Fair Isle
Finished Kestrel Fair Isle


Here is one more pic from the trip last weekend…Balance Rock. It was a sacred place to the Fremont’s and there are pictographs around the site.  This is right off the road and an awesome sight. Some say it looks like Porky Pig.


And here are my ‘boys’. 


Moxie is on the right (he was not happy about the trip and didn’t speak to us for 24 hours after we returned home) and Murphy, in front.  Murphy is curious, boisterous and not very well…he’s 12 this year.  We hope we have him a bit longer but at this point we’re just hoping. 

Goals by Monday are to finish the second gauntlet by Sally Melville, the neck on the Kestrel Fair Isle (almost done now) and a piece of needlework that needs to get to the finisher. Pictures of all when (if) I reach the goal.  If that all happens I can start the Spotlight Tank so you can see how cool it’s going to be.  Great button, Nathaniatank


I'm laughing at the picture of your cute dogs. Moxie does NOT look happy at all. That expression! Too funny.

Moxie looks like he's thinking "Humph! Why DO they drag me around to all these places! What's the big deal?" So cute. BTW - I heard those gauntlets are all the rage among teens because they are always on the computer - they can wear them and type and look cool!

Your dogs look like Sean Connery.

Hey Margene, I've been trying to send email and it keeps getting returned. I enjoyed your comments in the last post about the time it takes to blog, but how rewarding it is to be connected in this way to others.

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