Daily Sound Track


Swimming out of the fog to bring you the 10 Albums I Love, brought to you by Carole's Ten on Tuesday. I have these 10 albums on my iPod (as well as many others I love). Several of them are also in my car and I listen ALL the way through almost every time I listen.

John Coltrane - Love Supreme

Miles Davis - Kind of Blue (or Sketches of Spain)

Bob Dylan - Blonde on Blonde

Gary Clark Jr. - The Story of Sunny Boy Slim

Joni Mitchell - Blue

Van Morrison - Moondance

Beethoven's Op 133

Aretha Franklin - Aretha's 30 Greatest Hits

Bob Marley - Legend

Let it Bleed - Rolling Stones

Santana - Santana

What's on your list of favorite albums?

Get Out

As spring warms the air, the flowers start to bloom, and the days grow longer, I love to be outdoors soaking in the warmth of the sun and feeling it on my face.

1. Garden: Watching the garden come awake, the garlic comes first, then potatoes make an appearance. It's time to plant peas, carrots, beets, radish and lettuce. Soon we'll be able to make freshly cut salad.

2. Walk: Early in the season I enjoy walking to the garden as there isn't much to carry home. Later in the season I'll wish for a wagon to haul the harvest home. Maybe that's something I should look into.

3. Picnic: We enjoy eating out of doors, whether the patio or an impromptu gathering at the garden. Going up one of the nearby canyons and finding an open picnic spot is another fun way to spend an evening. The birds will serenade us all through dinner.

4. Read (or Knit) (or Sew): Sitting on the patio with a good book while the wind chimes tinkle and the clouds roll by, is my idea of heaven.

5. Visit: While in the garden we visit with other gardeners and, at home, we'll visit with our neighbors. When friends come for a visit we'll serve drinks on the patio and revel in the fresh air after being cooped up in the house all winter. Yay, spring!


6. Watch the sunset: Sometimes we'll drive out to the Great Salt Lake, or find a place to view from a higher vantage point, but often we walk to the school yard next door, which gives us a full view of the changing sky.


7. Watch the sunrise: I step out my back door and watch the sky turn from pink to gold. It's easy, if I get out at just the right moment.

8. Drive through the canyons: The canyons are minutes from our door and I love the drive up any one of them just for the fun of it. I know Big Cottonwood like the back of my hand and love the twists and turns, the beautiful sights of rising peaks, and rushing waters of the stream below.


9. Watch spring awaken the earth: The crocus have been coming up in waves. Wave one came through a couple of weeks ago and wave two is happening now. I have white blossoms with purple bases, lavender blossoms, and pale yellow blossoms that look so delicate and sweet. I hadn't realized I'd planted so many and I'm very pleased to see they are so lovely.


10. Just be: One of my favorite things to do is look up into the blue sky, watch clouds come and go, or the jets and their contrails float by. The best time to be outdoors is now before the heat of summer and while the sun is bearable and enjoyable. One day may offer snow, rain and chill, but the next day could be warm and glorious. Take time to enjoy the sampling of all mother nature has to offer. 

 Ten on Tuesday brought to you by the inimitable Carole

Warmth of Wood

Since today is a Ten on Tuesday day, and I have a few cherished objects made of wood, I thought it might be time to make an appearance and share the most special pieces with you. 

1. As a child, I played with the jewelry my mother kept inside this box. Most of her jewelry was costume quality, which meant she didn't mind if we played with them, but only if we asked permission.


2. The Japanese table in my living room is the only piece of furniture I care for and would save in the case of a fire. The minute I saw this table I knew I wanted to have it in my life. I've never felt that way again about any other household furnishing.

3. The Japanese box atop the Japanese table, holds a special place in my heart, because Smith and I bought on a trip we took to Seattle (many, many years ago).

4. My rocking chair belies the comment I made in #2. I care very much about my chair, although it can no longer be used as a place to sit.


5. This box, handcrafted by a dear friend, is one of the most beautiful pieces of woodwork I've ever owned. The photograph does not show its true beauty or charm.


6. I have several Shaker boxes which I bought with the intent of stitching the lining and etui to adorn the inside. This is the only box I completed before my interests turned to other pursuits.


7. This African spice bowl was given to us by a dearly departed friend. I keep a few little treasures inside, but mostly, I'm sad to say, it only gathers dust.

8.  I have a multitude of elaborate, handcrafted spindles I no longer use. Each one is unique and simply elegant, a piece of art even though it sits on a shelf.

9. Plus, I own a Schacht 40th Anniversary spinning wheel, which also never use. I keep it dusted and think about using it from time to time, but the act of spinning never calls. 


10. Long ago a friend asked me to stitch a newborn baby's name on a christening gown. He repaid me with this gift of a Navajo weaving fork, which is more dear to me because of who it is from than it is for its price.

