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We Interrupt this Blog for a Political Rant (and an awesome picture or two!)


THIS is one of the main reasons we stay in Utah. After a dreary and snowy day on Sunday we woke to crystal clear skies and snow white mountains. It’s the type of day we long for and love during Utah winters. And can you see the snow blowing off the mountain peaks? That is the ‘Greatest Snow on Earth’…soft, powdery and deep. The prevailing winds can lift this light powder right off the peaks and blow it away. That sight to me is breath taking and lightens the day. There is only one reason to stay in Utah (besides my many friends) and that is the uncommon beauty which I see daily (or with a short drive in any direction.)

The reason NOT to stay in Utah...today we decide who will run the State. Well, the state of this State is that it is the most Republican state in the Union! If I don’t know a soul who votes for these people how do they get into office!? My 'base of support' includes very few people of the ‘predominate culture’ and anyone else, other than 'they', is a minority...that's how. So today we get a new Republican governor, a new Republican County Mayor and the one lone Democrat, who has been our US Senator, gets into office (again) by voting like a Republican…nothing changes here.

It isn't that Republican's are bad but to give you an idea of what a Utah Republican is like I give you this: A friend who grew up elsewhere, and who is very conservative, said "I'm a Republican anywhere else, in Utah I'm a Democrat." (As a recent joke about Utah states "...even Zoo animals get into office before any other party.) Oh yeah, and the proposal to ban gay marriage will win, big time. Sigh….sheep, just sheep. I do like sheep but prefer the kind with wool…not those of our 'predominate culture'. OK, rant over. I had to get it off my chest. (Anne, we do like it here and plan to stay...for now.)

FlyingsantaSince Halloween is over it is time for Christmas, right? The class I taught at the needlepoint shop on Saturday helped to get us all in the mood. Eight students learned the stitches needed to recreate this happy Folk Santa from Heart Stings. He has a funky, crazy beard and a soft worn look to his clothing. It's fun for me to come up with stitches that are somewhat challenging and fun to do and teach them to this great group of ladies.

NormandiegrrlsHouseatnormandie_1I had stopped by my favorite French bakery, Normandie Café, to have an omelet so that my brain was ready for class and to pick up some Halloween cookies for my ladies. The gang there was all dressed up for the day and they looked super! AND, this haunted house they built is so cool and fun. The grrls at the bakery always takes good care of me.

OK, everyone go vote. Of course, I’m preaching to the choir here and know there are many voices in the choir and that is just fine, too. I just pray it will be over tomorrow. I wish for that more than anything else. And just so you know…I will vote in my pajamas today. Norma, are you with me? The voting for my district is at my condo clubhouse. So I'll put on a long coat after Smith leaves for work and walked up to cast my vote. I’d like to put my head under the covers until it’s over but I think I’ll knit instead.

See you Homegrrls tonight at Stitch ‘n Bitch!!

Another big thank you to my SP2 Ann! You're super, grrl. What a great way to make new friends.

And a couple more mountain pictures for you all just for putting up with me today.

Onemountainsnow_1 Moutainwhiteoly


I've got a small rant scheduled for tomorrow. Hm, maybe just to honor you, I will go to the polls in my jammies, too. Just a thought.

I keep looking for the secret snow picture! Am I missing it or is it really not there. Perhaps a good night sleep. You know, to have the strength to vote tomorrow! Not in my jammies though. :)

Thanks for sharing the Utah pics. I always love them.

I too hope the election will be over by the time we wake up on Wednesday. Luckily for me, PA is going to be super close and my vote (and those of everyone I know) will make a difference.

The area you live is absolutely beautiful. I think a severely conservative state might kill me though after growing up here in an indpendant/democratic state. Maine is where the "green" party started and other than that people often vote Dem. It's funny how different the states can be.

I think I too will be knitting and spinning away the anxious feeling. Have fun at your stitch and bitch.

I am glad Cameron and Gracie are home today. There will be very little TV watching today--at least by me--and I will be tired tonight. I won't be voting in my jammies though. Your Santa looks great. I love the texture of his beard.

Thanks so much for those fabulous pictures, and not so much for another canvas I must have! I really need to needlepoint more! I have recently destashed a bunch of canvases, so why is it that I still have so many? Hee hee

I can see! I can see the Utah pics! :) And I'm glad I can. Your view is breathtakingly beautiful and I hope it never gets old for you! Thanks for sharing that. :)

Oh.......look at that snow. I *love* a clear day like that, and I love to watch snow blowing off of faraway peaks. I wonder when we'll get our first snow here. I can't wait. :)

What a gorgeous place you live in!!!! We have snow atop our mountains too now, but not quite as breath-taking as yours!

mmm.....an Irish Catholic girl originally from Massachusetts would not fare too well in Utah's political atmosphere, eh?....

I live across the street from my polling location!!! How funny. I didn't go in my pj's but I did go with wet hair! I'm in MA - nothing but Kerry here, which is nice. However, I still had to rant today.

ps - thank you for the advice on my Banff. I'm definitely going to have to take it!

Beautiful pictures! Surely that helps lift the weight of the sea of Republicanism you live in? I voted in my pj's too - absentee, though. Happy knitting.

I had to laugh at Kim's comment: "an Irish Catholic girl originally from Massachusetts would not fare too well in Utah's political atmosphere, eh?..." Over here, Kim. Meet me, the Italian Catholic girl (married to a New York Jew!) orginally from Massachusetts and getting by (for now) in Utah. Of course, since my job precludes me from engaging in any political activity I can't allow myself to get as agitated as I'd like.
And, Margene, I predict we will NOT have a Republican county mayor.

Can I just say that you are so cool! You make me happy.

*looks sheepish* I'm a Mormon who grew up in Los Angeles, with a Portugese Catholic mother, an Jewish father, and Muslim best friends and Hindu teachers. It's not so much the "predominant culture" as the mindset of being the majority, I think. I am a Mormon, but I'm not a UTAH mormon. There is a big difference. For most Utah Mormons their religion is not just religion, it's culture, so in ways that one would want to share their culture normally (i.e. making native foods to share at work, or wearing native costume occasionally) Utah mormons try to "share" their religion with others... and expect them to be as accepting of their religion as one would be with cultures. Did that make any sense?

For me, Mormonism is my religion, not my culture. My culture involves Yiddish sayings, Portugese food, lots of familial affection, kvetching mothers, and recreational eating.


that "M" comment was me, by the way...forgot to fill in the info. *looks abashed*


I, of course, second much of what what Mim said. We should always remember the distinction between sharing the cultural aspects of our religion and the spiritual aspects, because they are two things that should be treated very differently.

I'm glad that she made that distinction between a stereotypcial "Utah Mormon" and one who is simply a Mormon. I can't deny that Mormonism often takes on many the aspects of a culture, but then again, what religion doesn't have it's cultural baggage? The ironic thing about the problem of being a majority here is that we can go pretty much anywhere else on earth and be a total minority (and often despised for it. heck, an entire state made it not only legal, but rewarded, to slaughter us.) I'm a cultural Mormon. I grew up with youth dances, ward sports, and mix 'n mingles. What might make me less of Utah Mormon is simply that I get that many people don't.

You wanted a two paragraph response, right?

Wow. And here I thought SC was the most republican state in the union. I am in the minority here for sure!

Your photos are gorgeous.

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