Five Things About My Weekend


1. Friday counts as part of the weekend (in my estimation) and the rain and thunderstorms that day were impressive and exciting. My view, as I returned from lunch, was of a huge black cloud full of lightning and thunder. I tried numerous times to capture the lighting, but it evaded my camera lens. 


2. Saturday, just as I was driving away from the library, and heading to dinner with a friend, the tiniest part-arc of a rainbow appear at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. You can see I was stopped at a red light and not snapping pictures whilst operating my car. This little bit of rainbow delighted me and I, for once, I was happy to stop at the light. 

3. I have no picture to share for number three, but the the churros I had for dessert, following a delicious taco dinner, were wonderful. I ate them before I remembered to take a picture, but the crunchy outside and soft warm center (dusted with sugar and cinnamon, dipped in whipped cream and/or chocolate) created a mouth full of joy. 

Do not worry, I am not dead or ill as the next photo might suggest.


4. I had a bit of a disaster while trying to fill one of my fountain pens. I wanted the last drop of ink from the bottle and ended up squirting it all over my hands, my face, and my shirt. I am a novice fountain pen owner (my pens belonged to Smith's mother) and I am trying to get the hang of filling cartridges and converters. I am grateful the ink washed out of everything except my fingernails (which will be clear of blue soon enough). 


5. Sunday dawned clear and cool, with beautiful blue skies and entertaining clouds. Smith had the day off (yay!) and after breakfast, we took a walk, taking time for a little photo shoot (which you'll see later in the week). Because we had most of the day together, we were able to take advantage of the beautiful day and spend time on the patio, grilling dinner and making the most of our day. 

How did your weekend go? Did you have a lovely one whether rained on or no? 

Weekend Viewing


I had a room with a view this weekend at the Rocky Mountain Knitter's Retreat. We took over Alta Lodge and had a great time knitting, talking, laughing, eating, drinking and then doing it all again. I had a fabulous massage on Saturday that calmed down many of my back problems. 


From the dinning room we could see a sliver of a view of the sunset and the valley below. Leaving all the news, the running about, and the day to day of life down in the valley was quite a treat. I hardly looked at my phone and took very few pictures. It was just a fabulously relaxing weekend. 

21580399938_398457ee9a_kBefore I left the canyon on Sunday I drove up the road to look down on the city of Alta and it's scenic beauty. The colors of the aspens were as bright and golden as can be and the sky gave all it could to the weekend, too. 

Last night I watched the moon come up near total eclipse and kept watching until the shadow passed and the moon was whole again. Being able to watch this stunning phenomenon was a wonderful cap to my weekend.  Today I have the day off and I'm going to run my usual errands, But will also take a few minutes to relax and keep the calm beauty of the weekend within my heart. 

Winter Delight

We can hardly say "winter returns" when we really haven't had much of a winter. Tuesday morning was very warm, over 60, and moving in from the west, came a huge dust storm with hurricane force winds, which proceeded to take over the city, filling our eyes and lungs with the dust of the west desert. It was 75 by lunchtime and when I left work it had started to rain mud. I couldn't even see out my back window for all the dirt that fell from the sky. By the time I left for SnB the temperature had dropped 40 degrees and a rain/snow mix was falling. 


By morning it had snowed a couple of inches and it snowed all day. Although it stayed very cold, the snow kept falling and melting and falling some more. All in all it amounted to at least 8", more than we've seen over the last 3 months combined. The best news was the mountains reported upwards of 3 feet! By the weekend our temperatures will be back in the 70s, so who can argue with a day or two of winter?

Warm and Wonderful

Salt Lake City is experiencing day after day of temperatures for above normal, which usually around 38 degrees. This past week we've enjoyed near 60 degree weather, as well as, the clear blue skies that have accompanied it. Being out of doors is a treat! 


Smith and a friend used the weather to full advantage by putting the finishing touches on the community garden greenhouse. Within minutes of completion it was hot and humid inside, just as a greenhouse should be. They'll be building shelves and starting plants as soon as possible.


My morning was spent at Unraveled Sheep checking out Nancy Bush's Estonian Knits sale. I scored a beautiful, and very warm, pair of gloves, thanks to Monica.  Where would I be without friends? Cold!


Aren't they pretty? 


Sunday the weather was, once again, amazingly warm and, as I was deciding where to take a walk, Susan posted a picture of Red Butte Garden on FB. It only took a few minutes to pull myself together and head on out. 


The Garden was the perfect place to be on a warm winter's day and I enjoyed wandering through the dried leaves and bare vines. The plants are at rest, but the beauty of  their repose is just as interesting as the greenery and blossoms.

Morning Sky


Thursday morning sky was dramtic in shades of gray, but when I added it to Instagram, I used a filter to alter the color. The over-washed effect gives the photo a porcelain glow and brings out the shape of each cloud.The sun hasn't quite come up over the mountain, but its golden glow highlights the peaks. 


