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What!? Me Organized!?

Bestmessdesk_2Claudia started it...'What's on your desk?' and then Cassie showed her desk yesterday. Well, I thought you'd get a laugh outta my desk.  I threw Clapotis on top just to keep this knitting related and becuase they both had knitting to show. (Claudia raised the bar by including good chocolate!)  I had to finish up a bunch of paperwork to even have room for the 'little splash'.   Do you see my Strawberry iMac?  I love that machine but it is in sore need of an update. And can you see the Knitting Calendar on the left and the postcard I got from Nathania, while she was visiting Italy, hanging from the self on the right?  And Cassie, the book shelf has loads of books on samplers.  The pictures above are the first two pieces of silk and metal needlepoint I did after a class at an ANG seminar.

The room my desk resides in at home is a combo of stasharia/guest room/studio/junque room/library. It is wall to wall bookcases, boxes, baskets and bags.  The closet is stuffed...incredibly stuffed with needlework. BUT, it is organized.  Would you call it organized if I can put my hands on any thread, fabric, book or yarn within a minute or so?  It's that organized chaos thing at work.

Knittingjournals To prove there is some organization in this chaotic place....I keep a journal of my knitting pursuits. The blue book holds lists of my stash, WIPs and FO's.  Each month I write down what project's are started with the beginning date. If it isn't finished in that month it moves to the next until I can place a star and end date beside it.  I have tracked a year plus of my knitting in this fashion.  It keeps (some) projects from falling by the wayside. In that same book I keep charts for the projects (if needed) and any tips that would be useful.  It also houses a complete list of my stash

The little black book with sock pictures on the cover is something I just started. It holds favorite sock patterns with tips (like Beate‚Äôs heel-see October 14th). Any sock that I will make again will be housed in this book for quick reference. The last black book with Salt Lake City on the cover is a 2005 Calendar.  My new thing for 2005 is to keep track of the amount of time I knit an item.  This way I can go back and estimate how many hours a sweater, sock or shawl took to knit.  It will be a diary of sorts for my knitting with added notes on the weather for that day. (I love weather like Sandy does.) All these books sit beside me on the futon where I knit each morning and evening, looking out my window at the dark of night.  I am so looking forward to the Winter Solstice!


Playing with fonts again? You never fail to make me smile!

Hehehhee---your desk is terrific. Stay warm today!

I'm working up the nerve to shoot a pic of my desk, but it'll have to wait until I can find it. I sit at the desk every day, I KNOW it's there, and I can find everything I'm looking for (eventually).
I believe the afternoons are already getting longer, it's the mornings that are still getting shorter. Soon.

You're really having fun with those colors, aren't you? lol. I'd take a picture of my desk for my blog, but you can't see it under all the stuff. lol.

Hi Margene! I can't wait for the Winter Solstice either ... that's my youngest DD's birthday! She'll be 4.

I absolutely LOVE your blue journal. Where did you find it? I've been trying to find a blank book (with lined pages - can't write straight without 'em) that has a knitting related picture on the front and yours is perfect.


Personally, I think your desk is very neat. Notice, I only showed a tiny, tiny, piece of my desk. :-)

I've thought about trying to keep track of the hours spent on a knitted project, but I think I'd end up being shocked at how many hours I spent knitting. I'd rather just guestimate:) But it would be useful in all those times when someone asks me how long something took to knit.

Junque...I love it!

Fabulous ideas for keeping track of projects and notes, etc.! I keep trying to improve my organization skills... Are those full size (8-1/2x11 sheets) notebooks or something smaller?

Wow, you are organized. I'm a "wannabe" when it comes to organization. Sigh.

you are organized. i can only dream of a desk that looks that good! love the font play, too. your sister's blog is GREAT!

I'm a big fan of timing my knitting - I tend to be unrealistic in my craft expectations, so this keeps me honest. In theory, it will help me plan gifts out better because now I know that I can't knock out some things in a couple evenings like I think I can. :)

I wanna know where the blue book came from, too! It's way happy and fun to look at!

I don't even have a desk, so I can't share a photo of it.

Lovin' the font play ... makes life a little more interesting ...

Happy Yule (a few days early ...)

I have Margene cards on my desk!

A journal of your knitting pursuits! You are way more organized than I am. I need to do that.

I love your desk! There must be some kind of saying about well used desk and brilliant mind, or something....:)

Oh, Margene. I've got a journal too, I'm just not disciplined enough to keep it updated.

And like Claudia, I didn't show the whole desk. I .....kinda....cleaned mine up a bit ( the yarn that I showed was there, I just cleared off the pile of books and magazines before I took the picture).

Geez, you are so popular these days. Thank you for teh sticker!

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