing and you will start feeling better. >>gentle cyber hugs to you!<<

Being thankful for the tiny steps toward feeling better is a great attitude! I can tell you're the oldest of the 7...as the youngest of my 7, I was the only one the whining worked for! LOL :)

I'm afraid you can't have my chocolate ration - I have already used it up ;-) but I sent the good feelings your way. Hang in there.

Slow and steady wins the race. Feel better, Margene!

Have you ever had Green & Black's organic dark chocolate? It's fabulous. Though Valrhona is still tops in my book. Here's what I think you should have for lunch today: a vodka martini and a Hershey bar. They go surprisingly well together!

Seriously, though, chronic pain is a terrible thing. I do hope your situation improves soon!

I had problems with sciatica a year after my first daughter was born. I was miserable. It finally got to the point where I couldn't sit, stand or lie down comfortably, and my toes were numb on that side. I started walking- slowly, painfully- but still. Within a month or two, it had corrected itself. I have been fortunate that it hasn't reoccured on that level.

Love reading your blog. It makes me appreciate the act of knitting, as much or more than the products that come from it. I never thought I would be a knitter, and my DH is amazed I have stuck with it.

Kim in NC

Bless your heart, Margene. You have been an inspiration yourself living with this pain. I'm sending healing thoughts your way. I wish I lived closer to help you out a bit.

Yoga pants and chocolate.

Gotcha covered.

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO <----those are multiple hugs, although my daughter says that symbol is illogical and the XXXXX's should be hugs, because they look like arms crossed around one's back. You know, I think she's right, actually. Isn't that silly? ;-)

Chocolate!!!!!! And, um, wouldn't that be 6 siblings???
Just a note from one of them (or would that be two?) :-)
Hope you feel better.

How about Scharffenberger's Mocha..then you'll get your coffee and dark chocolate ration in one.

...trying to think positive and remember the good things in my life as I visit with in-laws and parents. I miss my ducks! (of course, I took time out to visit you, too.) :)

I'm so sorry you are in pain. I am sending positive vibes in your spiritual direction. Keep knitting and pushing through. Oh and chocolate can chase many ills, for a while anyway. Courage.

I went through sciatic pain for almost a year before we got it fixed. I knew what it was - I'm a retired RN, after all. Tried a chiropractor, and PT - no help. Finally asked my family pratice MD. He did x-rays, found low back arthritis, and sent me for an MRI. Two disks are bulging, but not ruptured. No surgery needed, but he referred me to a pain specialist MD. She did an epidural injection (NO fun) last March. I have back twinges occasionaly, but it no longer goes down my leg. Praise God for good MD's! I realize each case is different, but the moral of the story is: have it completely checked out instead of "just treating the sciatica" as I did.

Pain suck. Feel better! :-)

Oh my. I may need you to share some of those muscle relaxants. The muscles in my back have been screaming at me for 2 days. I couldn't move this morning. Bad mojo. I would call my doctor and ask him to call me in a Rx, but he takes Thursdays off. *sigh*


Look, I'm sorry you are having this level of pain and all, really, I'm sympathetic as hell. I'd be all sweet and kindly if we met.

But you do not get my chocolate. Hands off, sister.

Oh I guess I don't have to worry--you're probably moving a little slow with all the back pain, I'm sure I could outrun you while clutching my Sees caramels.

Whew. I guess it's safe to express sincere thanks for your blogging efforts (which I really enjoy) and to hope you get better.

Damn, it sucks to have a constant pain in the ass. I second whoever suggested the Scharffen Berger chocolate. Mmmmmmm. You can get it at Caputo's.

Good for you, chica, for staying the course. You're my action hero! and I mean that seriously. As I was earlier encouraging you to get to P.T. it reminded me to hoist my own petard up and get myeself there as well. Oh. And I've probably suggested this before so 'scuse me if so, but if acupuncture is in your world view, it can be amazing both for symptom (pain & spasm) relief and general balancing. Particularly as you start an exercise regime.
most health insurance now covers it, btw. i wasn't wild for the idea at first, but the benefits have been amazing. sending you loads of love and light for the vanishment of pain..

You've made me want to run to the mall and pick up some Chocolate covered popcorn now. Hope the pain is easing for you. I've had problems with a nerve in my foot, and I know how just that effects my entire body.

I don't mention it often, but I'm right there with you on the pain stuff. Only I also have high cholesterol so I can't take much in the way of chocolate to ease my pain :-(

I can tell spring is coming in CO because I'm pretty miserable. I think I even have to abstain from knitting today.

Knitters in pain unite! :-)

Maybe, just maybe, if we wish hard enough each of us could take on a bit of your pain. You would end up pain free for sure. I would totally do that. Heck, I'm wishing my pants off...ew, it's a bit embarassing not to have pants on. ;)

I am not a big chocolate girl (don't hate me- it means there's more for you, right?), but I love the Cloud Nine bars. I don't even know if they make those anymore. Last night I was thinking about those chocolate fountains. You should rent one as a post-birthday present to yourself.

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