Everyday Almost Done!

The knitting is done! Knitting Pure and Simple Neck Down Jacket is ready for it’s zipper. That is as soon as it arrives from the Zipper Stop. Then I will check the zipper for size, wash the jacket and sew the zipper in. Can’t wait to wear it!  This jacket will be well worn over the years.


It felt like a friend had left when the jacket was done.  So, the only thing to do was keep knitting and the Willow cardi is now up about 12”. Pictures will be here later in the week. It’s another fast and fun piece to knit.

In June the Swan Sampler Stitchers,  is having Lauren Sauer come to teach her interesting and unique Etui.  It’s called the Mermaid’s Sea Chest and it actually makes up into a chest full of sewing tools that you can open and lay flat to use when you stitch.  There happens to be quiet a bit of stitching to do before the class…so-oo-oo some knitting time will have change into stitching time for awhile.  I’ll show you progress on that as it grows. 

Here is a piece for the local Needlepoint Guild that I finished over the weekend. It will be a hanging ornament of about 5x51/2.  It is stitched with stranded silk and a braided metallic thread and counted out on 18 mono canvas.  It is was neat to pick my own color family and fun to stitch.


Now for your decadant drink of the week.

Brady-Rum Mochaccino

This drink’s chocolate-brandy-rum combination makes it a special one for chocolate lovers!

Single shot espresso
1 ½ tsp brandy
1 ½ tsp rum
1 ½ tsp crème de cacao
1 Tbs chocolate syrup
3 ounces milk, steamed
¼ cup heavy cream, whipped
Ground cinnamon
Ground nutmeg

Thin wafer, for garnish

Mix espresso, brandy, rum, crème de cacao, and chocolate syrup in a glass. Add 1 ½ ounces steamed milk and 1 ½ ounces milk foam. Top with shipped cream, sprinkle with cinnamon and nutmeg and garnish with a wafer.  Serves 1.

That ought to keep you relaxed and knitting!


I'll be right over for a drink. Make it a double! Your jacket is BEAUTIFUL. Now I want one in that color, too. If only I knew how to knit!

WOW! I LOVE the Mermaid's tool chest....that is AMAZING!
It's pouring rain her today, Big Ploppy Drops of Garden goodness...that coffee recipe sounds like JUST the ticket!
Thanks again for the red hot gift!

Your jacket is beautiful. I LOVE that color~it looks as if there are specks of blue in it too. Gorgeous!

What is the Willow Cardi? Let me go look on your sidebar for that-sounds interesting.

Hooray! I love it. I am now encouraged to stick with mine. I had a bad knitting weekend and am consoling myself by buying more yarn. Curious - do you feel that the PF works for the jacket? Mine's a little dense (done on 7's), but it hasn't been washed yet.

Your jacket is wonderful! I love the color and I think you should give it to me because I'd wear it all the time. :))

I am blown away by the Sea Chest. I will be following your progress with great interest. The glimpse of your jacket looks lovey. I have some Peace Fleece that I bought for the Everyday Cardi but may swith to the P&S pattern.

Wow--your jacket looks gorgeous! And your little cross-stitch kimono actually gave me pause to consider cross-stitching again... for a few seconds. Nice!

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