Wednesday morning, the clouds were lit by the sun just as it was rising behind the peaks. I love capturing the light as it enters my sky, as it casts the most interesting effects when it begins the day.

Instead of knitting or sewing, I have been playing with my camera apps, only taking a few photos, mostly of the sky, which is the most interesting thing in my daily life. While going in to the office I see the sunrise, but by the time I leave work, the sky is already dark. I am not amused there is still another month before the light starts its return. 

Today we await a storm, which I hear brewing, the wind buffeting my windows and stirring up the chimes. I hope for snow, a lot of it, not a "Buffalo" amount of snow, but snow nonetheless. Come one winter! Get on with it.

My View


I've often told Mary how much I love the Waterlogued App on her iPhone, as it's an app that isn't created for the Android. If it was you'd see some gorgeous watercolored pictures of the fall colors around us. This weekend, Mary graciously surprised me with Waterlogues of three of my photos.


I love the way "my mountain" look in watercolor. 


It may be a good thing I have no access to this app, as that may be all you'd see, as I love the subtly of color, created by mixing water and paint. 

Glorious watercolor

Although, the sky around here does just fine creating its own painterly sky, no app needed. 


The weather has been exceptionally warm, thanks to the warm winds. We've enjoyed the blue skies and yellow-drenched trees that dot our landscape. The fall season has gone on without winter playing tug-of-war, the garden dying a slow death, as plants dry up, an elegant beauty created in their dying.

September 3rd

I'm trying to capture every bit of sunshine I can.



We drove out to the Great Salt Lake to watch the sun as it slipped behind the hazy horizon. Our inland sea has a distinct smell, but the cool breeze, and lapping waves gave me the sense of peace.

As the light of day shortens, the suns warmth wanes, and the colors of leaves and light change, the calm of acceptance fills my heart. Watching the change of seasons and the changing light, as it moves away and returns, is one of natures beautiful gifts. 

The Expected and Unexpected


Summer is waning and I'm doing my best to hang on to what's left.  When my sister came to town we made sure to pack in as much fun as we could. (My hair is not that white, it's just the sun highlighting the whiter strands. I swear.)


I wanted to show Neena that SLC had a grown up a little by taking her to one of the cocktail bars downtown has to offer. We had a very fine evening at Bar X. The cocktails and the ambiance were perfect and we both decided if we lived near downtown SLC this would become a favorite hangout. It might be a good thing I live miles away. 


One of the places you might expect we'd go was Silver Fork. I had my usual trout and eggs and she had her usual, Huevos. After a very fine morning of enjoying the deck and the good food, we made a pilgrimage to Silver Lake. Of course.

Have you been hanging on the last days of summer? I'm hoping for a long and colorful fall!

Road Trip


Saturday I drove 250 miles to spend an afternoon on my sister's deck and to see a play with her that night. The next morning I drove back home. I knew I was set myself up for a butt ache (which turned out to be true), but seeing my sis, as well as seeing the play,won out.

Sky cloudporn 2
Our summer has been fantastic for sky watchers, as the clouds have put on a show and a small storm, or the threat of a storm, has passed through every couple of weeks. My trip was filled with sky born fantasia.


The view from my sisters deck allows one to watch, as the ever changing sky moves from partly cloudy to serious threat of downpour.  

 I could have stayed on the deck for the duration of my stay and been endlessly entertained.  Between the landscape, the clouds, and the birds I had a carnival of sights. 


Scrub jays and hummingbirds visit regularly, as they watch for their favorite treats. Peanuts for the joys and nectar for the hummers is in ready supply. The show they put on never stops.


 My sister lives in the desert (with her hubby), the house surrounded by sand and juniper trees, but yard art, placed by her hand, creates a garden of found treasures at the entry to their home. 

Yard art

I wish I'd taken more pictures to share with you their amazing handiwork, but I'll leave that for another trip. It has been too long since my last visit and I plan to rectify by going back soon.

I Did What I Often Do

Mt Milly Reflection
My goal was to see a moose and I knew chances were better if I went to Silver Lake before 8:00am. It was quiet at the lake with few people about, and no moose to be found. I slowly walked around the lake, looking into every nook and cranny, and still saw nothing but the tiniest of wildlife creatures.

The views were still as wonderful as usual, and with few people about, it was quieter than  expected.

Silverlake Snapseed

The foilage is vibrantly green, as summer hasn't been as hot as past years. The water of Silver Lake was calm and reflective, the sky clear with only a stay cloud floating by.

It felt good to be out in mountain air, watching the sun as it started its climb into the sky, and being in my favorite spot. Even though I was alone, I wasn't going to forego another favorite place.


I stopped by Silver Fork Lodge (just beating the Sunday crowd by minutes), and treated myself to my favorite breakfast of trout and eggs. How does that saying go...

Life is good.