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Being Grounded

Checking Annie's 'Cool Blog' section has resulted in finding some very cool blogs and enjoyable blogs, the latest being Pocket Farm.  Do you not love that name and the image it creates? Liz has a lovely post about her morning walk and the landscape from which she draws inner peace.


Edward Abbey was the first author who put into words the need for landscape and wild, untouched places.  I grew up traveling all over the USA and visited many historic and beautiful places, all by car (and before the age of 17).  From a tender age we visited and camped in many wonderful spots within our unique State of Utah, too.  There are few people who have had so many opportunities to travel in this way. There are, incredibly, few residence within this state who have visited its wild, unique and picturesque places...just as there are many in this valley who rarely take a trip up into the beautiful canyons which are mere moments from their front door.  That may be a very good thing, actually.

LandsapeofsnowMountainsplendorTerry Tempest Williams' book Refuge helped me to understand why I love Utah so, why it gets into the blood and won't let go, and why we stay even when we have to strive every day to make sense of the way things are.  There is something larger than us which is so apparent in this landscape, a landscape that can be visited on a whim, one that is within a 5 minute or a 5 hour drive.    

Cassie has found refuge and solace in her cityscapes. Just look at her Saturday pictures and her post of  The Gates.  You can't escape, nor should you, the land that forms who you are, that brings you peace, solace, relief and reward.  You can find that landscape within your own heart, too.

Find your landscape, whether it is within or without, and remember there is real meaning in the words 'to be grounded'.

What's Next?

The last few days have been beautiful.  White mountain peaks with blue sky backdrop, warmer temperatures and tulip leaves breaking through the soil, all provide a hint of the spring to come. It also is creating a bit of quandary that I'll chalk up to spring fever. The question is what the heck do I want to knit...'really' knit next?  Yes, I have seaming going on, a Flower Basket Shawl in progress, a Six Suck on the needles (more on this in a minute) and I have even picked up my ol' pal the Domino vest/shawl thingy. And I didn't forget Lotus, who shall get her sleeves started in March. (She must be ready for the first cold days of fall later this year but I don't want to think that far ahead, as yet).  All these projects are what I might call 'side knitting'.  They are fill-in, finishing up, quickie projects...not the real deal (this may be delusional but when has that stopped me?).  I want something 'springy', something new, something, something...? I'll be watching and looking for the perfect project in the next week and might even take a trip to the LYS since I can't make it to Stitches or a fiber festival anytime soon. And I'll be watching your blogs for some good ideas, too.( Jackie is starting a sweater out of Summer Tweed that I really like and I have enjoyed Chamomile which I knit last year.)

About the Sucks...Cassie asked why do them if they are not fun and Claudia also gave permission to stop if I don't like them.  But, I feel like I made a commitment.  I have knit ALL the socks in the Six Sock Along to date and I don't want to be a quitter. Plus, it's Susan's deal and I feel it's good to support your grrlfriends. It IS a pain in the ass, Claudia, but it might be worth doing just so I can say the next time someone asks if I have ever knit toe up socks, "Yes, I have and they suck."

Seashellsbytheseashoresocks_2Now Norma, socks (knit the way Claudia and I like them) are wonderful (but, I realize you need little reason to 'collect' more yarn than you already have).  You can't knock what you haven't tried. Nothing will tickle your toes quite the way a pair of handknit socks will. Pick up a Nancy Bush pattern and you'll be in heaven (remember what Stephanie said about Nancy?). This brings up another quandary...I want to knit socks out of my Twinkletoes yarn...the Sea Shell colorway, NOW!

Have a great weekend....I'll be out looking for the 'center' again.

Knit, Knit, Knit

So all this weekend knitting has made things around here rather productive. Knits have been flying off the flying knitting needles.  It's amazing what you can get done when you can't get much done other than sitting around.   Oriel is primping for her photo shoot this weekend.  I'm hoping our beautiful, warm and sunny weather will hold so she can be seen in all her glory.  Thank you for the confirmation that she should indeed stay with me. The FBS is now on the flying needles.

