The Agony Odyssey of Knitting
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Charybdis Clapotis

Charybdisclapotis That's correct...Clapotis has become my Charybdis. The Siren Song was just too loud, too constant and I had to succumb to its cry. The dropped stitches that should be ripples in the water have become the spirals in an eddy and I am damned doomed.

The Horstia MS as Susan said is PERFECT. Kate’s pattern is interesting to knit as you drop a stitch ON PURPOSE!  Each time I see the dropped stitch out of the corner of my eye my heart skips a beat until I realize it's part of the design. And the joy of running the stitch down to create the 'ripple''s just mesmerizing, even addicting.  Not to worry, Blaze isn't out of the dance...she just isn't getting my FULL attention. It's all good.

For the second day I'm enjoying the new Typepad features. Why not!?  Adding color to the post is bringing a smile to my face just as the strike through did yesterday. It's a time of joy and I need to be giddy silly to balance the hectic, hurried, harassed feeling that comes this time of year. It is that too crazy pace that usually puts me over the edge when it should be peaceful and joyful. I've decided to not go there!  So...I'm not.  It's time to enjoy, feel joy, feel at peace and do ONLY what can be done without stress.  May you all find a way to get back to that feeling.

My copy (a free copy!) of Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation arrived in the mail from Workman Press. If you look on page 135 there is a tip by ME!  Woohoo! When Debbie Stoller asked for tips or patterns I sent the tip that I learned years ago.  You can also see our SNB SLC group on page 131!  How cool is that?*

Let me introduce my sister, Neena.  She just started a blog and has awesome pictures of Southern Utah. Plus, she's a great cook.  You'll enjoy her recipes...the last one was really yummy!

*As per the Harlot’s disclaimer: Please buy the above book from your LYS rather than ordering from Amazon.  Small independent companies need your support!


Enjoy your case of the Clap. (Sorry I couldn't resist!)

Have a wonderful, colorful day!

You are certainly having fun with Type Pad's new features!!! I like them too. Great for a non-teckie like me.

AH-hah. See? I knew it.
Have a blast dropping those stitches. They are fun.
And don't worry about twisting or anything since it wears beautifully regardless.

Oooh, I love the color you picked! (on a bit of a purple kick, eh?) And the references to Charybdis are too fun. It'll look great when you're done -- I'm excited to see it!

It's so colorful over here---love it! Great sweater, too. Cold as heck up here, but no snow. Could you send us some, pretty please???

Loved Neena's blog. E-mail her for me and tell her it's great!!

You are a bad influence on me. I have been holding Clapotis in abeyance while I worked on projects for other people, but it calls me in the night. I don't think I'll be able to resist much longer after reading about how much fun it is.

You clapotis is gorgeous! I love the color.

I'm all in favor of beginning a new, compelling project- Clapotis is so pretty and meditative- have fun!

You are too funny! Clapoits is beautiful already!! The color is so lucious. And...I'm with you on the peace and joy - it's just what we ALL need!

Ah, the irresistible Clapotis. How we love her! Yours is looking great.

I thought for sure you would go home last night and, against all collective judgment, frog Clapotis. Glad to see it's still on the needles. When it's finished, though, you need to keep it out of the reach of the Charlotte Thief (whose blog is very nice).

Ack! Another clapotis knitter! I must resist....

Margene - I got your package in the mail yesterday - thank you soooo much. I will be sending you a little package later this week, so look out for it. As for Clapotis and Blaze, I can understand the dilemna. I had a hard time resisting them, myself. Eventually, you will finish both and have to decide which one to wear.... Keep those mountain pics coming - I love to see them.

Oh Margene, you are crazy. But in a good way.

Yeah Clapotis!!
Thanks forl eaving a comment on my blog. Adding your Clapotis to my list of Alternative yanrs.
Thanks for sharing.

ok your clapotic looks so soft and lux. fab color!

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