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A Good Laugh at Myself

Zbeadedsock Zoperascarf After finishing Blaze (and because of the pain) I wanted some easy knitting.  The beaded sock for the Six Sock Along was nearly finished so I tackled it first.  The second sock is now nearly done and should be finished tomorrow.  Then I saw Susan’s 'Opera Scarf ' and thought it would be a lovely gift for my stepmom's birthday the end of January.  The Blue Sky Alpaca/Silk, in color Blush, is such a yummy yarn and the pattern is easy to do. It was perfect portable project and it's now blocking. But, that's not the funny part.

Zwtf My next KAL is the Ribby Cardi Along and I'll start as soon as 2005 is here.  Knitting is a good way to start the year, heh?  Knitting up the gauge swatch seemed easy and mindless to do beforehand.  I threw a ball of the Peruvian Highland Wool into my African basket, which houses Lotus, so it would be easy to find when I had a chance to knit.With a few minutes to spare on Christmas Eve I picked up the ball of yarn and some needles to give it a try. As I'm knitting my mind (a little drug addled) kept saying things like..."This yarn seems so thin", "This seems more black than charcoal", "Hum, this isn't going to be a very heavy (warm) cardi"...but did I stop and take note.  NO!  As I bound off and cut the yarn I picked up the ball. What to my wondering eyes should appear!?  A ball band that said Daletta. DALETTA!?  Go ahead...laugh.

I am, I sat down and once again, picked up the needles and the correct ball of yarn and knit another swatch.  This time it was perfect. 

Poemsocks Another project I would like to do was inspired by the socks that Stephanie knit for Ken.  She knit them in very subtle colors, perfect for a man. They will just take your breath away.  In the stash I have some sock yarn, in very bright colors which just might do the trick. I'm adding these socks, from the Socks, Socks, Socks book*, to my 'Thing's to Knit in 2005 List'.

But wait! I'm so tempted by the Sockapalooza over at Alison’s that I might have to do that instead (or also?). And then there is also the Knitblog Reading Along. And yet another KAL, as Marti has decided to host one for Susan’s Charity sock to encourage people to buy the pattern.  (Buy one to give to every knitter you know as well!) What's a grrl to do? We're going to have a very busy 2005 and it seems the 'Delusions of Grandeur' have not abated. Go ahead....laugh. We all need it.

Wishing you all a very Happy New Year. I have so enjoy getting to know many of you and hope to meet many more new friends. I'll see you in 2005.  Knit On!!!!

*Books are always best purchased from independent LYS and/or bookstores.



To my lovely wife of thee.

I am saddened to see your heart robbed of glee.

Your vow not to shop, has forsaken your gleem.

Friends can't call you cheaten, if you use certificate to redeem.



He may not be the worlds greatest poet but the guy has heart.  He wants me to go shopping and, I'm pretty sure, if I don't go over the amount on the GC the YNBA will not be broken. BUT, here's the rub...

You get to guess when I break the YNBA (or have I already). Maybe the unthinkable has already happened, maybe I will break it soon, maybe I'll make my February 1st goal, or go beyond.  You decide and then send the date you think it will happen (or already has) to THIS email addy: zeneedlecontest at gmail dot com. Please use this addy only.  I'm not going to peek at the entries until the 1st of February (or possibly after).  Please enter only once. The prize will be a good one but I can't show you as I may need to buy it (or maybe I already did). 

Added Later:

If you put the date of your guess for the YNBAs end in the subject line it will be very easy for me to find the winner.

Susan was able to post her new sock (it's a beauty!) before leaving town. You can purchase this sock and all proceeds will go to Oxfam, a charity that is helping with aid for the tsunami devastation. Many other bloggers have links where you can help with your dollars, too.

Enough of That!

It felt good to get the fact that pain has invaded my life off my chest. So that's over and thank you for caring.  After two days of proper meds I am walking upright and able to sit for short stretches and actually feeling much better.  I see the light at the end of the tunnel and know good health is around the corner.   And I am sorry for being so crabby about it all.

