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Secret Pal Two (2)!!!

First of all, a big Thank You to Heidi for heading up this fun project. Most of us have had a great time and enjoyed our SP's. Mine has been super and I'm excited to find out who she is.

The Secret Pal that I gave to was Morgan, The Fiber Addict!

Morgan is a very, very busy grrl. She is a full time mother, wife, student AND has a full time job which seems to have a ton of responsibility. Plus, this grrl can knit (and works in a LYS!). Make sure you see her fabulous Charlotte. You'll feel tired just reading about all she does.

Good luck with your last few months of school and be well and happy, Morgan!

Happy Halloween from the Smiths


Bert and Ernie


The Wicked Witch


And Pretty Kitties


What a Mess!

While in a knitting frenzy I tend to let things pile up. If you’re knitting up a storm why organize, clean, straighten or even care? Knitting is upper most when you are ‘in the moment’. So when I came up for air after Lara and looked around at my knitting/needlework/office I was stunned to see piles and piles and piles of ‘stuff’ everywhere. There were packages that had arrived, packages that needed to be mailed, the next knitting project (and the next and the next and the next), baskets full of newly purchased yarn (oh yeah, and more boxes full of newly purchased yarn) and a few (well a little more than a few) needlework projects. I ask you, what was I thinking, what was I doing!? Goddess only knows. When faced with a mess like that it is hard to be creative…a grrl can get overwhelmed easily in a mess like that. So there was a mad dash to organize and see what’s up. Here are a few things uncovered and recovered from the piles o’ stuff.

Last year at the BOW Fiber Festival I bought 3 skeins of glorious alpaca. It was so soft and beautiful and the animal had pass on to the green, green grass in the sky. SO, I just HAD to have it. I had to sell my first born (oh yeah, I don’t have a first born). Well, I used my grocery money (we ate poorly for a week), but buy it I DID. I made this scarf from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick and then set the two remaining balls aside. My intent was mittens and a hat. Well, Amy’s Hat Trifecta reminded me that the glorious alpaca was still waiting and her first hat, Linda would be perfect out of this ever so wonderful alpaca. For the mittens I’ll use Ann Budd’s Knitters Handy Book of Patterns as she has lots of good ideas for creating your own custom fit pair.

I also found the Frog Tree Alpaca sport weight purchased a couple of weeks ago in black and sea foam green. So, I quickly knit up a pair of black Voodoo’s the last couple of days to give as a gift. The real story is this fabulous yarn…inexpensive, 135 yards, very, very, very soft and great colors. I’m going back for more. No pix of Voodoo’s sorry, they have left the premises.

SixsockbestThen the left over Kersti from my Raglan was in a little sack and the Mistake rib scarf that I had started was at about 12”. It would be a nice portable project so it’s now in plain sight so I can work on it. But then, for another portable project there is this lovely Opal yarn that is becoming my Fluted Banister sock for the Six Sock Along. I should be starting the heel for the first sock very soon. I LOVE this color and find it very fun to knit. I have until the end of November to complete the pair, thank goodness!! Don’t you just love that pink?

FlowerformeOne of my sisters (not the Charlotte Theif) had a birthday and as a way of penance for not getting a gift to her in time I sent my FBS. The Mongolian Chinese Cashmere will become one for moi! This lovely yarn was also buried in the piles.

There is more…

A pile of threads and instructions for a needlepoint class on Saturday (I’m woefully behind with this and need to spend a day doing needlework).

New yarns just arrived and as yet unpetted. Think Silk Garden…gasp…

Seaweed (remember?)

Lotus and Blaze (well protect and occasionally worked on). You’ll see more of them soon.

Oh, and Domino.

Bags with sock yarn, shawl yarn, more yarn and more...

Books and Magazines on Knitting and Needlework (not put away for at least 3 months).

And so much more I won’t bore you with the details. I’m going to try and get this mess cleaned up over the weekend and put in some good hours on Blaze. She is my new love.

And when the election is over (please let it be over), I'll clean up this blog, too.
To my Secret Pal 2 (the one to whom I give gifts). I’m not sure you read this blog but if you get the package I mailed on Tuesday please hang on to it…I’ll announce who you are on SUNDAY as Heidi recommends. It has been fun! I had to mail the package early as there was no other day I could make it to the PO.

To my Secret Pal 2 (the who has been giving wonderful, fabulous, sweet and delightful gifts) I can’t wait to find out who you are!!!

Object of Desire

You see him/her across a crowded room or in a picture some place, perhaps on the Internet. Sometimes it is love at first sight but other times you see them over and over and they grow on you, slowly becoming more desirable. If you are already in a relationship it might take a little more to catch your eye but you do still have a niggle of desire and think, ‘well, maybe…’ just a little flirting won’t hurt.

