We Are 11!

For eleven years the SnBers of SLC have been meeting up on Tuesday nights (and Sunday afternoons). We do what you think any bunch of knitters would do, we knit, we chat, we bitch, we share ideas, we help with problems both personal and knitterly, AND once year, we knit for each other.

Our eleventh year theme was Parallel Lines (thanks to Susan!), which is brilliant, because, if you think about it, all knitting creates parallel lines. We had a varied line up of interpretations, which made the evening all the more fun.


Susan knit Extra which ended up in Cheryl's hands.


Cheryl knit a pair of mitts which Anna now wears.


Anna knit a cowl which Caroline wears with aplomb.


Caroline knit a pair of mitts which Susan was thrill to own.


Jacquie knit (and designed) a unique scarf, which Laurie now sports.


Laurie knit a nice long Linen Stitch scarf, which I now love and wear.


And I knit a headband, which now keeps Jacquie's ears warm.

 Thank you to Laurie who put the group together and to the Jitterbug who has been our host for all 11 years. The Grrls of SnB Rock!! 

A Full Heart

Moxie was the sweetest dog we've ever known and he was loved by everyone who visited our home. Even Cheryl's hubby, who is not known as a dog lover, would crawl under the table to pet and talk to Moxie.

Friends rallied around after Moxie left us and Cheryl, my ever-caring friend, found a darling tote with the likeness of a schnauzer who looked very much like Moxie.

Moxie bag

I was surprised and delighted when she handed the bag to me. My Moxie on a tote! I am so please to have a way I can keep, and carry, his memory with me. Do you see the bright red hearts that hang from the handle? Cheryl crocheted and added them to show her love of Moxie (and mine). My heart was already filled with a mix of emotions when she said to look inside.

Cheryls gift

There was the shawl she'd just finished, French Cancan, in a beautiful Moxie gray. By this point I was in shock...surprised, pleased, with my heart ready to burst.

Cheryl's shawl
You may think I'm sappy, but so be it. Every time I wear the shawl, or carry the tote, I'll think of Moxie. I'll also think of the kindness of friends, the emails, the cards, and the FB posts that let me know friend cared. But, most of all, I'll think of my dear friend, Cheryl, who gave me this lovely gift of her time and creativity. I am so lucky to have had the sweetest little pal, my Moxie, in my life, and to have the best friends anyone could want.

Thank you, Cheryl.

Party Hardy

We had a little party and I took a few (mostly blurry) photos, but I thought it worth sharing them, nonetheless.

Our SnB group celebrated its 10th Anniversary with a party and a gift exchange. Our group has been through the best of times and the worst of times. This is the place to come for support, encouragement, solace, and joy. Together we have celebrated births and mourned deaths, cared for each other in sickness and health. It's been a marriage of like minds and we're built true friendships.

The gifts this year ran through the gamut of patterns and yarns, but each one was exceptional, as well as, appreciated by all. The gifts are wrapped and out of view so no one knows what they'll get until the package is opened. It's all we can do not to open our secret gifts until everyone has one in hand. We then open each one and oh and ah, as the gift is revealed.


Jacquie received the exquisite beaded cowl you can see here, which was knit by Melanie. Behind her is Caroline who received Laurie's Linen Stitch scarf (the 10th one she knit).


Laurie recieved Barley, a hat knit by Cheryl, which you can see here.


Cheryl received Anna's amazing hat, knit in 1x1 twisted rib with a crown knit of star stitch. I'm sorry I don't remember the name of the pattern. eta: Anna shared the link in the comments below. 


Anna received perfectly matching mitts knit by Caroline in a fun colorway.


Susan (sorry for the very blurry picture) received Jacquie's 10 Shades of Gray cowl. Believe me, it was knit with 10 shades of gray.


Melanie received wrist warmers knit by me (black and brown under the sleeves of her sweater) and I received a bright red scarf from Susan!


I had the luxury of time, as my photo was taken a few days later by Smith.

Other friends joined us at the party, but since we all had fun in the moment, few pictures were taken. We're looking forward to many more years of spending afternoons and/or evenings together to bitch, to laugh and to gossip and knit! We love our grrls!