I found this on Amy’s today so thought I'd post this to distract you from my pain. ;-)

Favourite needles for 2004:
Bamboo are my favorite for small things like socks. But, Addi’s are my favs for knitting sweaters and especially sticky yarns.

Favourite On Line Shop for 2004:
Elann and WNW were both fun place to shop and had great prices, too.

Favourite Yarn for 2004:
This is a hard one as so many were wonderful and new to me.  I'll say the alpaca that I made into Blaze was such a joy to knit and wear that it will fill this slot.  Koigu, both Kersti and KPPPM were wonderful and Anne’s incredible alpaca/angora was the softest yarn ever. (Anne's here BTW!)

Favourite finished object and KAL for 2004:
I love nearly every KAL  this year but the three I wear most are (or will be) Sally’s Raglan, Clapotis and Blaze.

Exciting new technique for 2004:
Learning to Blog!!  There was so much to figure out at first and I knew nothing about HTML or even if I could have something to say that anyone wanted to hear.  It has been more fun than I could ever imagine.

Do you have some favorites to share?

Don't Cry for Me Argentina Blogland

No pity parties are allowed on this blog.  I'm in pain, serious pain but PLEASE don't say you're sorry.  Number 103 on my list of 100 Things is that one of my pet peeves is a grrl who apologizes for thing that can't be controled.  It's not your fault and, as near as I can tell, it isn't anyone else's fault either. And yes, for the record, I'm a bit crabby bitchy.  Bodies can betray you and mine has.  Right now I have a big pain in the ass butt from muscle spasms (reason unknown) that start at my waste and end at the tailbone. I can't sit or stand (yet, I do both).  A trip to the ER was pretty much ineffective except that an x-ray showed the bones in my spine are in good shape.  Everything else they did was worthless. They must be afraid to give the help that is needed so you are forced you to see a 'real' Dr.  If I could have seen my Dr. at that time I would have! I have since done just that.  He was able to give me stronger and more appropriate meds and in a day or two I should be, if not back to normal, at least not in so much pain. You can see I'm a tough cookie as I was in agony during the Blaze photo shoot. Good faker, eh?   Laurie spilled the beans in one of her posts so I wanted to let you all know that I really am doing better (slightly) and should be ok very soon.   Send good , possitive and healing thoughts and thank you to those of you who already have.

Smith asked if I was still going to Stitch 'n Bitch (last night).  I said I would go if it was the last thing I ever did on this earth.  Ya just can't do without a grrlfriend fix, no matter what!  He knew the answer before asking the question but just wanted to make sure I was still the same crazy person.

Knitting post returns tomorrow.

Ending the Year in a Blaze of Glory

Mymountianviewchristmas_1Here is the Salt Lake 'picture of the week'.  Christmas was clear and sunny with a sky the color of pure beauty. We couldn't have asked for nicer weather.  The mountains had just enough snow for a true White Christmas. It was warm, wonderful and a perfect Christmas Day.  After breakfast at the Silver Fork we spent the afternoon with our dear friends and then headed home just before Neena's arrival. 

Yummycoco Mmsilver Christmas Eve I finished Blaze. She fit perfectly until I gave her a bath and then the neck seemed to grow.  I tinked back the bind off and added a few more rows with another set of decreases.  She then fit perfectly!  The picture on the right was taken Christmas Day before our 'artistic director' showed up. Very attractive don't you think? She says in her most sarcastic voice.  Then Barb came to the rescue and snapped this pic of us both.  She saved our Christmas Day photo shoot.

Blazingwarm_1Blazeme_1 I love, love, love this sweater and everything about it.  The color, the yarn and the design all combined to make a very attractive and comfortable garment. Jenna Adorno has real sense of style when it comes to simple, elegant designs and I'll look forward to more from her.

