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Ending the Year in a Blaze of Glory

Mymountianviewchristmas_1Here is the Salt Lake 'picture of the week'.  Christmas was clear and sunny with a sky the color of pure beauty. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  The mountains had just enough snow for a true White Christmas. It was warm, wonderful and a perfect Christmas Day.  After breakfast at the Silver Fork we spent the afternoon with our dear friends and then headed home just before Neena's arrival. 

Yummycoco Mmsilver Christmas Eve I finished Blaze. She fit perfectly until I gave her a bath and then the neck seemed to grow.  I tinked back the bind off and added a few more rows with another set of decreases.  She then fit perfectly!  The picture on the right was taken Christmas Day before our 'artistic director' showed up. Very attractive don't you think? She says in her most sarcastic voice.  Then Barb came to the rescue and snapped this pic of us both.  She saved our Christmas Day photo shoot.

Blazingwarm_1Blazeme_1 I love, love, love this sweater and everything about it.  The color, the yarn and the design all combined to make a very attractive and comfortable garment. Jenna Adorno has real sense of style when it comes to simple, elegant designs and I'll look forward to more from her.

The day after Christmas we headed to the Olympic Plaza fountain near downtown SLC  for the Blaze photo shoot.  The braziers are wonderful for keeping the hands warm and for gathering around with strangers.  The man beside me actually knew what a blog was and he was happy to take part in our bit of fun. His son was a very charming and chatty fellow, too.  The scarf around my neck was made a couple of years ago from a purple blend Mountain Colors Weavers Wool and the pattern is the Leaf Cravat found in the Winter 02/03 IK.


Blaze is knit from a local grower's alpaca, which was spun at Royal Spinnery. The color was Spring Violet and the yarn was pure pleasure to knit.  It was purchased at our local Fiber Festival BOW last September. 

  • Started October 24, 2004
  • Finishd December 24, 2004
  • KAL hosted by Melissa

The Charlotte Thief  Neena drove away with these yesterday! She promises to return them. I'm beginning to think you just can't trust that grrl around hand knits.


Margene - I love that your sister steals your knits -what a huge compliment that is!! Blaze is glorious - I like the way the cables (?) work at the top of the sweater - looks so cool. Looks GREAT on you, too!!

Now THOSE are some pictures! You look fantastic and Blaze is beautiful!

It really looks wonderful! The color is beautiful on you :-)

Blaze looks great on you! What a Beautiful sweater.

Oh, it's lovely Margene! Mmmm, that shake looks delicious, too!

Pretty, pretty, pretty! And great photo shoot Margene... I just love the color of the alpaca.

I love it Margene~ simply beautiful in every way. I *really* want the yarn you used. It sounds like heaven.

And, I don't blame your sister for taking those beautiful gloves. She's got great taste! :)

Blaze of glory indeed! it's gotgeous. lovely picture of the week too. wishing you a wonderful new year, and a big thank you for all of your encouragement.

Ditton what everyone else is saying. So is Neena now the Indigo Charlotte Thief?

Hey Blaze looks great on you. Very pretty.

Blaze is lovely. I have to ask, though, how you feel about a short sleeved alpaca sweater. The man at the brazier looks quite bundled up for the cold, but you're just in Blaze. Were your arms cold? I might check the Blaze pattern and see if the sleeves would be easy to lengthen. But I'm not knitting it yet -- my YNBA still holds and I've been good!

It looks fantabulous on you! I love the color.

Blaze looks awesome!

And thanks for the mountains shot. AMAZING!

Blaze looks gorgeous on you! I love the color.

Wow, it's amazing. That alpaca yarn was perfect.
How many skeins did that Leaf Cravat take? Damn, now I'm not sure I have that IK issue. Do you remember what was on the cover?

I knew it would be gorgeous!

beautiful job -- you look gorgeous in Blaze!

And the crowd goes WILD!!! Absolutely gorgeous, as usual. I love how you always look so happy in your pictures, too.

I love you in Blaze. You have the NICEST collection of knits anywhere, I swear. Your taste is wonderful, and your production line is impressive!

I love how Blaze looks on you! Monica knitted me a Leaf Cravat scarf for me about two years ago with one skein of Cascade 220. I still wear it.


It looks great Margene. I'm sure you'll get tons of compliments on it becuse it's so unique and gorgeous.

Blaze looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing all the lovely photos of Salt Lake City too.

You continue to amaze me with your pattern and yarn selections...always magnificently executed and always look fabulous on you ! You are an inspiration to us all...keep up your most excellent work...

Baby, you're BLAZIN' hot in that sweater! Beautiful!

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