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Why YNBA!?


This is NOT a yarn diet.  No yarn will be lost or gained during this time period.  It's a Yarn Non-Buying Agreement. No purchases of yarn, books, or patterns until February 1st, 2005. There are many good reasons. Capish?  (I'm trying to convice myself!)

Monica & Lynette have been knitting up a storm and some of their projects have lead me to buying...adding to the stash, REALLY adding to the stash.  They have been buying quite a bit, too and, therefore started the idea of YNBA.  I joined their cause. As I said there are good reasons for entering this YNBA and the main one is that there is plenty in this stash already!

Pinksicsocks_1 The last purchase was for the next Six Sock Along.  Yes, there was most likely something in my stash but, this pink Jaeger Alpaca spoke to me from across the room at the LYS. Having seen the next sock in person, visualizing it knit in this yarn was easy. It had to be. What was the reason for being in the LYS? None...who needs a reason!?

Omgstash_1 When I started blogging the four large boxes which house my stash were each less than half full.  They have filled up quickly because of all the beautiful projects found around the web.  Several purchases for large projects were also made in the last few weeks and it just seems like a good idea to get a handle on what's here.  The tops are ready to pop off  (if I can get them closed at all.)  The black bag is full of yarn that just wouldn't fit inside the boxes. A grrl can get carried away and this grrl has!  You can see a list of major project acquisitions on my About Page. I'm not ashamed of all that's there but, piling on would be unfair.

Currentwips_1 Here you can see the bags and baskets that hold my WIPs. They are scattered around my office/studio as a constant reminder and offer easy access when the urge strikes. You can see many of these items in my WIPs Photo Album.  There are just too many to knit any of them quickly.  This could end up feeling more like a bog than a blog if acquisition continues.

Another reason is the Holiday Season. It's the time of year for discretionary dollars to go towards giving and not to my own gratification. My gratification will come from working on the projects that are now on the needles. A quick sock here and a hat there for charity, will be good to knit, too.

This agreement is with me, only me. And with support from the Passionknit Grrls we'll hopefully have some fun along the way.  Monica wrote the lyrics to our anthem.

Sing along with me Y-N-B-Aaaa !!


i really need to join the cause especially since M & L have managed to make it look so fun!

I like your reasons for a YNBA. I need to work through a LOT of my recent acquisitions before I even think of buying more yarn.

Oh man. FEBRUARY?? *gulp*

Is that alpaca going to hold up for the socks? Do you reinforce it with something?

oh and i thought it stood for Your Not Buying Any:)

have a a wonderful holiday :)

Gosh, I am so tempted to do the YNBA. My buying habits have gotten way out of hand. I'm afraid, though, knowing me the way she does, if I joined and posted that button on our blog, Jen would laugh her ass off at me. So, for now, I'm considering it. (Especially since Stitches West is after the Feb 1 date)

OH, I must have missed yesterdays post...mountain looking gorgeous! Those type of pictures are exactly what I need sitting here in San Diego! Love your blog and good luck with the YNBA...Feb? I need to do that with craft books! I've peeked more into your blog-your side pics/100 things about me, etc. You certainly do beautiful work! I think that is great how you 'link' up with friends from the fiber does make the distance less plus we get sneak peaks into another persons 'world'...that is why I love reading great blogs..ones that are positive (we can rant once in awhile, but..) and uplifting. I love when bloggers are always on a journey of learning, loving, and keeping things fresh. I aspire to be there one day with a blog of my own to capture the same, but can't seem to step out there yet. Some times when I'm 'down' thinking of all the projects I plan (yet never even start), books with projects I want to do, more yarn with hope to start projects...some times I want to quit the madness, but then I realize this on-going motion is simply creativity at work...I then think if we didn't have that where would we be. :)

I'm buying into the no buying yarn, too. I've already had that in my head anyways. I have the same reasons you do. I have beautiful yarn and a long list of projects. Let's tackle some of those.

I should join the YNBA. I should I should I should...

BUT - my LYS has their biggest sale after Christmas and...

Does it count if I don't buy any yarn *except* at the sale?

Count me in (though truthfully I'd rather not). I have most of the same reasons you do for needing to do something like this. I'm glad you brought it up. Kind of. :D

-Michelle in Denver

So, can you still swap??

I am so in.

The mountains look fantastic! As I perch not-patiently on the edge of my seat waiting for my first first snow in MD, I am glad to see that Winter will not be skipped this year, even if it never makes it here (like it seems right now). :)

February? Damn! Last time I put myself on a yarn diet I bought more yarn that week than I usually do in a month.... so now they scare me.

Ever since Rhinebeck (I know, it wasn't THAT long ago) I decided to live within my stash. So far so good, one day at a time!

When I first read YNBA i thought is so what I need. then I read No Yarn Buying Till FEB 1 2005 and I'm faltering. It's for the best, its the right thing to do. Give me a moment to just get into the zone, and I'll be linking too.

I have to have to have to sign up for this. People in town are beginning to point at me and whisper :"there goes that woman with the yarn collection"
This does mean that my buying a pound of koigu for my husband's christmas present is out, right? I mean, I was plannin on just giving him the koigu, not knitting him anything in it. He probably would have seen right through that anyway I guess.

I admire all of you going on the YBNA for the hoildays. What I probably need to to is go on a No New Projects Agreement--NNPA, and the yarn buying would take care of itself--well mostly.

February !! Some yarn/ colour/ books may be discountine or become out of print during these 3 months ... And, there will be Christmas sales in Dec....I just check my stash again last night which are 8 boxes plus some big bags of yarns. Nobody know when I can finish them. It may last for another few years use even I stop buying from today.

Anyway, good luck in yarn diet. If you change the mind during that period, nobody here will blame you.

Happy knitting !


I soooooooooo need to join!!! My yarn stash has taken over my walk in robes and most of my bedroom. Hubby is definitely not a happy chappy lol!

I'm definitely in, Margene. I've found myself in a bit of a financial bind, and seriously need to stop spending money. Biggest expenditure: why, knitting goods, of course!

Hey, you insult my poetry? I'll have you know, 'Jack Daniels',helped me write that.


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