Tis the Hap-Happiest Time of the Year!
Ending the Year in a Blaze of Glory

Long Winters Nap Christmas Post Ahead


Everyday during his walk Moxie finds a stick to bring home.  It can be as big as a large branch or a very teeny twig...but it is always something for which he receives a treat.   This year on Christmas Eve he found this pine branch and carried it all the way home.  It seemed to be an omen, a very special gift for a new and different Christmas.

This is the first year we have had to think of new ways to celebrate.   Our Christmas Eve tradition died with Thom in November and our Christmas Day traditions have changed as my family has scattered across the country.   We took this little Charlie Brown tree and decorated it with handmade gifts from special friends.  Smith fashioned a stand from a coat hanger and the Santa seated in front was made by my special stitching friend Carolyn Webb.  The stitched ornaments are from 'needles with eyes' buddies and Julia sent the little red sweater as a thank you for a recent favor.  Laughing, decorating our 'Moxie tree' and having a quiet Christmas Eve at home was a new and wonderful way to create the spirit of Christmas Present in our home.

SmithbarbChristmas morning we started what we hope will become a long standing tradition...breakfast in the place we love most up the canyon, the Silver Fork Lodge.  We shared the dining room with others who were in the best of spirits, enjoying a special day of cheer. It truly didn't feel like we were in a room full of strangers.  Barb has always taken good care of us and I snapped her photo with Smith. It was a delightful time to be in this unique, friendly and familiar atmosphere.   

CocoablazeOlympicwaterblzeAnd, how cool is it that I finished Blaze on Christmas Eve!  The problem was that Smith seemed to be having an 'off' day in the photo taking department.  This is the photo he took when the 'special cocoa' arrived.  It was supposed to be a picture of ME, Blaze AND the cocoa.  WTF!?  What do you think he was REALLY thinking?   And how about this one taken on the Olympic Plaza during the water show? (We were the ONLY people around as it was Christmas Day.)  Can you see how wonderful Blaze really is?  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the time outdoors, at least.  Neena arrived later that night and acted as artistic director when we returned for a proper photo shoot the next day.  Blaze was kept  under lock and key when I was not wearing her as Neena has a bad reputation...remember Charlotte?  Better pictures of Blaze tomorrow.

Neena is wonderful in the kitchen and she whipped up a dinner of shrimp scampi, baked brie and loads of other tasty treats.  She'll hit the road tomorrow morning for a trip through Southeastern Utah and Northern Arizona.  I gave her a Typepad blog for Christmas so I'll keep you posted as to when she returns and posts a travelogue of the trip.

Peace, Love and Joy to you all as we unwind, regroup and get ready for 2005!


Oh, I bet I know what he was thinking! (What a lousy photographer. *teehee* But he is *so* adorable!) Lookin' forward to seeing more of Blaze. Now you've got me wanting some special cocoa . . .

Awww...so glad that little sweater could be part of your new tradition. Major changes in my life have shifted my traditions pretty radically, too, so I understand how important it is to find a way to make new ones that feel special.

Well, we can SORTA see Blaze in the photo. But that cocoa drink looks sinful. and OMG, my husband has the same burgundy sweatshirt that he NEVER takes off!!!

Blaze looks GREAT but methinks we need another picture! One showing the whole thing.
Happy Christmas!

Blaze looks great - can't wait to see a "real" picture! :) I'm glad you had such a nice holiday - sounds like perfect peace and joy! Now all the knitting is for fun, right?

Awww. I love the idea of Moxie carrying a twig home with him. So sweet!

Can't wait to see Blaze in all her glory. And I'm with Kerstin and Norma, I want some of that yummy cocoa. :)

Methinks Smith likes the way Blaze shows off your tatas!! And why not? Anyway, nice to finally see his smiling face. Your beloved is a doll and you may quote me. Can't wait to see the rest of Blaze (and you!). I think it calls for a 'Rachael', yes?
hugs, chica.

Oh, I love your little tree -- very sweet. Looking forward to seeing your wonderful Blaze!

Ah, Moxie what a cute story...warmed my heart.
Yum- that cocoa...your Christmas breakfast sound wonderful! What a wonderful tradition to have. Look forward to your pictures :)

Creating new traditions is such a special treat!

Sounds like you had Thom in your heart when you did so.

So glad you had a good Christmas!

Can't wait to see a complete picture of Blaze in all her glory! Merry, merry and happy, happy, dear friend. Perhaps we'll meet in person in the new year?

What a wonderful-sounding new tradition... Best wishes to you, Smith, and the very resourceful Moxie in the coming year!

Love the Moxie pic! Seeing it reminds me of my two darling schnauzers that I had growing up! Max and Oliver :) Max was gray like your Moxie. They were such great dogs that lived happy lives.

Can't wait to see a Blaze picture.

Take care :)

I'm starting the new Christmas tradition as well, what with the new in laws to join instead of my normal trip to Florida (now moved to Thanksgiving). It's like a whole new chapter, no?

I had the same thoughts about the shot of your ta tas..but looks like someone beat me to it. &*^$@ no acess to typepad at work *^$#&@

Merry Christmas (belated) and welcome back to blogland!

Glad to see you up and around--you must be feeling better! Sounds like a Merry Christmas for you and Smith--seems you both got what you wanted! :)

Oh, and, um. . .NICE TITS!

I absolutely love the tree. Traditions are easy to do, hard to create. My first married Holiday Season and I'm trying hard to create our "own" traditions while still keeping up with each of our families. There isn't enough time in the day! So glad to hear that you had a great holiday.

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