Hurrayribby The other project finished is in pieces...ready to start seaming.  It's the Ribby! Finally, after knitting 5 sleeves for this thing (the simplest things are not always the simplest things!) I was able to accomplish 2 sleeves that should fit and are correct.  Now I just need some inclination to start my engines seaming. I'm hoping the idea of 'wearing' her will kick me in the butt into gear.

Sixsucks The one project that has been growing slowly is the Six Sock Suck.  I'm ready for the gusset increases, so it IS growing (almost wrote groaning). BUT,  there are three colors, one for each needle, and it could be a tangled mess if Susan hadn't offered her suggestion of using an elastic to keep the balls together and give them a turn with each row.  That is a big fat pain and slows down the process, the rhythm AND this thing is toe up. My first toe up. Not my favorite knit are these toe up sucks.  Yes...I think they suck. I have to do 'the math' to figure out when I should start the gusset increases, so that my heel will be in the right place and fit my foot. It's a crap shoot as far as I'm concerned and if you have to rip?...well, these sucks will R.I.P.  Pray for them.

She's Mine, ALL Mine!!

Orielneartheend A grrl can change her mind…I have. I can’t part with Oriel. She was to be a gift for my sister (third in the sibling line) for her 50th birthday the last day of March. It’s a special day when you turn 50 and it would be a nice gift for her. But, I have put in months of work and have fallen in love with Oriel, the yarn, the color, the pattern…the all of it. I can’t let her out of my sight. You most likely, dear reader, are a knitter…you know. I come to you for validation of this feeling of desire, attachment, and pure love. It is rare that I become attached to an object, even an object of beauty….even knitting that has had countless hours of time invested. But, I want Oriel to adorn ME. She is like a breath of pure, crisp, spring air.

Beginnewip Besides I can knit a Flower Basket Shawl in a weekend and what would my sister know? She’d love it as if it took me…months. She doesn’t knit. She knows nothing of Oriel. She may never even see Oriel. The only way she’ll know about her is if ‘this one’ tells her and I think I know where she stands and I can always take back Charlotte in revenge, if need be (which she stole from me in the first place).


Keep Oriel or no? It’s a rhetorical question at this point. My mind is made up…she’s mine…all mine…my Zen-ness is on holiday.

Happy Birthday, Cassie!!

Ahhh, I Needed That


It was a very relaxing weekend. Saturday knitting ensued ALL DAY. It was heaven. Sunday we headed up to our favorite canyon know where, and had breakfast with Neena, Don and Creed. As has been usual around here this year, there was little precipitation in the valley, but over 7500' the snow came down light, fluffy, deep and constant.  The white you see in the window is snow...yes, it is THAT deep.  The snow came down so hard we couldn't see a single mountain peak. It was warm and lovely in the 'atmosphere thought to be forgotten'.

Sunday afternoon, along with the rest of the weekend, was spent doing what has become a necessity the past few weekend...resting and knitting. The back continues its slow and steady improvement and knitting time, because of the time spent resting, has been very productive.  The shawl last weekend DID take 24 hours and you will see it again when the person who will receive it as a gift is wearing it. Promise.   


Monday was warm and sunny and the mountains came out of the clouds.  It was an incredibly beautiful day.  I didn't take much time for reading blogs but I promise to catch up with everyone this week. My computer at home is dial up (still) and not fun for blogging.  It was a relaxing, restful, knitty kind of holiday...the best kind. 

"I'm Ready for My Close Up"

This is for La (and everyone else) who had to work today.  I'm at home knitting! 

Leaf Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends (Evelyn Clark design)
Yarn from  Twinkletoes (color Emily)
Time to knit: apx. 24 hours
Glass beads at each point (they do not show up well in photo)
See post below for full picture.

