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What a Great Friday!

nicetoesYes, I know it’s Monday BUT, Friday was a great day!! My Kersti sweater was finished and showing off on the Kersti Blog for many wonderful friends who stopped by to say how beautiful she was. Thank you, everyone!!
On my way home I stopped by a favorite salon and had a pedicure….ah, toes that spend the summer in sandals need TLC on a regular basis. With toes newly clean and polished I headed home and found a package on my doorstep! sp2funstuffWhat to my wondering eyes should appear but something from my Secret Pal!! Inside was a card that said “Knitting Soothes my Soul”. (My sentiments exactly!) That is so much a part of what ‘Zen’ is for me. The gift inside was a kit for “The Lost Points Shawl”. The yarns are Melody, a ladder effect yarn, and Bamboo (now I tell you, is that not a perfect yarn for a ‘Zen’ blog!?) To boot, it is my favorite color of red, a dark, rich red and together the yarns will make an elegant shawl. My Secret Pal is a very cool pal!! Click to see how truly beautiful it is!

Saturday my darling husband and I made another trip to the downtown Farmers Market. We loaded up on beautiful fresh produce once again. But instead of getting a chance to take pictures of our lovely haul we had to clean spilled yogurt off of the veggies and out of my beautiful African basket….boohoo!

My dear friend, Camille had a birthday over the weekend and her brother Thom had a party for her. The house was full of beautiful white gladiolas. We ate delicious pastries and enjoy coffee and chat. She also had some beautiful gifts. Happy Birthday, sweetie!
We ended the day at a play with friends….a fun night out.

silvermountainSunday dawned to a gorgeous day! We decided to head up the canyon to our favorite breakfast place, the Silver Fork Lodge. We sat on the deck drinking in the mountain view. It couldn't have been more perfect weather or a more beautiful day. It was distressing, however, to see so many trees dead or dying from many years of drought. That afternoon it did rain. Oh, how we love seeing even 30 minutes of rain (which is a long rain in Utah!). “They” promise a week of cooler temperatures and thunderstorms nearly everyday. We have our fingers crossed.

Let’s see now….my blog started in March of this year. It has been a very fun few months of blogging and getting to ‘know’ so many people with blogs and without. Having others leave comments is a real lift, a highlight, for bloggers. We know you are there, lurking, peaking in, because we see it in our ‘stats’. Soon my number of comments will reach 700! Now you don’t know if it will happen in 2 comments or 30 so, here is my contest, challenge and wish. Leave a comment, it must be a comment on today’s post. The person who leaves the 700th comment will receive the beautiful Wildfoote sock yarn in red AND in blue/red rag. BOTH! You can make socks with one color or mix them up. For the person who leaves comment 701 you’ll get the Wildfoote Handpaint yarn in shades of red. I love red so this is hard yarn to give away. Come on and comment, comment away and make it happen in one day!!
Click to make the pictures larger.

Made it to 50 comments! You guys are so good. Thanks for all the compliments and for stopping in. Now you DON'T have to stop leaving comments but the contest was won some time ago. Keep 'em coming if you's been fun! Winners will be annouced in the AM.


What happens if I just leave comment after comment? ;) I *love* that shawl kit!! What a wonderful secret pal you have :)

That shawl kit is gorgeous I've seen it a few times, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. 700 comments - now you have me curious to see how many I have, I doubt I've had that many but still intersted to see. Where is that contest goddess?

Have just come across your blog. It's a very attractive site. Enjoyed reading about the Keep Fit initiative. Just what I need myself. Happy knitting!

Your Kersti sweater is gorgeous and looks wonderful on you. I see you have a kind and generous secret pal too. The shawl kit is lovely!

So many comment-worthy topics in this post, Margene!

The shawl is going to be divine! what a wonderful surprise!

And as always, I love your Utah views! Keep 'em coming!

So many comment-worthy topics in this post, Margene!

The shawl is going to be divine! what a wonderful surprise!

And as always, I love your Utah views! Keep 'em coming!

Here's one more comment. It *is* enormously gratifying to get comments on one's blog, but (at least for me) it is a really miniscule percentage of blog visitors who leave them. This is is the second great contest idea that you've had. . . I'm so jealous that I can't think of anything nearly that original. I'm trying to cook up a good contest idea.

Secret Pal 2 is really a lot of fun. In addition to being the giftee and gifter, I've enjoyed checking the blogs of other SP2 participants to see what cool stuff they have received. In many cases, I see yarns, patterns, and other items that I've never heard of before.

hiho Margene, great Friday, wasn't it :-) You and I were getting pedicures at virtully the same moment!

Everyone's being sooooo good to their Secret Pal!

I'm really interested to see how the bamboo knits up, I've been watching it in my LYS for a while now. Lovely colour too!

I was just gifted 8 skeains of bamboo in the parrot is so wonderful! Just make sure you do the VERY zen thing and use bamboo needles to knit the bamboo with, because it is VERY slippery yarn, and you need the extra stickiness of the bamboo needles (in addition to the meaningfulness of the bamboo on bamboo..)

What a great blog contest! I may have to "borrow" that from you sometime.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to have some rain. We went through a drought for years and it always made me so anxious- especially to see people watering their grass in the middle of the day in the middle of the drought! Grrr. Water restrictions were in place, but a lot of people ignored them- hey, green grass is much more important! Thank goodness last year we had record amounts of rain. Hopefully that will happen for you-all too.

I like reading your blog... I don't know if I've commented before... I'm probably one of those lurkers!! Hahaha!

Pretty, pretty toes! Utah is so beautiful -- I love seeing your pics of the area. Your blog is always a great read -- thanks!

I love that shawl kit. I saw the pattern and wanted to knit that ever since I saw it.

Your photo of the mountains is just breathtaking. I'd love to get away and sit and relax beside a mountain sometime.

I'm another regular reader, first time commenter. What to say about that post....lets see...
I agree that a pedicure is the ultimate luxury.
Love the bamboo yarn from your secret pal, can't wait to see it knit up.

Oooh, isn't this a clever idea. But, of course, I would have commented anyway because the shawl kit from your Secret Pal is the bomb!

Holy smokes! Another contest? Hurray! And lucky you! Your Secret Pal is a gem.

Holy smokes! Another contest? Hurray! And lucky you! Your Secret Pal is a gem.

That shawl kit is gorgeous! A friend just gave me some yarn in a similar deep red color, and I've been fondling it and looking for inspiration. Maybe it will become part of a similar shawl.... Love your blog!
By the way - I've been Kersti-ing along with you, using the "Pinks" colourway from Patternworks, in a ribbed scarf. I don't have a blog or a digital camera, alas -- but thank you for inspiring me to work with that wonderful wool.
Namaste --


Yay! I'm so glad you like it! Happy knitting, happy week. Sending zen thoughts your way!

Your Kersti sweater is beautiful!

I hope you get rain. I'm in Portland, OR and it's been raining since Satuday night. I love it! It's been such a hot & dry summer here.

Good luck with the Lost Points shawl. I made it as a shop sample and it gave me fits. But it's quite nice once it's done.

you are a lucky girl getting a kit for the lost points
shawl. it is gorgeous. you have a very generous secret pal

Hi from Austin, TX. I read your blog every day. :-) My toes are jealous of your toes. ;-)

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