First Day of 2005

A Good Laugh at Myself

Zbeadedsock Zoperascarf After finishing Blaze (and because of the pain) I wanted some easy knitting.  The beaded sock for the Six Sock Along was nearly finished so I tackled it first.  The second sock is now nearly done and should be finished tomorrow.  Then I saw Susan’s 'Opera Scarf ' and thought it would be a lovely gift for my stepmom's birthday the end of January.  The Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk, in color Blush, is such a yummy yarn and the pattern is easy to do. It was perfect portable project and it's now blocking. But, that's not the funny part.

Zwtf My next KAL is the Ribby Cardi Along and I'll start as soon as 2005 is here.  Knitting is a good way to start the year, heh?  Knitting up the gauge swatch seemed easy and mindless to do beforehand.  I threw a ball of the Peruvian Highland Wool into my African basket, which houses Lotus, so it would be easy to find when I had a chance to knit.With a few minutes to spare on Christmas Eve I picked up the ball of yarn and some needles to give it a try. As I'm knitting my mind (a little drug addled) kept saying things like..."This yarn seems so thin", "This seems more black than charcoal", "Hum, this isn't going to be a very heavy (warm) cardi"...but did I stop and take note.  NO!  As I bound off and cut the yarn I picked up the ball. What to my wondering eyes should appear!?  A ball band that said Daletta. DALETTA!?  Go ahead...laugh.

I am, I sat down and once again, picked up the needles and the correct ball of yarn and knit another swatch.  This time it was perfect. 

Poemsocks Another project I would like to do was inspired by the socks that Stephanie knit for Ken.  She knit them in very subtle colors, perfect for a man. They will just take your breath away.  In the stash I have some sock yarn, in very bright colors which just might do the trick. I'm adding these socks, from the Socks, Socks, Socks book*, to my 'Thing's to Knit in 2005 List'.

But wait! I'm so tempted by the Sockapalooza over at Alison’s that I might have to do that instead (or also?). And then there is also the Knitblog Reading Along. And yet another KAL, as Marti has decided to host one for Susan’s Charity sock to encourage people to buy the pattern.  (Buy one to give to every knitter you know as well!) What's a grrl to do? We're going to have a very busy 2005 and it seems the 'Delusions of Grandeur' have not abated. Go ahead....laugh. We all need it.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. I have so enjoy getting to know many of you and hope to meet many more new friends. I'll see you in 2005.  Knit On!!!!

*Books are always best purchased from independent LYS and/or bookstores.


The socks look lovely Margene. Have a happy and healthy new year! :)

Wow, it isn't even here yet and already it sounds like a BUSY new year! I have high hopes, too. Reach for the sky!! Happy New Year, Margene.

Happy New Year, Margene! Here's to a healthy back! :)
Looks like you have enough to keep you busy. For a little while!

Holy toledo, you must be feeling better! Wonderful! Look at all these fantastic projects--you go, girl! Happy New Year! xxoo

Those socks look great - I'm considering my first pair. I'm still a rank beginner though...

Happy New Year, Margene! I'm so happy that this past year has brought such wonderful friends like you into my life.


Ooooh! Thanks for the link to the opera scarf! I have this awesome aubergine mohair that I want to turn into a scarf for myself, and, up until I read your blog, I was just going to do a boring big-needled gater stitch (gater, because it bites) scarf.

Happy New Year to you! I am glad to see you feeling better. Thanks for posting about the Knitblog Read-along. I am anxious to join in the fun!

Happy times to you, and I continue to look forward to reading your blog in the New Year. Cheers!

Happy New Year Margene, and don't start with the poem socks. You won't be able to put them down.

Hi ! The beads sock and opera scarf both looks good ! I am going to do the beads sock too, I love blue sky alpaca too. I am going to make a scarf with its bulky yarn.

Happy New Year and best regards to you and family !


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