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State of My Knitting

So here it is…

Nothing major on the needles!  The Kestrel FI is almost finished. Only the neck band is left.
fifront2fiback2 (See the Kestrals?)

gauntlet2This is one of Sally Melville’s gauntlets from the Purl Book for a friend who suffers from chronic carpal tunnel.  The other is about half done.

Marta’s Spring Forward sock has been in time out as I just couldn’t remember to ‘sproing’ the springs forward enough so, it has been frogged twice.  Just a little determination and I should get through it. mart1

And Willow?  It’s a pile o’….

It doesn’t fit…won’t ever fit.  The body is done but, if I frog it the yarn won’t hold up well. When I see my sister next week it will hopefully fit her.  It’s on the back burner for now.

The charming Suede shawl (I think I talked Deb into making one), is moving along beautifully but is rather mindless.

That’s IT!!!

What’s next?  Not having much of a stash (mostly sock yarn), some wonderful Beaverslide Yarn like Annie posted about last week,  (which is too heavy to knit right now and will become a winter coat in the future), plus some Merino Frappe that may just have to be swatch,  there just isn’t anything to do.  The small projects on the needles will be finished shortly and I’m feeling a bit at sea. Nothing challenging to keep me in port.   What to do?

Nathania’s Tank Along is tempting and I might find something at the LYS that would be nice under a shirt or jacket.   

Wendy’s Ingeborg knit along is tempting but, the LYS has a Norwegian class in the fall and knitting along with ‘live’ people is more tempting.  A Fair Isle pattern is calling me so, that might be next.

Oh dear, oh dear…the dilemma of a non-stasher.  I’ve learned my lesson and making a trip to the LYS as soon as I’m off work!


I can't imagine being out of yarn. Boggles the mind.

The Kestral FI is beautiful. If you can, please bring it by Stitch 'n Bitch tonight. I'd love to see it in person.

I'm shocked that you don't have a stash! You must go to the LYS.

The Kestrel is beautiful.

Out of yarn! What's a girl to do? Swing by my house; I'm drowning in a sea of yarn.

P.S. Your Delicate Arch buttons are the bomb!

Um, did you knit little birds into your sweater? I just love that!

I love the Fair Isle. Very sophisticated. And the kestrals? So beautiful! Sometimes I have that at-sea feeling between projects - it can go on for days! But eventually something takes hold. Did ya get anything at the LYS?

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