Help Rachael get to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival and buy the cutest T-shirt EVER!!

From the The Bookish Girl, Wendy.

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The All of It

Things are back on track in the land of Zen.  With a little help from my friends the Sick Six Sock and Ribby are coming along....smoothly. At Stitch 'n Bitch on Tuesday Susan kindly helped me get the rather 'pedestrian' sock working perfectly.  Mustn't twist yarn...just knit from color to color...and it works!  Hopefully I'll be ready for the heel by next Tuesday so I can, once again, use her vast knowledge to get it in correctly.

YahoolookingoodBonne Marie emailed to see what was up with the Ribby sleeve (which was much appreciated!) and approved the fix that I had in mind.  I have square shoulders (and maybe shouldn't make raglan shaped sweaters) and the sleeve fit was a little snug.  I'll add 8 stitches so the center will end up with 14 instead of 6 stitches, which should make a better fit.  A grrls gotta tell her knitting who's Boss, right!?  Ribby is quick, easy knitting so I'll be wearing this thing before long.


And just so you know things haven't completely unraveled around here...I give you the Leaf Lace Shawl from Fiber Trends.  Blocked, beaded and beautiful.  Ain't knittin' grand?   Oooommm.


Smith thanks you ALL for the good wishes.  He was perhaps a little miffed that I even brought it up but very touched with the post and the response.  You grrls (and guys) rock!

You too can joined Cassie’s 'February Avengers' (see my side bar?).  January is the pitts, but February is the beginning of the end.  The days are longer and warmer, the skies bluer, and you can hear the birds singing.  Spring is just around the corner.

It's a Special Day

Happybirthdaysmith Today is Smith's birthday!  He is my hero, my love, my special guy.  The last two months have been hell for me and he has been there as my friend and saviour in every way.  He has cooked every dinner (or brought something home), cleaned the house, done the laundry and rushed home from work to walk the dogs every night and never complained.

Chickenyum He is a master at the barbeque.  Fish, chicken (whole or in pieces...yes that is as yummy as it looks), veggies, or anything else your heart desires, he knows how to cook everything to perfection.  His skills at salad making are superb (the more stuff the better) and he can mix a nice drink, too.  He is sweet, caring, generous, and supportive of my endeavors, always.

On Saturday nights, Tracy has a show on our favorite radio station, KRCL, Radio Free Utah.  I just can't stay awake to listen (it starts at 10:00p.m.).  He remembers to record it for me and I listen to it during the week.  Great show, Tracy!

Happy Birthday, to a great guy.  You're not getting older you are getting better in every way! The last 27 years have been very good years, indeed. I love you.

Basket of Loveliness


By now everyone must know that KnitPicks is importing their own yarns from Peru.  When the catalog came I was just too curious (and there are others who were, too) and had to 'try' some of the yarns.  I wanted a little of everything, but decided to keep my cool as there will be more opportunity pile on buy later, right? 

Laceknitpix Knitpixsockyarn It was the lace weight alpaca that really caught my eye, because the Hanging Vines Scarf that Susan, Jody, and Cassie (make sure you see her pictures of 'The Gates', too) had finished and was on my wish list. The Alpaca Cloud comes in some really beautiful colors and I wanted every last one of them (it will be there, right?). I really held myself in check and bought the Midnight (it's the most amazing blue/black with a bit of jewel tone highlights) and Autumn (for a gift down the road).  This is amazingly soft and beautiful yarn and it did not disappoint upon arrival.  Also in the box was some of their very funky, self-striping sock yarn.  The colors just make me laugh and a grrl's gotta have a good laugh from time to time.

Moretwinkletoes Because things have been a little bit magical around here lately my Twinkletoes order arrived the same day as the Knitpicks. Sea Shell and Roses are the two colors I fell for this time.  I can't wait to make socks (or maybe a shawl) out of one of these happy colors.  It's the desire for some spring that makes me crave pink, right?