Each item on this list hold a very special place in my life, many marking special occasions or events. I feel very fortunate to have each and every one of them, as well as the memories they invoke. 


Make Me Happy Ten

Carole asks, 10 of Your Favorite Things Right Now 

Alabama Chanin T - I've almost stitched all the leaves on the front of my beautiful T-shirt.

Plain Ol' Gray - She's coming alone nicely (albeit slowly).


Love notes - Smith leaves me a love (sticky) note nearly every day. Yes, I know how fortunate I am.

Fountain pens and the fun colors of ink I collect. Bonus, hot Pink!, Hydrangea blue, and Black Roses.


Sumo citrus - This is the strangest citrus I've seen in awhile.


Neko Atsume - I've never played a  game on my phone, but this one only requires one to feed the cats and occasionally spend some "fish" for new toys. Bonus, the cats leave you "fish" when they visit. Double bonus, they bring you cute little mementos.

Weather - Not too cold, not too hot, light snow, full sun, cloud play...it's all been happening over the last few days and it's likely to continue.


Tiny crocus leaves coming up in my garden. The last minute bulbs we planted last November survived! I can't wait to see which color reveals itself first. I wonder if I'll see any snowdrops this year.

Mark Bittman cookbook-Sunday night I followed one of the simple recipes and made a beet/carrot dish with Moroccan spices. It was delicious. Bonus, the carrots were freshly picked from the garden, as they're a vegetable that winters over well.


Other knitters at the hair salon! She was knitting strips of color. We had little chance to speak, but she was more than happy to allow a picture. 

 Do you have a favorite thing of the moment? 

Here They Come to Save the Day!


My Ten on Tuesday is brought to you by Girl Power! There are a few TV shows in rotation around here, but not on regular schedule. We often record episodes we never get around to watching. We're slowly making our way through Netflix episodes of Jessica Jones, which I find very dark, but fascinating. Marvel Comic characters have not been on my radar, but I see why people are drawn to the whole idea of heroes who can save the world from the bad guys.

I also decided to only go with women, as I think TV could do a better job of showing women in stronger roles and not only as dim-witted, one-liner characters who need a man to save them.
"You've been kidnapped! List the 10 TV show characters you would want to help you."

Jessica Jones - She has super-human strength and withering, angry looks on her side. (We'll not talk about her drinking problem.)

Lady Mary Crawley from Downton Abbey - Lady Mary has come into her own and she's learning how to get things done.

Amy Farah Fowler from Big Bang Theory - She's funny, extremely intelligent and slightly odd. I think she would give the kidnapper a run for his money. She is a neurobiologist, after all. (In the meantime, I hope she'll save me.) 

Olivia Pope from Scandal - She's got a team  behind her, just as long as she can hold off the President.

The women from The Bletchley Circle  - Four women who saved the world during WWII could certainly get me away from a kidnapper.

Agent Carter - She knows how to get things done behind the scenes and can take down any man with a well placed punch.

Hetty from NCIS - She lived through the cold war as a special agent and knows more than any spy on earth. She'd have no trouble finding me and killing my kidnapper.

Trouble from Grimm- She's another woman with super-human strength and she sees trouble coming. I know she could find me and take my kidnapper down.

So, tell me who would save you!


When You Care

Every year on MLK Day, my office gives service to a non-profit organization. This year we worked with the Neighborhood House by sorting clothes, washing and sorting toys, coloring and cutting shapes used to teach pre-school children, washing windows and cleaning floors. We had a great time working together and giving service to an organization which needed, and appreciated, our efforts. 

 Today's Ten on Tuesday  is in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service - 10 Things You Can Do To Serve Others. 

1.The absolute easiest thing you can do to serve others is smile (and say "thank you"). 

2.Volunteer your time to the local food bank by sorting canned food. You can also (or instead) give them a nice check, as a food bank can turn one dollar into over $7 worth of good and services.


3. Clean unneeded and unwanted items from your home (in the Kondo way) and donate the good stuff  to an organization who helps people in need. (You know you've got a lot of things you can give!)

4. Homeless organizations need and appreciate an extra set of hands. Call and tell them when you can be there. Even one hour will make a difference.

5. Pay it forward. You know how it works. Buy the next person in line a cuppa or a lunch. 


6. Knit for someone, a premie ward, a cancer support service, or a homeless shelter for families. Kids need hats more than anyone. 

7. Knit for a friend. You know what your friends like.  

8. Choose to be humble and promote someone else's idea. 


9. Always be kind. Keep that road rage at bay. 

10. Give until it hurts. 

Any one of the items on this list would make a great resolution for the year. May you heart to open to giving and sharing all you can. 



Every once in awhile I've posted A Year in Review with pictures from each moth along with the first sentence of the first post of each month. The sentence and pictures may not be of the same subject. Instead of 10 Things I Did That Made Me Feel Proud, my Ten on Tuesday is this years review. 

