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Now I'M the SockapaLOSER*

So...remember the socks from SocksX3 that were going to become my Sockapalooza pair?  Well, fogidabodit!  The wool was called Zimba Top, a sport weight super wash.  It didn't feel very good in the ball and when I started to knit with it, it felt like cotton. NO give, no bounce!  It just hung there in a 2x2 rib that didn't pull in and act ribby. It was hard, tough, with no squish, either.  The only thing to do was head back to the drawing board for something more suitable, more comfortable. Shit. Rats!  It's time to get working on these socks and I'm behind!!

Latviansock_1My pal was very helpful when she listed several things she likes in a sock. She listed several colors and styles and other helpful items which I won't list just incase she stops by.  I think this red Twinkletoes in "Salsa" just might do the trick (breaking that YNBA was the right thing to do!) AND since this is (Nancy) Bush country why not use one of her patterns? The yarn looks plain red here but it has many shades of red, from deep dark to lighter hues that make it much more interesting than it shows in the picture. The pattern is the Latvian Sock from Folk Socks and it looks like a fun, not too difficult, pretty way to make a warm pair of socks.  I'm jumping in and will pray this time all will be well with my choice.  The Zimba is back in the stash and will remain in time out until I decide to banish it or something more suitable comes along. Drat that stuff.

*This term was coined by none other than Norma, of course.


Oh I still havenĀ“t started my sockapalooza socks yet. I am waiting for another book I ordered (which should arrive today) and continue deciding what to knit:) At all I bought some yarn and will see if it works out with some of the socks to be. And socks are usually a quick knit, so I hope I will be in time.
Nice red you choosed :)

I think I have those socks from my mom. They are fabulous.

Great choice! I think those socks are lovely and will be so cheery in red.

Those socks are going to be wonderful. I love every single pattern in that book!!

I knitted those socks in a dark red, when the book came out, another great pattern from Nacy Bush.
I remember you said you'd be taking a twinned knitting class with her, I'm jealous, I taught myself from a Threads article, the most tedious fun, ever.

Lovely choice!

IK had a pattern for Zimba Top socks sometime within the past few years (maybe winter 03?). I remember liking the pattern.

just wanted to say amen to your 01/20 post....

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