The day after Christmas we headed to the Olympic Plaza fountain near downtown SLC  for the Blaze photo shoot.  The braziers are wonderful for keeping the hands warm and for gathering around with strangers.  The man beside me actually knew what a blog was and he was happy to take part in our bit of fun. His son was a very charming and chatty fellow, too.  The scarf around my neck was made a couple of years ago from a purple blend Mountain Colors Weavers Wool and the pattern is the Leaf Cravat found in the Winter 02/03 IK.


Blaze is knit from a local grower's alpaca, which was spun at Royal Spinnery. The color was Spring Violet and the yarn was pure pleasure to knit.  It was purchased at our local Fiber Festival BOW last September. 

  • Started October 24, 2004
  • Finishd December 24, 2004
  • KAL hosted by Melissa

The Charlotte Thief  Neena drove away with these yesterday! She promises to return them. I'm beginning to think you just can't trust that grrl around hand knits.

Long Winters Nap Christmas Post Ahead


Everyday during his walk Moxie finds a stick to bring home.  It can be as big as a large branch or a very teeny twig...but it is always something for which he receives a treat.   This year on Christmas Eve he found this pine branch and carried it all the way home.  It seemed to be an omen, a very special gift for a new and different Christmas.

This is the first year we have had to think of new ways to celebrate.   Our Christmas Eve tradition died with Thom in November and our Christmas Day traditions have changed as my family has scattered across the country.   We took this little Charlie Brown tree and decorated it with handmade gifts from special friends.  Smith fashioned a stand from a coat hanger and the Santa seated in front was made by my special stitching friend Carolyn Webb.  The stitched ornaments are from 'needles with eyes' buddies and Julia sent the little red sweater as a thank you for a recent favor.  Laughing, decorating our 'Moxie tree' and having a quiet Christmas Eve at home was a new and wonderful way to create the spirit of Christmas Present in our home.

SmithbarbChristmas morning we started what we hope will become a long standing tradition...breakfast in the place we love most up the canyon, the Silver Fork Lodge.  We shared the dining room with others who were in the best of spirits, enjoying a special day of cheer. It truly didn't feel like we were in a room full of strangers.  Barb has always taken good care of us and I snapped her photo with Smith. It was a delightful time to be in this unique, friendly and familiar atmosphere.   

CocoablazeOlympicwaterblzeAnd, how cool is it that I finished Blaze on Christmas Eve!  The problem was that Smith seemed to be having an 'off' day in the photo taking department.  This is the photo he took when the 'special cocoa' arrived.  It was supposed to be a picture of ME, Blaze AND the cocoa.  WTF!?  What do you think he was REALLY thinking?   And how about this one taken on the Olympic Plaza during the water show? (We were the ONLY people around as it was Christmas Day.)  Can you see how wonderful Blaze really is?  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed the time outdoors, at least.  Neena arrived later that night and acted as artistic director when we returned for a proper photo shoot the next day.  Blaze was kept  under lock and key when I was not wearing her as Neena has a bad reputation...remember Charlotte?  Better pictures of Blaze tomorrow.

Neena is wonderful in the kitchen and she whipped up a dinner of shrimp scampi, baked brie and loads of other tasty treats.  She'll hit the road tomorrow morning for a trip through Southeastern Utah and Northern Arizona.  I gave her a Typepad blog for Christmas so I'll keep you posted as to when she returns and posts a travelogue of the trip.

Peace, Love and Joy to you all as we unwind, regroup and get ready for 2005!

Under the Park City Sun

What is it about a golden yellow wall?

It draws the eye and somehow makes everything brighter, happier, clearer...don't you think?  And what a great backdrop on a sunny day. 


Zclaponmain_1 Zclaponaspree_1 We so enjoyed walking the streets of PC and feeling the sun on our faces.  Heading for the mountain wonder is the only way to survive this 'land without sun'.   The only purchase was chocolate, (oh, yeah!) but we spent the day wandering just to stay in the sun. It made coming back down easier as you KNOW there is clear blue sky above the fog. ('They' promise it will leave very soon!)Zclaponthefly_1

Clapotis is long and lean and loves spreading her wings. The way she can be wrapped like a stole makes her perfect for an added layer of warmth beneath, or on top of, a winter jacket. (It was 28 degrees in the valley and 40+ in PC.)  The ripples created by the dropped stitches hang perfectly around the shoulders creating a lovely effect.

