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Oy....the Noise!

Ok...I had my fun with the new Typepad features but, now it's time to get serious.  I promise more discretionary use in the future....maybe. It was all done just to get you all to lighten up and have a laugh.  We all know Norma to be a smart ass cookie and she said it sooooo well yesterday. Listen to her and to me...now, put the needles down and walk away....do not knit one more scarf!!  Take time to enjoy the Holidays, your family, friends and breathe deeply. The sun will come up on Christmas Day regardless.

Screaminglotus It has been a little too noisy around here and it took awhile to figure out what was up!  First it was the Siren sounds from Clapotis (she's finished so stay tuned) but, even after I was able to silence her cries I could still hear a constant whine, and at times a howl, from my stasharia/junque room.  Was it Cari's ghost who had come to visit?  Murphy and Moxie were curious and wanted to protect me, if so.  They went to investigate and found it was Lotus upset at being thrown over for Clapotis and Blaze.  Poor dear!  It seems she was wishing that Wendy had knit her as by now she'd be an FO enjoying the good life outside the African basket (where she is now stuck resides). It is so hard to make all your knitting happy, I swear.

Here is the sunrise outside my room this past Monday.  It is exciting to think that the sun will be coming up earlier and earlier starting next week.  The shot showed better with a flash than without(?), so just ignore the reflection in the window.  Don't you just love sky blue pink?

Beth fixed my pic! No more reflextion. Thanks Beth, it's much better!!



And purples. I love the blues/pinks/purples of the sky. Beauty never got any better! And I know I am preaching to the choir here! :)

Wait a second, your done with Clapotis? Didn't you just start it? Can't wait to see it :) Sunrises are my favorite - and that's a good one!

OK, finished??? I just released the second batch of stitches.. well.. pulled them out, one by one.. that mohair is sticky. You made a good choice with the silk. Winter skies are glorious.

Poor Lotus! She's probably weeping quietly in her pretty basket. ;-)

My Lotus is a pile of yarn in a plastic bag so I have little room to talk.

I love those colors in the sky. That is what I am going for in my Charlotte's Web, when and if I ever get to it. I am hoping for a lot of snowed in winter knitting!

The sky is lovely! Poor Lotus. Would she like a little company from Dale Salt Lake City Olympic Pullover...I just found it hanging on our coat rack! I can't put the scarves down. I am now trying to talk my self out of a ribbed scarf for Cameron's teacher. Her favorite color is YELLOW!! It is very difficult to find a nice yellow yarn. :) And the Silk Garden I did have is barely yellow.

Wow, Margene, your scenic photography!!! It's to die for.

Yes, Rogue was so whiney I had to put the whole bag around the corner where I couldn't see it or hear it. But now I feel like there is an ugliness between us and so I will spend some quality time with it today. I can't believe you already finished Clapotis. I feel like I didn't miss Blaze after all!

Gee, that looks like ME looking at yarn!

This sounds like an episode of Desperate Housewives. Perhaps you could sell it as a screenplay....
"As the Needles Knit"
"The Yarns of Our Lives"
"All My Projects"
"One Yarn to Knit"

Such possibilities.

Sharon those were cute titles..love it..would be good scrapbook titles if anyone is making scrapbook with pictures of their work!

can't wait to see your clapotis

You always know how to make me smile. After 5 scarves and many late evenings I am taking your advice and taking deep breaths. Problem, smells like cinnamon and Christmas goodies... Oh well, once a year.
Now the fact that you have a basket of projects speaking to you that even the dogs can understand, leaves me to believe that Uncle Eddie is making his Christmas rounds to one of my most cherished friends. I don't mind sharing him as long as he is back before the big day. Hugs, Judy

How does one create a button? Is there coding somewhere to help a silly non-technical like me create one? Thanks!

Oh, and can't wait to see fotos of Clapotis!

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