Sound familiar…not in a human way (well there might be that, too), but in a knitting way? It can be ‘love at first sight (site?)’ or you see it over and over and it grows on you to the point that you think it really IS cool enough to knit. Right? You might head out to the LYS and have a touchy, feely thing before making sure it is worth your time, effort and expense. You might take the ‘mail order bride’ approach and have it shipped sight unseen, knowing your many friends wouldn’t, couldn’t steer you wrong. Right? You might even have had a passing fancy with the yarn in the past and know it is wonderful and therefore it’s easy to fall ‘in love’. All that leads to the OOD becoming a constant companion.

By touching, petting and fondling the knitting in our laps for extended periods of time, our intimacy with the OOD grows. We dream of the day we’ll be able to wear the said object and the love continues. There may be time we grow tired of it or become fickle as other things come along to catch the eye and draw the attention away (oh boy, can we be fickle knitters!). But if it is true love, the feeling will survive through thick and thin, back we’ll come begging forgiveness. There are times when a divorce may seem necessary but if it is true love you will get through the tough times and carry the love through to fruition.

When the time of touching is over do you feel a sea…lost without the lovely OOD in your hands? It is difficult to turn quickly to another project, even with many more OODs waiting in the wings. It seems a little too fickle to move on without homage to the loved one but we do have the wonderful feeling of reliving that relationship over and over when we wear it.

This has happened to me with so many OODs since I started blogging. Nearly every KAL has drawn me in either with ‘love at first sight’ or they have grown on me over time. It has happened very recently with Butterfly, which grew on me slowly (the yarn has arrived!) and Gloria (love at first sight). It was Monica’s beautiful Gloria that got to me and when I bought the book for Butterfly I knew Gloria had to be knit first of the two. They will both be waiting in the wings as Blaze and Lotus are on the needles now and I do love them, too. Call me an ‘oh so VERY fickle’ knitter!

And if you think about knitting as love…check Sharon’s blog for knitting as ‘sin’!

Wish Wendy well (if you haven't already) and may she continue to blog. What a very different place Blogland would be without her.

Lara At Last


When Lara was first finished a week ago and she just didn’t fit right I didn’t miss a beat until I started to frog her. The yarn and jacket style were too nice to ignore or turn into a UFO. The trip to the pond took her back to the top of the first sleeve and I began again from that point adding 10 rows to the width. This made a more comfortable fit and her warmth made the perfect companion for a trip into the mountains on Sunday.

SilverlaraLaralakeAt first I thought I’d show you pictures of her with a pin on the side as several others have shown. But it seemed the more I wore and played in her the more she seemed to be that cozy, jacket style sweater you throw on for some extra warmth any day and not an elegant item with jewels….at least not for me. She will be like my Everyday Cardi, a warm and cozy friend. I love the color with jeans and she was warm enough to wear, sans a coat, for the 'photo shoot' at the Silver Fork Lodge. The closure is a hair pick with a beaded tassel and I like the way it closes near the neckline and not at the waist. Thanks Alison for the idea. Lara enjoyed her trip the Great Salt Lake, too and I enjoyed her company as the day, while windless (see the water is like glass?), was on the chilly side. Lara is cozy and cuddly and will be a joy to wear this winter…a true blue friend.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk, 18 balls Denim Blue LYS
Pattern: Alpaca Silk Book, Lara
Needles: 32” #8 Addi’s (slightly larger gauge than called for)
Time: 9-23-04 to 10-23-04


It's Melanie's birthday so make sure you tell her to make it a good one (candy corn is a good start, Mel!)

A Day to Replenish


Annie said that she loves to hear about the things that Smith and I do together on Sundays. It is our day to relax and spend time together while enjoying the beautiful place in which we live. If you can’t love the beauty of nature around here there is little reason to stay. So we love the place we live and take in its landscape, like a religion. It is our spirituality, our replenishment for the soul. Spending the day together also replenishes our relationship. We have time to really talk and laugh and play, unlike a normal day of the week when we are running in different directions.


Yesterday we decided to get in our workout early and then head up to "An atmosphere thought to be forgotten", our usual Sunday haunt. The best thing about arriving near noon is that we were able to have a Bloody Mary (God doesn’t allow drinking before noon in Utah*) and they are, btw, the best Mary’s around. We sat near the window, the best place when you can’t sit on the deck for obvious reasons, and watched the snow continue to fall. It was so peaceful.