And the way the bias knit rolls easily into a tube so you can wrap her up tight around your neck is so cozy.  She is a nicely warm, elegant and versatile friend. Kate’s creation is one of my favorite scarves and I'll surely make another.

  • Yarn: Horstia MS Mauve 6 skeins (could have used 7)  From a trade with Susan.
  • Started: December 7th
  • Fini: December 15th
  • Pattern: Clapotis Knitty Fall 2004
  • Designer: Kate’s

*It's the Winter Solstice today so do it up right. Play, be bawdy and drink some wassail.*

Get Me Outta Here!

Sunthroughfog_1No, that's not the moon. It is (what you can see of) the sun through the sun roof of my car on Sunday afternoon.  Saturday  just as the sun was setting, the dank and ruthless chill of fog blanketed the valley like a shroud.  It clamped down tight and made it difficult to see much more than a few feet while driving.  Our trip to downtown SLC to see the Christmas lights, and to share them with you, was not destined to be.  The next day instead of  staying down in  the nastiness we headed up to the land of the sun, Park City. It was SUNday after all.




Christmascheer_1The sky was as blue and clear as it gets.  We breathed in its clean crispness and felt the sun on our faces.  Ah, just what the a grrl needs.  We took Clapotis along so she could enjoy her day in the sun, too.  But you'll have to come back tomorrow to see what fun we had showing her around the streets of Park City.  The picture on the right gives you a clue as to what we might have been up to.

Saturday was a lovely day as I lunched with the stitching (embroidery) grrls and then had very nice afternoon coffee clatch with some of the most awesome women I know.  Camille is a dear, dear friend and Diane was a hostess beyond compare.  Things don't get much better than spending a whole day with grrlfriends who really make you feel loved.   Tuesday is Stitch 'n Bitch and so the week of Christmas will be full of the women who make my world go 'round.  And all of you, of course.  Who knew that blogging would bring so many women (and a few men)  from all over the world together in such a possitive way. 

In the mean time, run over and see Froggy’s incredible Clapotis.  And Ann has finished hers, too! The multi-colored yarn has a completely different look than mine. Their pictures are elegant and beautiful.  This is very high on my list to do again after I find another perfect yarn.  Great job , both of you!

Oy....the Noise!

Ok...I had my fun with the new Typepad features but, now it's time to get serious.  I promise more discretionary use in the future....maybe. It was all done just to get you all to lighten up and have a laugh.  We all know Norma to be a smart ass cookie and she said it sooooo well yesterday. Listen to her and to, put the needles down and walk not knit one more scarf!!  Take time to enjoy the Holidays, your family, friends and breathe deeply. The sun will come up on Christmas Day regardless.

Screaminglotus It has been a little too noisy around here and it took awhile to figure out what was up!  First it was the Siren sounds from Clapotis (she's finished so stay tuned) but, even after I was able to silence her cries I could still hear a constant whine, and at times a howl, from my stasharia/junque room.  Was it Cari's ghost who had come to visit?  Murphy and Moxie were curious and wanted to protect me, if so.  They went to investigate and found it was Lotus upset at being thrown over for Clapotis and Blaze.  Poor dear!  It seems she was wishing that Wendy had knit her as by now she'd be an FO enjoying the good life outside the African basket (where she is now stuck resides). It is so hard to make all your knitting happy, I swear.

Here is the sunrise outside my room this past Monday.  It is exciting to think that the sun will be coming up earlier and earlier starting next week.  The shot showed better with a flash than without(?), so just ignore the reflection in the window.  Don't you just love sky blue pink?

Beth fixed my pic! No more reflextion. Thanks Beth, it's much better!!