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In this household you’ll find fans of the “Western”.  So when HBO started “Deadwood” we thought it might be worth a look as they usually do great shows.  First show…eeewww! Not impressed.  Welll, usually it takes a couple of shows to get you familiar with the characters and what’s happening.  So, one more time, yuk….still didn’t click.  The third time I sat and ignored it while DH watched…who cares what’s on when you’re knitting? 
Now, I’ve seen about every Western made at least once but, more likely two or three times.  Had a shoe box full of horse pictures cut from magazines when I was a kid (have barely forgiven my parents for not buying me a pony!).  Watching TV shows with Roy Rogers, Sky King, Hopalong Cassidy, Zorro, and more was a must as a child. Westerns are a big deal...this is the West!  This is not a small matter.
Looking for some solace took me to the LYS (where else!) and of course, THERE was the answer. 
On the shelf was a ball of Suede by Berroco. It looks like the real thing.  The pattern of a garter stitch shawl, named Oakley
looked like a perfect companion for a Western gal. It would keep the shoulders warm on cool summer nights while cookin’ barbecue or it could cover a winter coat to give more protection from the cold. How do you resist yarn named after every Cowboy and Cowgirl you loved as a child!?  It was hard to pass up Zorro, as he was my favorite hero but, Hopalong was a close second so, that’s the color that tied me down.  It seduced me…lassoed me in. 

So, here is the ‘kerchief’ shaped start. 


Ah, back in the saddle, again.


Ooooo, the suede looks yummy!

My daughter is a horse gal. She loves her fringed suede cowgirl boots that are now too small and rides every Saturday. She'd love your Oakley shawl.

Love the suede! I may have to stop by the LYS to have a look myself.

It looks great. How is Suede to work with? I really want to make this one too.

The shawl looks lovely. I admit I didn't think I would like the Suede when I first saw it but I like your shawl knit up so far.

With my parents, the promise was if we kept our room clean for a year we could have a horse. Unattainable...we have used the same story with Gracie. She can barely keep it clean for a day.

I also just finished a t-shirt in Berroco Suede. I like the finished product, but wasn't thrilled with the knitting experience.

I posted the project on the blog (link below), and the yarn review at

Feel free to add your comments as you get deeper into your project.

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