BrightonstoreUp the canyon just a few miles more is Brighton Ski Resort. The lifts won't open for a couple more weeks, but the skiers and boarders were hiking up just to make their way down the pristine slopes. With several feet at the base you can just image what is up op. And there is a reason most of the buildings at the resort have metal roofs.

It was so much fun to be together that we then decided to keep moving. We stopped by to see my youngest sister and since she is so near the Great Salt Lake it seemed a good idea to head on out. We hadn’t been that way in years and thought you, dear reader, might like to see our ‘Marina Del Salt’ and the mystic island call Antelope. The lake is so low that it isn’t really an island at the moment but you wouldn’t want to walk out there in the muck and brine. We'll just enjoy it’s mystery from afar. And yes, that is me walking away wearing Lara. You’ll have to return tomorrow for the her saga.


*Except beer, Jen!! Dear reader, you must run over and see her most elegant Madli!

Half Of Me

HalfofmeAs you can see Lara is now in much better shape after her time out in the corner, the trip to the pond and a little quality time on the needles. Taking control certainly paid off and she will be fully on this bod shortly. Lara looks good even thought the yarn is being recycled…so worry not if you need to hit the pond…the DB Alpaca/Silk will thrive. This is pure elegant knitting at it's finest.

Take a look at Alison’s Lara and the cool way she closed it with a chopstick! Great idea and one I just might steal.

Gloveone_2I can barely share this picture with you. Here is the languishing glove with one lowly finger (not THAT finger, Norma). This just isn’t my favorite thing to knit and after one excruciating night of knitting that is all there is…one finger. Don’t expect to see this finished soon. There are too many great projects waiting in the wings to work on one that isn’t so great.

Stacy is having a ‘Show your Stash’ Contest. Here is mine shown a few months ago. You only have today to let her know how you store the stash. Check out her cool new banner, too.

AND, Carolyn has a birthday this weekend. It is her 'BIG 5-0'!! Have a super trip Carolyn and it doesn't look too bad from this side of that milestone!

More rain and snow on the way.
Check the Snowbird Picture of the Day.
Time to dress in winter gear to play.
Bring out the hand knits, wadaya say?

I can groan, but still be kind.

Have a great weekend, everyone.

Breaking News
Lost Sheep In Cedar City Utah

Lotus Blossoms


Lotus is blossoming! She is very pretty and grows little by little. You can see how the magenta flowers are almost at full bloom. When they are finished the body moves into the easy knitting of the black and woodberry colored lattice. That could mean a growth spurt! You'll notice a little peek at the wrong side. When Lara is on my body (soon!) then Lotus will get more of my knitting time.


This picture is from Tuesday morning. We have had Nathania’s 'wuthering wind' the last few days and now have rain, more rain and even more rain coming (and snow?). This is great for our moisture starved desert. It hasn't rained here for 24 hours straight in years (actually more than 24 hours at this point)! Add to that, the mountains are filling up with ‘feet’ of snow! Resorts will open mid-November. Come on out to ski and knit with us!

You might want to see if you can get Susan off the ceiling. I doubt anyone at her house slept last night. Go Sox!!

Your comments and emails to yesterdays praryer were very thoughtful and supportive. May we alll be daily examples of kindness.

A Prayer

The home of my childhood was very conservative, perhaps today it could be considered ‘neo-con’. That said, my first political memories were of Jack & Jacqueline and I loved JFK second only to my father. I watched everything that he did and, as I told Laurie the other day, when he was assassinated it set my political course (I was 13). Then there was RFK, MLKJr., their assassinations, plus Vietnam and Watergate…all during my formative years and they all had a profound effect.

One fortunate thing about being in Utah, there is no doubt the whole state will go for ‘that man’ so, we see no political ads for President. (I can’t say or type the name and the only time bush will be used on my blog is in the context of a plant or my friend Nancy.) We have plenty of negative ads about local races to go around and things are very contentious including an amendment on the ballot to ban ALL civil unions, except those between a man and woman. It’s difficult to see the incivility between candidates while they all act very non-Christian even though they all profess ‘family values’. It amazes me. I’m thinking of November 2nd and how to get to that day and beyond without being on an emotional rollercoaster, having my emotions ripped from one end to the other by news, ads, speeches and the like.

So here is my prayer.

May the higher being, the goddess and the deity within us all help us to accept defeat without hate or anger and/or victory without arrogance. May the country have a quick resolution to any problems and may there be no bloodshed or riots in the streets. May we all show grace when dealing with those of a different conviction and realize their convictions are as real to them as ours are to us. Let there be a peaceful outcry of outrage, followed by faith that we can change the system through our work and volition and not with violence or anger if or when problems arise. May we all have peace but also strength to carry on and do what needs to be done to save this country.