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Lara At Last


When Lara was first finished a week ago and she just didn’t fit right I didn’t miss a beat until I started to frog her. The yarn and jacket style were too nice to ignore or turn into a UFO. The trip to the pond took her back to the top of the first sleeve and I began again from that point adding 10 rows to the width. This made a more comfortable fit and her warmth made the perfect companion for a trip into the mountains on Sunday.

SilverlaraLaralakeAt first I thought I’d show you pictures of her with a pin on the side as several others have shown. But it seemed the more I wore and played in her the more she seemed to be that cozy, jacket style sweater you throw on for some extra warmth any day and not an elegant item with jewels….at least not for me. She will be like my Everyday Cardi, a warm and cozy friend. I love the color with jeans and she was warm enough to wear, sans a coat, for the 'photo shoot' at the Silver Fork Lodge. The closure is a hair pick with a beaded tassel and I like the way it closes near the neckline and not at the waist. Thanks Alison for the idea. Lara enjoyed her trip the Great Salt Lake, too and I enjoyed her company as the day, while windless (see the water is like glass?), was on the chilly side. Lara is cozy and cuddly and will be a joy to wear this winter…a true blue friend.

Yarn: Debbie Bliss Baby Alpaca Silk, 18 balls Denim Blue LYS
Pattern: Alpaca Silk Book, Lara
Needles: 32” #8 Addi’s (slightly larger gauge than called for)
Time: 9-23-04 to 10-23-04


It's Melanie's birthday so make sure you tell her to make it a good one (candy corn is a good start, Mel!)


Goodness! It is simply stunning. The color is perfect on you!!! And it looks like a good day for a warm snuggly sweater too. :)

absolutely gorgeous! wonderful pics! you look fabulous in her.

Great photos. The sweater is lovely on you.

I second Melissa. Lara looks so comfortable. The snow is pretty, but I'm sure not looking forward to it. Enjoy your newest F.O.!

I don't know where to begin.

Yours is the first blog I read in the morning (yes, before Wendy!) but I skipped blog reading yesterday because I was eager to head back to work after my conference last week.

This morning, I read back over your entries.

Your Lara is stunning.
Utah is calling my name.
I'm living vicariously through your walks in the snow.
I prayed your prayer this morning and will do so every morning. I'm cutting it and putting it on my computer in my office.

Thanks for inspiring me in so many ways. You helped more than you can know.

It's gorgeous, Margene! And the photos are lovely, too. All hail the husband photographer!

Wow, Lara is gorgeous! I love that she made her debut in the snow. Congratulations on finishing (and tweaking) a gorgeous sweater -- you look comfortably elegant in it.

Oh, Margene, Lara is gorgeous! I enjoyed yesterday's photos but was hoping that we'd get a better view of Lara at some point, and here she is. The color is just perfect for you! I'm not sure if you changed the pattern or not, but it seems the ribbed portion is wider on other Laras that I've seen than on yours. I didn't think I wanted to knit a sweater with all that horizontal rib across the chest, but now that I've seen yours I'm rethinking. Do you think that the DB Alpaca Silk would make a nice hat? I'm thinking that it would be really warm and soft, just the thing for a winter hat for the husband (for dog walking, etc), and it would probably knit up quickly given the gauge of this yarn.

oh, lara is so beautiful. she's the perfect snow bird! the lace gloves look great with her too. you must be so proud to have ripped back and gotten such a wonderful sweater out of it!

It's beautiful! I really like the changes you made to it so that you'd get more wear out of it!

what a beautiful sweater... that just may be the first sweater i make... i love how it looks on everyone!!!

the draw of winter is calling me!!! i miss the moutains and the snow!!!

To echo everyone else, your Lara is just stunning and it looks gorgeous on you. That is definitely your color! Wow...a truly beautiful project you have there!

You look so lovely and cozy in Lara - and I love the pic of you in front of the lake. Beautiful!! I've been fondling the Alpaca Silk in every yarn store I see it, and am thinking of making a quick scarf with it just so I can fondle it all the time. Yummy!

What a perfect everyday cardie, as it looks perfect on you and is made from such a great yarn.

I really must admit that I am falling for Lara...she is so pretty! I must ask...does the navy blue yarn pill? I used Debbie Bliss Chunky Merino and the amount of fluff that it shed was in record amounts...

I do have to say...after seeing yours...I think I want one of my own! :)

Hi Margene,

What an incredible Lara! The dark blue suits you very well, and it looks so, so cozy. My favorite pic is the very bottom one, it's beautiful! Love the closure, and the more casual approach. I'm itching for more Alpaca Silk to make one of my own.

And thanks for these shots of snow!! We won't be getting any until late Nov. (if we're lucky) or well into Dec., and I cannot wait. Viva la precipitation! :P

Margene, your Lara is beautiful! I love the way you choose to wear it~ as a comfy jacket/sweater. It truly is wonderful in every way. The color and fit are perfect for you. Great job, as usual!

Lovely sweater - the hair pin closure is really cool too.

I have to say yours is my favorite I have seen so far, I like it worn open.. and I just adore the color and the fit. You did a splendid job!

Your photos always get my day off to a beautiful start, and these have really put me in the mood for winter - but only in a beautiful, cozy, well-fitting (well-worth-ripping-back) sweater of course. I love it!

Great pics, Margene! See ya next week.

Really lovely sweater, and such nice photos! Kudos to the photographer.

I want to go play in snow...

Lara is beautiful, but that last picture of you, Margene, just amazing!

Thanks everyone! I'm sitting here wearing Lara now and she is warm and soft. Christy you are so sweet and your comments touched me.
Susan, the A/S would make a PERFECT hat. It would be very warm and soft. I made my ribbing down the front actually a few rows more than the pattern because I am 'larger' than most people around the blogs...it just looks like less on a 6' frame.
Heather, I didn't have any more fluff than you would expect from alpaca. It didn't really shed as much as I would have thought. Only a few fibers 'up the nose' so to speak. It has a fuzzy texture but doesn't sluff off.
Thank you again everyone...it's a very fun sweater to wear and I do have a very sweet photographer!!

Beautiful sweater - lovely on you.

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