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Enough of That!

It felt good to get the fact that pain has invaded my life off my chest. So that's over and thank you for caring.  After two days of proper meds I am walking upright and able to sit for short stretches and actually feeling much better.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel and know good health is around the corner.   And I am sorry for being so crabby about it all.

I found this on Amy’s today so thought I'd post this to distract you from my pain. ;-)

Favourite needles for 2004:
Bamboo are my favorite for small things like socks. But, Addi’s are my favs for knitting sweaters and especially sticky yarns.

Favourite On Line Shop for 2004:
Elann and WNW were both fun place to shop and had great prices, too.

Favourite Yarn for 2004:
This is a hard one as so many were wonderful and new to me.  I'll say the alpaca that I made into Blaze was such a joy to knit and wear that it will fill this slot.  Koigu, both Kersti and KPPPM were wonderful and Anne’s incredible alpaca/angora was the softest yarn ever. (Anne's here BTW!)

Favourite finished object and KAL for 2004:
I love nearly every KAL  this year but the three I wear most are (or will be) Sally’s Raglan, Clapotis and Blaze.

Exciting new technique for 2004:
Learning to Blog!!  There was so much to figure out at first and I knew nothing about HTML or even if I could have something to say that anyone wanted to hear.  It has been more fun than I could ever imagine.

Do you have some favorites to share?


Okay, that took OUR minds off your pain, but how's that working for YOU? :)
Hope you feel better and you shrug this pain in the ass quick!

Good!! (... that you are feeling better, that is!)

Favorite Needles... gotta stick w/ Addis, but they are sometimes too slippery and then I go for the bamboos. Overall, circs are my ultra faves.

Favorite Online Shop... Well, Patternworks has those killer seasonal grab bags. Elann is good, but so high pressure! I gotta give a thumbs down to the boys at Threadbare... I wrote them asking about an item and never heard back (no they were not moving). Let the lightening strikes begin...

Favorite Yarn: Colinette Prism and Manos. Can't get enough of either. Someday I will be rich enough for a whole sweater out of each.

Favorite KAL... um. I did some, but was not such a good participant or hostess. So I will pass here.

Favorite Technique... socks on circs, baby! (or just using two circs for dpns in general). Next year it will be poly-color knitting, I just know it!

Thank you for all that you have shared with us in '04, Margene! The knitting, the zen, and the desert mountains... oh my!

Chels, I'll help you deflect/share a little of the lightening bolts re TB. Same experience here. And I know we're not alone. Glad you're feeling a wee bit better, Ms. Stoic Margene.

Was sorry to read that you were in pain - glad to then read that you are doing somewhat better... Love your favorites list - and Blaze is amazing!

The only real question: do you feel well enough to knit? :)

Glad you are feeling better.

What I learnt in 2004 ?
New technique : Tubular cast on, sewn cast off, sock knitting, a little bit fair isle.

Favourite yarn shop : Getknitted (UK), Chez Casuelle
Favourite yarn : Lorna's Lace sock

Blogging : start my one blog in April and formed the Hong Kong bloggers gathering.

I think 2004 is my good year for knitting. I have more FOs then previous year ! I'm wondering---what's high pressure about Elann? I've not taken that hard a look at it....

My most used project in 2004 - definitely my little PDA cover and my Everyday Cardi. Love them both!

so glad you're feeling better. hope you'll be back at 100% soon!

Sorry to hear that you are in pain. Hope that you get to feel better soon.

Favorite Needles--Addi Turbos, but I do like Crystal Palace a lot too.

Favorite On Line Shop--I like Elann, The Yarn Barn, Kaleidoscope Yarns, and Patternworks

Favorite Yarns--Koigu Kersti, BS Cotton Fleece, Berroco's Suede

Favorite Projects--Gigi Sweater, French Market Bag, Klaralund Sweater Broadripple Socks

Favorite Technique--Slip Stitch Knitting--It's easy, breezy, and beautiful

Margene, I don't know where I have been but I am sorry to read about your pain in the butt. Hang in there--I am sure it will all work out in the end. :) Alright, can you tell Kevin is reading over my shoulder and ghost writing? The GC should help you feel better. Way to go Smith. :)

Oh, and Lara is not a favorite, huh? Should I skip it? And I have had 1 out of 3 good experience with Threadbear.

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