The Weekend Looked Something Like This


Because I had a free Saturday, Cheryl and I decided to go to a favorite Middle Eastern restaurant, Mazza Cafe, for lunch. Cheryl saw Turkish coffee on the menu and told me how it was made and how good it was, so we each ordered a cup, and it was as delicious as she'd predicted.


Finally, after weeks and weeks of gloom and gray, the inversion got busted! Everyone was delighted to see the weather patterns change and the skies clear. There could even be more snow coming through this week. We're rather envious of our friends to the north who have snow totals we'd love to have in the mountains. Keep your fingers crossed there will be more snow headed our way. 

How was your weekend? 

Glorious Retreat


Winter cares not that Autumn hasn't had a chance to settle in. She stomped right over the top and left her white mark with ten inches of snow at the Lodge. A night of cold allowed the white covering to stay until my arrival Saturday. It's hard to argue with the beauty of a mountain covered in fresh snow.


Few of the trees have had a chance to show off their fall colors, but after this snow and a few nights of very cold temperatures, they'll be quick about the change.


Saturday afternoon's temperatures warmed enough we decided to go for a walk. Carole, Kym, Suzy! You'll be happy to know I can now walk up the 55 stairs without stopping to rest and even continue on up the road. The day was glorious and we warmed up quickly only needing our sweaters when we walked back down into the wind.


Sunday the air was warm enough a hardy group of knitters had brunch on the deck, but when clouds moved in to cover the golden globe, many of us moved back inside to a cozy corner.


The weekend ended, as it often does, with a delicous Bloody Mary and the accomplishment of a fair bit knitting done.




Saturday sunrise

Utah Grrls Rock

Another great way to chase away the winter blues and blahs is to hang out with grrlfriends and PARTAH!  Tuesday we held the 9th Anniversary celebration of the SLC SnB! For nine years we've been chatting, arguing discussing, laughing, knitting, and celebrating together, and we plan on at least 9 (or 49) more!

While going through the pictures it became very apparent that I am not great at taking candid shots as I'm in too much of a hurry. However, the beautiful hand knits deserve a showing, so I'm posting what I have.

To keep the gifts a secret they are hidden inside of paper bags and our founder, Laurie, does a great job of tossing the bags around the room until everyone has a gift. (heads up!)

Eileensmitten 198eileen
Click for bigger -Props to Cheryl for the photos of me and of Eileen.

I was the fortunate recipient of Eileen's warm and cozy Shepherd's Wool mittens! They fit as if made for my hands! As coincidence would have it, Eileen received the gift I knit, 198 Yards of Heaven, made with Berroco Vintage. It was a fun, quick knit.

Susanscowloncheryl Elizashatonsusan
received Susan's linen stitch cowl and Susan received Eliza's gorgeous hat. Gwen, who is sitting next to Susan, is wearing a scarf knit by Larisa.

Annascowloneliza Annaandherslipper
Eliza is wearing a cowl knit by Anna and Anna received slippers knit by Gwen. (They fit!)

Lauriesshawlforlarisa Betterpictureoflarisa
Larisa received Laurie's shawl and Laurie received a beautiful hat knit by Cheryl. Sadly my picture of Laurie wearing the hat did not turn out. Larisa may kill me for the picture of her with the shawl but, hopefully, this picture of her with Cheryl makes up for it.


Since this is my blog I'm going to share a bigger picture of the mittens, as I am very, very happy with my gift and my hands are nice and warm!

Thank you SnB Grrls for a wonderful night. Here's to many more!



When Smith inherited a beautiful martini shaker, with a matching set of glasses, from his grandmother, she told him they had been a prized possession of his grandfathers.  Since Grandfather S had passed in 1941, we guessed the set had to be from the 1930s. We loved it and we used it and, sadly, we've ended up with only 4 of the glasses. A few weeks ago we decided the last of the set was just too precious to use and we retired them to the back of the cupboard. On special occasions we bring them out again.


Cheryl and her Pontiff must have been with us when the decision was made, as Saturday night they arrived at our home with a token of friendship. Somehow Cheryl had come across a set of glasses in a similar pattern. They have a more solid base and cool frosted bands encircling the bottom. As you may expect, we broke them in immediately.