January - "Happy,Happy New Year, friends!! Here it is a fresh new year, all dusted off from the trappings of 2014. 


February  - "In the center of our community garden is one of only 18 known labyrinths in Utah.


March -"Saturday was cold, somewhat wet but Smith and I made the best of the day by spending leisurely time together."


 April - "As of late, Vicki has been my hero. She not only helped me (inspired me, really) to change my banner, but  also dyed the yarn for my next project, Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015."


May - "I needed the weekend more than I can express and (of course) it went by in a flash."


June - "My day starts with KRCL's Acoustic Sunrise, as John plays a variety of tunes that ease me into my day."


July - "Something shifted in my life, I'm not sure exactly what or why, but before 2010 I was more productive when it came to knitting (and probably, everything else). "


August - "My weekend was broken up into segments, the total of which left me no time to do the usual errands and chores."


September - "I intended to have all sorts of pictures for you but we spent a serendipitous evening with our neighbors, which means my blogging time was used up, but I did pull together a list for Carole's 10 Seemingly Ordinary Things That Bring You Joy."

October - "Once upon a time, I made amazing pieces of lace, they were a frippery, a lovely indulgence, a glorious bit of fun, and, often time, challenging, demanding, a test of endurance."


November -"Instead of complaining about the loss of light, or being elated about the extra hour in my day, I'm going to go with the flow (once my body clock is reset a few days from now)."


December - "Carole made sure we could easily post today...one.more.day.  Tis, after all, Ten on Tuesday!

Another year over, another yet to come. Here's to 2016 being a fabulous year for us all. 

Love This Season of Joy

That Carole is making sure we focus on the positive, wonderful things about this Holiday Season. She asked us to tell the '10 Things You Truly Enjoy About the Holiday Season'.  Here's my list!


 1.Lights-Hands down my favorite thing about the Season

2. Friends - No matter how near or far, friends make my world. 

3. Easy Good Cheer everywhere (Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas!) - Everyone is hurried and stressed, but almost everyone has a Holiday salutation on their lips. 

4. Music - Classic tunes from the likes of Sinatra, but odd songs like Robert Earl King's Christmas With the Family

5. Flowers - Poinsettias, paperwhites, amaryllis-- if it's blooming (or about to be)  its beautiful!


6. Treats - I love almost all the seasonal favorites, from chocolates, to cookies & cakes, pies, and other tasty treats (whether I can eat them or not!). 

7. Giving - It's the best! Give to a charity, give to your loved ones...give!

8. The color red everywhere you look - clothes, decorations, lights, edible delights. It's the MUST color of the Season.

9. Snow, but only if it makes a white Christmas  (where oh where is our snow!?)

10. Peace--all around. I send it to everyone of you, from the end of this year to the beginning of the next. Peace begins with us, each.and.every.one.of.us...one heart at a time. 

Sending you peace and joy this Holiday Season. You should feel only love and joy, NOT stress!! Make it so. 

Ten Good Things


Carole made sure we could easily post today...one.more.day.  Tis, after all, Ten on Tuesday!

During the month of November the Ten Good Things I did were:

Blogged every day. whew

Read a lot of blogs and commented on many. It was more fun to read what my friends were up to than it was to create my own posts.

Walked almost every day, but lost count around 26 miles. I think I made it close to 30 or so miles. We had days of ice, snow and cold and, on such days, it feels unsafe to walk.

Planted bulbs outside (before it got cold) and I'm hoping for a colorful spring (already). Planted bulbs inside, but I'm not sure anything is going to happen.

Talked to one of my sisters several times this month, as she just had heart surgery. I was very happy to be a source of information and encouragement.

Decorated the inside of the house with lights and made it feel festive enough to get me through December's long nights.

Spent as much time with friends as was possible (to my greatest benefit).

Sewed and knit and knit and sewed.

Worked hard at my job. This is a busy season.

Fed the birds! I gave them a handful of peanuts a few minutes ago and we had a nice visit.

Day 24: Give Thanks

This post is brought to you by the annual "Thankful Post", but Carole put a little twist on it and brought it into the NOW! 

10 Things You Are Thankful For RIGHT NOW 

Not quite full

1. Knowing all the members of my family are safe, albeit scatter across the county. I know they will each have a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration of their own.

2. A roof over my head. Even more, a home.  I think of it as humble, but it is more than many people in this world have.

3. Electricity. It's hard to imagine life without it.

2. Running water. Chances are, without it, we would be sick constantly.

3. Easy access to a wealth of food (and wine).

4. Choice. I can come or go, eat or no, and safely walk the streets of my city and my neighborhood.

5. A good job that gives me more than a paycheck.

7. My own car. Being mobile means so much to me.

8. My friends. So, so many people make my world go round and I would not be the person I am without all their love, support, and encouragement.

9. My dearest husband.

10. My hands, my eyes, my legs, my heart.