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Wanting and Giving (Life's Complications, Contemplations and Contradictions)

Following Suit

Thank you to everyone for your kind comments on the passing of our very dear friend.  Thom's family is very much family to Smith and I. They read this blog and will be comforted by your comments as we were.

Since I'm not in the mood to blog about knitting I'll follow suit.  This seems to be something in the air and we're among friends. Have a peace filled weekend.

1. I’m doing my best to age gracefully.

2. My hair is graying and I don’t care.

3. I had my eyebrows and eyeliner made 'permanent' (years ago).

4. I hate spending too much time on “maintenance”.

5. I was born in Idaho but we lived in Salt Lake off and on until I was 11 and then it was full time.

6. I was raised as a Mormon but never believed a word they said.

7. I married a Lutheran I didn’t like just to get away from Mormons.

8. It worked for the most part. I left the Lutheran but the relationship helped me find myself.

9. I can be a Mormon basher and don’t like that about myself.

10. Organized religion? NOT for me!

11. My life changed when I read the Tao Te Ching and Bhagavad Gita.

12. I didn’t study Zen formally but it speaks to the way I believe.

13. I did yoga for four years and it helped me through a rough spot.

14. I am cynical and skeptical about almost everything and have questioned authority from an early age.

15. My mother tried to 'change' me but it backfired.

16. My father is still alive and lives in Arizona.

17. His line of ancestors goes back to the Mayflower.

18. My great, great, great, great grandfather came to Utah in the first wagon train.

19. He was a polygamist. (My family is from his 7th wife).

20. There are 24 years between me and my youngest sister. (Same parents.)

21. My mothers parents were immigrants.

22. I learned to knit at 8 but hated it.

23. I relearned in 1974 and have loved it ever since.

24. I had mostly men friends until I started doing needlework and met truly wonderful women.

25. My two best friends when I married Smith were men. They are now two of his best friends.

26. Grrlfriends have made my life much richer.

27. Smith is the nicest, sweetest and most caring person I have ever met.

28. I wanted to date him when we were in college together but didn’t find him again until we were nearly 30.

29. We’ve been married 25 years this January.

30. I have a syndrome I don’t talk about (don’t ask).

31. Cleaning house is my least favorite thing.

32. Cooking is second.

33. Judgmental people make me sad (and sometimes mad).

34. Reading was my main hobby for years and then needlework took over.

35. I read 52 books a year for several years.

36. I blog too much now to read books.

37. I needlepointed a Christmas Stocking in 1995 for the White House.

38. The White House invited me to visit it and I did (along with 10,000 others).

39. I don’t drink much alcohol but love whiskey and beer.

40. I don’t care for soda pop.

41. I eat constantly.

42. I’m not overweight.

43. Healthy eating is easy for me as it’s what I like.

44. I love to teach and learn.

45. I’m the oldest of seven kids.

46. It’s one reason I didn’t try to have children of my own.

47. I have only one brother.

48. I have one sister that none of the other siblings like. We love her…we don’t like her.

49. I am now the matriarch of my family. (It makes me feel old to say that)

50. Shopping for anything other than yarn or needlework makes me anxious.

51. The mountains and desert feed my soul.

52. I look at the mountains several times a day.

53. It’s the main reason I live in Utah.

54. Smith and I had a family business but it went bust in 1998.

55. We were very poor for a couple of years.

56. We still struggle.

57. We are very blessed and never felt sorry for ourselves.

58. I rarely go to the Dr.

59. I always think I can tough through any problem (and I have).

60. I love music of most any genre.

61. I played the piano but gave it away to my sister.

62. My handwriting is illegible.

63. I’m not a grammar god or good at spelling.

64. It probably drives others crazy.

65. My house is a mess and full of clutter.

66. I have no idea how to get rid of it.

67. I rarely eat red meat.

68. I was a vegetarian for 10 years.

69. I still can’t stand the smell of meat cooking so Smith cooks it all outdoors (year round).

70. I have been to the Utah Shakespearean Festival in Cedar City every year for 25 years.

71. I used to collect several things but only collect yarn at this point.

72. I like things to go quickly and smoothly.

73. With knitting it doesn't matter if it does or not...it is truly the process. One of the only Zen areas in my life.

74. I have a great sense of direction.

75. I’m not sentimental.

76. I'm a tough cookie.

77. I'm not as tough as I seem.

78.  I don’t make lists as a rule (except for groceries).

79. I wish I could be wickedly funny (or just wicked.)

80. I’m too serious.

81. Talking religion and politics get me into trouble. So I don’t talk about them much unless I know the person thinks like me.