Smith and I were touched by the generous gift, and we're very excited to have a new set of heirlooms, a set we will use and use! Thank you, Cheryl (and hubby), for your treasured friendship. 

Shear(ing Day) Fun

We started out early... ready, willing and able to help with shearing day at the Sunrise Ranch. I hitched up my jeans and headed on into the fray of fur, fun and gittin' dirty.

Deb hangs onto the first of the pretties and Scott the shearer stands nearby.  After we do a bit of wrangling the animal is sheared, toenails clipped and teeth checked. 

This little one had a pretty saddle of deep and soft fur, which we took away to shirt and save for future yarn. Scott, the most excellent shearer, adeptly shears her back, legs, neck and face with tender loving care.

After shearing the alpaca check each other out, as everyone looks different (clean and shaved)! Later that night, it was cold enough to wrap everyone in a quilted or fleece coat.

The day started with many hardy helping hands but, as time goes on people have other obligations, which means.... near the end when the big llama are left to do, only a few of us were around to do the work.

Thusly, the photographers were ask to step in. Even though the videographer had to work hard to keep the animal in place, he still had a smile on his face. Smith is also there to wrangle the big llama as they readied him for shearing.  

After a hard days work we head in for a drink (or two) and some relaxation time.  Despite the hard work, or because of it, we have a good time.  Jim and Deb are the best hosts, as they feed us and make sure we're warm and happy.  Sadly, there always comes the time we must take our leave...


As we walked out the door a rainbow greeted us.  Not a person in our group had seen such a low lying rainbow. It was a good sign after a great day of hard work and fun!

The SnB Swap

As you may have heard, the SLC SnBers are a tightly knit group and, while we have fun every week, the best thing about having a swap is seeing people who can't visit that often.  Sadly, my camera never came out of the bag and when it did, the pictures were crappy. Such is the life, and light, inside a coffee shop. We love our Jitterbug, nonetheless.  


Eliza was the recipient of the lovely Tree of Life mitts and she not only loves them, they fit her perfectly.  Beaverslide, vintage buttons, and a nice pattern, made knitting a pleasure, and seeing them on Eliza hands was icing on the cake.


The very cool gift I received was knit by Kathryn, one of our newest members. She knit a long piece, covered with a two color design that created the number seven, folded it in half, and crocheted around the edge to create a thick mat. It is the perfect trivet for my teapot.

The festivities were fun and raucous.  All the gifts were not only beautifully knit, they were well received. We’re quite a group, and that's a fact.



Rather than bemoan my lack of knitting skills, or confess my knitting nightmares, let's end the week on a positive note.  Above you see all the ball bands, or tags, from 2010s yarns. I get a kick out of saving, then trashing at the end of the year.  


Hamamelis, the beautifully blue shawl, has been in the neglected stage of knitting. Usually, I'm not much for neglect but, apparently my knitting prowess has slowed and having multiple large sized projects is grounds for chaos and confusion. This past week Hammy was rescued from obscurity and has grown (and will continue to grow) quite nicely.

The SnB Ewe-tah grrls will be celebrating their 7th anniversary next week (SEVEN years we're been stitching and bitching together!).  The theme  for our swap project is...tah dah! SEVEN. (It was Susan, of course, who had to suggest a theme.) 

Cheryl (bless her) helped me find the right project (but, it's a secret until next week) and, with a little backward and forward knitting (damn that frog!), I made it through the project in a few days.  Deadline knitting averted, due to the misbehaving of my largest project. You gotta love that (or not). sigh

I get by with a little help from my friends and Suzy helped me into the next project, the beautiful tweedy Woodruff mitten. She fell in love at first sight and I tumbled right along with her.  We egged each other into finding the right yarn, which meant a trip to the  LYS, where we found the perfect wool, Tahki Donegal Tweed. She bought the most luscious red and I opted for Charcoal (at least it's not blue!). Knitting the swatch completely sold me on this yarn, as it softened, bloomed, and turned into a lovely fabric. (Someday I'll knit a sweater with this yarn!)

Until I can wrangle the larger project, get it corralled, tamed and behaving well, I will stick with smaller knitting projects (and my friends).