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Don't Cry for Me Argentina Blogland

No pity parties are allowed on this blog.  I'm in pain, serious pain but PLEASE don't say you're sorry.  Number 103 on my list of 100 Things is that one of my pet peeves is a grrl who apologizes for thing that can't be controled.  It's not your fault and, as near as I can tell, it isn't anyone else's fault either. And yes, for the record, I'm a bit crabby bitchy.  Bodies can betray you and mine has.  Right now I have a big pain in the ass butt from muscle spasms (reason unknown) that start at my waste and end at the tailbone. I can't sit or stand (yet, I do both).  A trip to the ER was pretty much ineffective except that an x-ray showed the bones in my spine are in good shape.  Everything else they did was worthless. They must be afraid to give the help that is needed so you are forced you to see a 'real' Dr.  If I could have seen my Dr. at that time I would have! I have since done just that.  He was able to give me stronger and more appropriate meds and in a day or two I should be, if not back to normal, at least not in so much pain. You can see I'm a tough cookie as I was in agony during the Blaze photo shoot. Good faker, eh?   Laurie spilled the beans in one of her posts so I wanted to let you all know that I really am doing better (slightly) and should be ok very soon.   Send good , possitive and healing thoughts and thank you to those of you who already have.

Smith asked if I was still going to Stitch 'n Bitch (last night).  I said I would go if it was the last thing I ever did on this earth.  Ya just can't do without a grrlfriend fix, no matter what!  He knew the answer before asking the question but just wanted to make sure I was still the same crazy person.

Knitting post returns tomorrow.


Damn girl, you *are* a good faker. Loved the Blaze photos. You & hub are one handsome couple, by the way. And that fireplace...WOW!

wishing you a speedy recovery. I hope you feel better soon.

wow - you'd have no idea in those blaze shots. take care and here's hoping for a quick recovery!

Feel better soon, Margene! Be selfish and remember laughter is the best medicine (yeah, right!).

Hope the pain goes soon.Constant pain is a complete drag and exhausting.

Saying ''sorry to read that'' is simply a turn of phrase in common English usage.One is being polite and expressing concern for you,not claiming responsibility for your pain.

Sending good healing vibes your way.....

hope you feel better soon. sometimes I think that medicine is kinda like meteorology...guess a little here, know a little bit there...

Feel better!

Hope you feel better soon. Is this something you've experienced before? Have you considered massage therapy?

Endorphines help with pain - if it doesn't hurt to laugh go see a funny movie! Smith sounds like one pretty cool hubby and a cutie to boot!

Hope you feel better soon! Sounds like it could possibly be sciatica, which my mother had a bout with not so long ago. It's a pain in the butt (literally) but it DOES go away, and there are stretching exercises you can do to help it along. Might be worth looking into!

I send you wishes for a speedy recovery. If you can get to a good physical therapist (one who uses hands more than machines) you may speed the process. You may have to pay from your own pocket but most will give you a break and only charge the relatively smaller amount an insurance co. would reimburse, so long as you tell them insurance isn't covering it.
That and moist NOT dry heat to break up the spasms. If you've already tried all this, ooops, but I thought I'd offer the ideas..! sish I could wave a majic wand for you...

Oh, I totally blame myself for your pain. :) Take it easy, breezy.

you totally had me fooled. i'm definitely sending you healing vibes for a very speedy recovery.

Well, how else can we express sympathy besides "I'm sorry"? I hope that not only to you have the right meds now, but that someone has figured out the cause of your spasms... Quinine (in tonic mixer) is good for leg muscle spasms....

Okay, you've thrown down the gauntlet on that "sorry" word thing. I'm investigating. . .

Yeesh! Sending my best to you.

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