Enough of That!
A Good Laugh at Myself



To my lovely wife of thee.

I am saddened to see your heart robbed of glee.

Your vow not to shop, has forsaken your gleem.

Friends can't call you cheaten, if you use certificate to redeem.



He may not be the worlds greatest poet but the guy has heart.  He wants me to go shopping and, I'm pretty sure, if I don't go over the amount on the GC the YNBA will not be broken. BUT, here's the rub...

You get to guess when I break the YNBA (or have I already). Maybe the unthinkable has already happened, maybe I will break it soon, maybe I'll make my February 1st goal, or go beyond.  You decide and then send the date you think it will happen (or already has) to THIS email addy: zeneedlecontest at gmail dot com. Please use this addy only.  I'm not going to peek at the entries until the 1st of February (or possibly after).  Please enter only once. The prize will be a good one but I can't show you as I may need to buy it (or maybe I already did). 

Added Later:

If you put the date of your guess for the YNBAs end in the subject line it will be very easy for me to find the winner.

Susan was able to post her new sock (it's a beauty!) before leaving town. You can purchase this sock and all proceeds will go to Oxfam, a charity that is helping with aid for the tsunami devastation. Many other bloggers have links where you can help with your dollars, too.


What a great gift, and hey---the poem is terrific. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, dontchano. :)

And what's up with the time stamped on this post? Hmmm? Are YOU getting any sleep, girlie?? xxoo

Oh, wow - what a guy!

Awww, what a sweet husband! I'm hoping you already used the gift certificate. :)

Hiya, your guy is a poet. What a great gift! I'm still holding strong to my YNBA. I also still have lots of yarn at home. So far, I'm okay.

What a great guy! I think you've got yourself a keeper there! $100 of yarn could go a long way!

Hey, you insult my poetry? I'll have you know, 'Jack Daniels',helped me write that.


Blaze is simply beautiful, and I am so glad to hear that you had a wonderful holiday! It was a treat to come home and catch up on your blog! Happy New Year, and I am so glad that you learned to blog.

1. Blaze is wonderful, it's fits you perfectly, I am inspired once again.
2. I do NOT think that a gift certificate counts as cheating... HAVE FUN!
3.Thanks for all the knitting fun and inspiration you have given this year.
Happy New Year!

Vonnie will be so glad to see you! Can I come with you?

that is so sweet. glad you're feeling better, and glad you've got the Foil!

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