82. I can’t argue.

83. I went to college for several years but never graduated. I hate math.

84. I was good at math until 10th grade. The teacher was a coach and refused to help grrls.

85. I can be a procrastinator but always make my deadline (barely).

86. I love to travel but can’t afford to do it much any more.

87. Green is my least favorite color (except in nature.)

88. I’ve never been outside the USA.

89. I wanted to be an artist and drew constantly in my teens.

90. My mother told me it was foolish.

91. I only took one art class, as a senior in high school (and did well).

92. I have delusions of grandeur and at one time thought I could do it all.

93. I wish I was better educated.

94. At times I feel like a self made person.

95. Other times I feel like a failure.

96. It doesn’t bother me to fail, to be imperfect or make mistakes...it's all good.

97. I’m not driven. I do the best I can.

98. I want to love everyone.

99.Most of all I crave peace of mind. 

100. I believe in faith, not hope.

101. I love community.

102. I find blogging addicting and often think of stopping.


Thank you for sharing so much about yourself! I have truly enjoyed reading everyones list, it reminds me of how much we all have in common and at the same time how unique we all are!


Now, for the question I've been wondering. Is the g in you name a hard or soft sound? I thought hard but I was talking to a friend and she pronounced it softly.

Thanks for sharing Margene. You've almost inspired me to post mine, but I'm just ... not there yet. It's nice to feel I 'know' you a little better.

What an interesting list--and person! Thanks for sharing. I didn't know you were of Mormon heritage. My best friend from Alaska was a recovering Mormon. It's a fascinating religion (there's my theology degree talking!) I also related to #100!

I like your list - very personal in a good way. Coincidentally, I stayed up really really late last night making my own list. I'll post it soon. Hope you're feeling okay today. (I think the day after is harder.) Don't forget the sun.

Thanks for your 100 things list. I did one a couple years ago when I first started blogging, but they were all meaningless things. I'm thinking about doing a more thoughtful one, like you did here. :-)

Great list Margene. It was really interesting, and I was especially sad to hear about your 10th grade math experience. I really hope you don't stop blogging, because there is so much more I want to find out about you! And I'm with Christy, how *is* your name pronounced?

You are a complicated dynamic person. I'm so glad that you embrace that! I've been thinking of you these past few days and hope that the "process" of grieving isn't too hard on you.

Don't you dare stop blogging. This grrl would be seriously sad.

Thank you, Margene. It's so interesting to read these lists -- and make them. It was harder than I thought, but now I keep thinking of other things...

Loved hearing more about you, Margene. Thanks for sharing.

Please don't stop blogging. Your mountain pictures and your calm get me through some days. I was raised in Idaho and find myself hating it whenever I Mormon bash. Did you read Stegner's book on the Mormon trail? BTW, anyone who read 52 books a year for several years has a lot of education unless you were reading romance novels and I don't think you were!

I love your list, Margene. Besides the fact that we're both shiksas, we have a lot of other things in common. But, you knew that.

Hi. I enjoy reading your blog because
#1 You're KIND.
#2 You're interesting.
I think life rewards kind people. Thx for sharing.

I loved your list especially this one

24. I had mostly men friends until I started doing needlework and met truly wonderful women.

Very very true. wonderful gems aren't they?

have a great weekend!

Great list, Margene. I agree with what Shelby said~ I see how much we have in common.
I am SO with you on #102. I know exactly how you feel...

Wow. You are inspiring. I am getting a much quieter voice in my head than I used to get when I read your list (do you imagine what people migh sound like when you read their blogs?) I always knew you were the buddha, but now I think I know it on a different level. Please don't stop. I know what you mean; it's a fine line. I'm with you there.
Peace to you, especiallly this week and onwards.

Love the list. Thanks for sharing. Off to contemplate some of the items on your list.

Thanks for sharing your list. I find the similarities to be fascinating, and I feel as though I know you that much more, and less at the same time.

I especially relate to numbers 92-109. Interesting. Hmmmm ...

Re: #62...what is your handwriting eligible for? ;)

Lovely list.

Shiksas unite!

Also, dear friend, I wrote a poem, once, entitled, "I Never Took Another Math Class After Tenth Grade." I'll post it, sometime. We are cut from the same (100% wool) cloth, sweetie.

Margene...it was wonderful to read all about you. Very interesting!!!

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