Goods of Estonia and more...

Eventho Nancy Bush is our ‘resident’ designer and we see her in the shops and meetings from time to time, it is always wonderful to have her come and teach and/or speak to us. Last night she shared slides of her trips to Estonia and the treasures she has found while traveling there. Estonia is a very charming, quaint and even medieval country. In 700 years they have had only 33 years of independence. It is a country rich in folk arts and crafts and Nancy has been responsible for bringing the knitting arts to light. She had a travelogue of slides and a table full of beautiful knitting and other artifacts. She told the story of Estonia while showing the slides of towns she has visited and the different knitting techniques of each area. It was fascinating to see what the homes, churches and cities look like. She also had pictures of many knitters and pieces from the museums.

For our immediate pleasure she has hand knit gloves, mittens and socks for sale that her friends in Estonia send to her in order to supplement their meager pensions. They are all made from Estonian wool and beautifully knit.
A pair of socks with a lace front and a patterning technique that looks like embroidery on the side came home with me, as well as a pair of warm and beautiful gray gloves. Pictures tomorrow! Here is a schedule of Nancy’s classes so you can see if she is in your area. You can read a bit more about her here.

May 15th & 16th Nancy will be teaching workshops for the Salt Lake Knitters Guild. They are Traveling Stitches and Estonian Lace on Saturday and an expanded Estonian Lace on Sunday.


I love to purchase items like that! They are truly works of art. What a wonderful lecture.

Sounds like a remarkable day. I am very envious. Thanks for sharing her schedule.

Re: yesterday and EC - it's almost zipper-time for me! I've never sewn in a zipper. Glad to hear it is going well. Any special considerations on zipper purchase?

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