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Poor Me...

The day went from bad to worse. Last night on the way home, at just the time of night you get the setting sun in your eyes, I wrecked my car. My wonderful 1991 Honda Accord...which I love dearly and now might loose. I'm fine, the other driver was fine and in fact she drove her car away with a little bumper ding. I couldn't drive mine if I had to...towed and stowed until the insurance can get a look at it. I'm taking the day off to take care of business and hopefully get over my jitters. I didn't even get a citation! Bless the goddess!

But I did want to say this...grrlfriends! Take stock, get over it and start the fight anew.

There is the stinky smell of defeat in the air. DO NOT GIVE UP THE FIGHT! Take back the word liberal. Make it mean something good! Fight for your causes…the environment, women’s rights, gay rights, OUR rights. Do not give up in sorrow.

"Never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never - in nothing, great or small, large or petty - never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense. Never, Never, Never, Never give up."
Winston Churchill

Now, on to the future…our future.

Yesterday I did a Norma. She put the Google Search on her side bar and I had to follow suit. Following Norma is something I would do anywhere, any day. She had the help of the incomparable Kim and you can now “Search Me”. Check the side bar…see?

Thank you to Leila! She sent some charming stitch markers that she made and a lovely note (made my day!). You must see the video on her side bar of her spinning and the beautiful shawl she just finished, too.

Knit, breath and never give up!!


I think my comment got eaten...I am glad you are okay and the other driver too. Take care today and I hope you are able to find time to knit inbetween the rest of the business. Hugs to you.

Sorry about your poor little car. :-(

But I'm relieved to hear that you weren't hurt! Take care of yourself today.

Wise words, woman. (except maybe recommending me today - I'm on a rampage, hee!)

I do think of you, Margene, poor lonely liberal soul in the house of Mormon. I refer to you as my Liberal friend in Utah in casual conversation; I think of you when I drive around in Massachusetts and take comfort in all the OTHER Kerry bumperstickers and I think of you probably not being able to feel safe enough to have one on your car; I think of you often.
I agree about the word Liberal. Why did we let them do that to us? It's a grand word, fill of grand ideas, and we should be proud of our aspirations.

I'm so glad you're okay. Hope your car's prognosis is good.

Glad you are ok, sorry about the car.
And right on about standing up. I keep telling people that but they have to get over the shock before they can move on.

I'm so glad you are ok. Maybe losing your car is a sign that something better is on it's way?

You're right about getting back on the horse. Re-electing Bush just means that we obviously have more work to do to get on track. We can do it, we have 4 years to get this thing right.

So glad to hear you are okay!! I was in a car accident a long time ago - no serious physical injuries, but the shakes and wariness took a *long* time to wear off. Strange how that happens. Hope things go smoothly with the insurance you think the damge is enough that it will be totalled out?

And you are absolutely right...despair is of no use whatsoever. Do not despair, people! We'll have to roll our sleeves up higher, but whatever it takes, whatever it takes.

I'm so glad you are OK. I am sorry about your car, though. :( Yesterday was a cruddy day all around. Thanks for your inspiring words about being strong and taking back our country. I knew I would come here this morning and read something that would make me feel better. I hope the car situation turns out OK - (((hugs))).

EGADS! Glad to hear you were okay. Relax and have a cup of tea (or three or four) and do some knitting to center yourself, if you can. It's scary stuff.

Perhaps your car gave its life for of mine did that several years back. Very noble of it, and I honor its memory.

Just sayin', a 1991 Accord is a great car, but does it have airbags? Side impact protection? Safety first, upgrade if you can.

Thanks for a positive post.

I was talking about you all day yesterday (you seem to be on a lot of people's lists as a "liberal friend in Utah"), because you were such a help in getting me through my funk. And now this? Thankfully you're all right. Take care of yourself and take time to heal.

Glad to hear you're safe and sound, and the other driver as well. Now you have the perfect excuse to get a Hybrid Civic and save the environment one gallon of overpriced gas at a time. It can be your personal rebellion against Bush and his oilmongering. :) Love your new Google bar - it's very cute.

Margene - I'm so glad you're okay. Keep your chin up and your hands knitting ... it'll all work out! Definitely a time to count blessings!!!


So sorry to hear about the car, but I'm glad no one was seriously injured. Hope you're not feeling to sore today! Oh, and I was thinking of doing a Norma too after I saw her search bar!

Thanks for the encouraging words! I think all us liberals need a good rallying call. Cause we all know out rights are now flying out the door faster than ever.

And to have a Honda die on top of What Happened! How horrible!

I am so sorry to hear about your car. I had a 1990 Accord LX that I loved so much, but it had to go through a lot with me (hitting a fence, boat, parked truck, full-size Ford Bronco). It survived all of those things and here's hoping yours does too:)

Sorry about the car, but glad you are OK. Also, I'm in agreement with you re. the state of affairs in our country and the need for us to take back Liberal!

Oh, Margene, I'm so sorry to hear about your car; it was so cute and dependable. But at least you weren't hurt. And we just sold our 1993 Honda Accord to a neighbor or I'd offer it up as a replacement.

Car accidents scare me terribly even when no one is really hurt. I'm still occasionally freaked out when I think about the time I got hit and was nearly completely flattened by a giant semi truck about eight years ago. (In Japan no less.)

Take lots of little breaks in between taking care of business today to just breathe and relax!

Good idea to take the day off! Accidents can be very unsettling - glad you are intact, even if your car didn't survive!

So glad that you're safe, sorry 'bout your car. Thanks for the encouraging words. Forward.

So glad you are okay.

Glad to hear you are okay after the accident. Hope you find a replacement vehicle that suits your soul. (hugs)

So glad you are ok! :-) no it is time to get an old volvo!! you again will know safety ! :-) mine is a 1988 and i love it dearly! ok last time it was florida this time it was ohio.. where will the next strange place be in 4 years!!! i want to see what the vote was in the prior year of the mess! so it gives us a heads up in 4 years! i'm looking forward to a good fight! karola

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