Oy....the Noise!
Under the Park City Sun

Get Me Outta Here!

Sunthroughfog_1No, that's not the moon. It is (what you can see of) the sun through the sun roof of my car on Sunday afternoon.  Saturday  just as the sun was setting, the dank and ruthless chill of fog blanketed the valley like a shroud.  It clamped down tight and made it difficult to see much more than a few feet while driving.  Our trip to downtown SLC to see the Christmas lights, and to share them with you, was not destined to be.  The next day instead of  staying down in  the nastiness we headed up to the land of the sun, Park City. It was SUNday after all.




Christmascheer_1The sky was as blue and clear as it gets.  We breathed in its clean crispness and felt the sun on our faces.  Ah, just what the a grrl needs.  We took Clapotis along so she could enjoy her day in the sun, too.  But you'll have to come back tomorrow to see what fun we had showing her around the streets of Park City.  The picture on the right gives you a clue as to what we might have been up to.

Saturday was a lovely day as I lunched with the stitching (embroidery) grrls and then had very nice afternoon coffee clatch with some of the most awesome women I know.  Camille is a dear, dear friend and Diane was a hostess beyond compare.  Things don't get much better than spending a whole day with grrlfriends who really make you feel loved.   Tuesday is Stitch 'n Bitch and so the week of Christmas will be full of the women who make my world go 'round.  And all of you, of course.  Who knew that blogging would bring so many women (and a few men)  from all over the world together in such a possitive way. 

In the mean time, run over and see Froggy’s incredible Clapotis.  And Ann has finished hers, too! The multi-colored yarn has a completely different look than mine. Their pictures are elegant and beautiful.  This is very high on my list to do again after I find another perfect yarn.  Great job , both of you!


gorgeous photos as always. can't wait to see your clapotis. the yarn you are using looks divine!

you're just too kind, thanks!

A day of fresh air, blue skies and chocolate! What more could anyone ever need? I totally agree with you about meeting so many wonderful people through knitting and blogging. I have this fantasy that one day we will all get together and meet and have the biggest knit in of all time!

Margene, you are staring to get on NORMA'S NERVES. (hee) Your weekends are the envy of all of blogland -- or maybe just me -- but it FEELS like all of blogland!!!
Lovely, just LOVELY, even with the fog.

p.s. that would be "starting" to get on Norma's Nerves. Norma Needs to Proofread Before Pressing Post, dontcha think?

I agree with Norma. Kevin and I had a fabulous day in NYC but I didn't bring the camera! Too lazy! But a camera phone is on the Christmas list! :) Can't wait to see Clapotis! And the chocolate.

oh, I want to ski.
And I want to see your clapotis.
Fastest completion on record, BTW.

I know what you were buying in that shop. ;-)
Or, did you just "pass through" on your way to the book store?
We nixed our trip to see the Temple Square lights on Saturday, too. Bloody shitty weather.

Sunny day, sweeping the clouds away! On my way to where the air is sweet. Can you tell me how to get, how to get to Margene's street? (Sorry, couldn't resist.)

We so rarely get a deep blue sky like that. But when we do...I enjoy it so!!!

Oh, to ski again! How fun was the Chocolate Place? So glad to hear that you're loving your "community" too!

I think your Clapotis is beautiful!. But I'm with you... after one solid one, you've got to do another multicoloured.

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