Everyday Almost Done!


It seems to be all around the knitting blogs.  That is the ennui, boredom, dissatisfaction, malaise of the knitting sort. It’s the dreaded second sleeve, second sock, row after row of stockinette stitch and projects that don’t meet expectations.  Why do you knit?  Is it totally for a finished product?  Then why do you have so many things newly started? Is it for the excitement of starting something new? Then why do you have so many FO’s…or if you don’t, why not?  If it’s the texture, color, wonderful yarns, a great pattern, the simple wrapping of the yarn around the needle, then why do we feel that ennui slip in? 

Knitting is meditation for me. Just picking up the yarn and needles will calm the mind, center the thoughts and take me away. The same thing happens when stitching with needles with eyes.  Just putting the needle through the fabric over and over is a sort of meditation.  It’s not that it isn’t frustrating at times when mistakes are made (and taken out over and over), or the object of my desire didn’t turn out as my minds eye had seen it.

The areas Goodwill has ended up with a couple of my FO that just didn’t meet expectations. But, it really didn’t matter as the whole time they were on the needles it was just a joy to wrap the yarn around the needle with my mind in a calm and comfortable place.  It was therapy, zen…

Despite all the failures (or lessons learned, if you will), it is something that without it, my life would be much less fulfilled or interesting.  Hopefully someone else is enjoying wearing the sweaters of "failure". They were not inexpensive and yet so much was learned from the experience.

Think of the reasons that knitting is so crucial to your life, your creative self, your calm and focused self.  It’s for you…every stitch.


Interesting discussion about UFOs. I have come to understand that I put things down when they get frustrating, which usually means when I have reached a problem for which I don't have a solution. Just realizing that has made it easier for me to pick those projects up again, work through the problem, and reach that lovely FO state.

Hmmmm . . . I just assumed everyone was in a foul mood because they're completing their 1040s.

Thank you for this post! I have just been through a bad time with a project. I've learned, say, 5-6 things through the process, though. Thank goodness for the mindless knits that are soothing in the process!

I get up early in the morning to knit. I find that it helps me to focus on what the day will bring.

YES YES YES! I've always enjoyed my "sit and spin" exercises just as much, if not more, than just getting through the project. Thanks for the comments/support - you're terrific!


I usually start a project (or buy yarn and a pattern for a new project) because I want the finished item for myself. This is why I have a HUGE stash--hope springs eternal.

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