Reasons To Finish a Pair of Socks

1. It was the right thing to do. 

2. It's the process...there are no excuses, no WIPs. Practice what you preach, so to speak. (See #1)

3. I had a few days off.  Which doesn't mean there was more time to knit, as I was doing other fun stuff,but it just felt right. (See #1 & #2)

4. Encouragement from blog friends was helpful and made it necessary not to disappoint. (See #2) Thank you, friends.

5. There was the most excellent opportunity for a photo shoot, as I had a few days off. (See #3)

6. It took constant vigilance to knit the foot and, thank goodness, the toe was short. I finished it and wove in the ends while Smith drove up the canyon. (See #3)


A weekday is the only day (which means taking a vacation day) Silver Fork can make a GF meal.   Happy am I to be able to dine at one of my favorite places once again! 


As usual, after our breakfast at the Fork, we took a stroll around Silver Lake. Most of the aspen leaves had fallen, but the last stand provided an excellent backdrop.

Prymania was totally fun, entertaining, a total blast to knit, and Pandora Sock (from The Woolen Rabbit, of course), made it all the better. The yarn feels so good on my feet and it will be durable. (Raveled here)

How about one more shot of Silver Lake? 


The mountain snow left by the last storm has not melted away, which is surely a sign our fabulous fall will soon be over.  My vacation days coincided perfectly with the last few days of sun.

Socktober is Over!

And I'm feeling over any need to knit socks. That isn't to say I'm not happy to add two more pair to my sock drawer.  The Monkey Sock misbehaved through the whole journey, but since they were finished Saturday night, I wore them all day Sunday. When I wear them I know they are silly socks, a good reminder to not take everything so seriously.  Rouge socks are fun and everyone needs a little crazy in their lives.


Sunday I worked and worked and knit and knit on the Mystery Sock and, at 8:56PM, I finished the second toe. That's late for me, dudes.  If there had been any way to take a decent picture at that hour the socks would have been posted on Monday.  As it was, and with a very big smile on my face, I went straight to bed.


The sock fits perfectly and I certainly like the SuibuiSock better than the Monkey yarn (Blue Moon), but I'm a little unsure of how it will wear. It is after all a soft merino. However, that might be why it feels so good on the feet. I'm not going to worry one little bit.


This week the weather has been, and will remain, nicely warm, which means I've left the socks least for the next few days. I'm ready when the cold weather comes, as you can tell. 

Blue-tifully Blue


Look at the various shades of blue in this yarn! The pattern shows off the color, Lagoon, beautifully and the fabric is soft (SO soft), warm and cozy. The pattern and yarn compliment each other perfectly and I'm thrilled Rachel sent it my way and suggested the pattern. Thank you, grrlfriend.


This is the type of shawl I like to wear all year round. It's small enough to protect the neck from summer air conditioning, but large enough to keep winters cold at bay. Add to that the rich blues, the depth of color (tropical water) with a merino/cashmere blend and you have pure delight. 


Patten: Milkweed Casbah by Cosmicpluto
Yarn: Casbah by Fleece Artist – 1 skein, Lagoon
Needle: Size 4 Addi
Time to Knit: January 27-February 7, 2010
Knitter beware – I had less than 3 yards of yarn leftover.
Raveled HereRav_linkredyarnball 


Spirialbiasaroundleg To make Blue Monday even better, there is a bonus FO! The bits of blue in Sarah's hand-dyed yarn really pop.This is my first pair for 2010's the year of the sock (and nowhere near my last). The yarn is dyed beautifully, enjoyable to knit, and should wear well as it's a 3 ply. The pattern has little give and was hard to pull on (the first time) over my (high) instep, but it stretched out just enough to fit. The pattern spirals (biases) around the leg , but it's a sock, hidden by pants and I feel it's not a big deal.


Pattern: Nutkin by Knitzi's Beth LaPensee
Yarn: Fiberoptica by Sarah Marsden, 1 skein, Thailand
Needle: Size 1.5 DPNs
Time to Knit: Januray 12-February 12, 2010
Raveled HereRav_linkredyarnball

Another Mystery

I've got sunshine
On a cloudy day.
When it's cold outside,
I've got the month of May.

Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?
My sock. (My sock, my sock)
Talkin' 'bout my Sunset Mystery sock.


The color is bright and even a little shocking, but it chases away the dreariness of a winter's day. How can you not smile, sing, or laugh out loud when this color is on your feet?


After knitting and wearing many, many, many socks, I've become rather snobby about the yarn I use. It must hold its color, it shouldn't pill or shrink, and above all else, it must be durable. The Mystery Socks, both fabulous pair, have met my criteria. The first pair I used Kim's yarn, and this pair was knit with Judy's yarn.

This isn't the first time I've knit with either yarn so I knew they would wear and be beautiful for a long, long time. In 2008 I knit Thelonious Socks in Judy's yarn and the Mystery Sock with Kim's yarn. I love and wear both pair often. They feel good on the feet and in a year have shown very little wear. 

I've got so much honey
The bees envy me.
I've got a sweeter song
Than the birds in the trees.

Well, I guess you'll say
What can make me feel this way?
My sock. (My sock, my sock)
Talkin' 'bout my Sunset mystery sock.

Yarn: Ball and Skein – Sunset
Pattern: Mystery Sock 2009Rav_linkredyarnball by Through the Loops
Time to knit: Oct 13, 2009 – November 27, 2009
Raveled Here

Mystery Solved


As soon as the final clue of the Socktober Mystery Sock was published I finished up the toes of my pair. I love them because they are warm, cozy, and very necessary for the cold weather. It was wonderful to have them on my feet all weekend and they made me feel happy, happy.


Zzzsockyarn Kim dyes the most beautiful yarns and I love the depth of color in Pussywillow. It is a soft mix of browns,golds, tans, grays and soft greens. (They really are grayish green.) On-line the colors show up better in a picture of the skein than in the stitches of the sock. The yarn is durable and nicely warm…perfect for a special pair of socks. 

Goblinsocksofmystery Lovethemysterysock


The Sunset colored yarn from Judy is also durable and beautifully dyed.  I love wearing sunshine on my feet in the dead of winter and hope to have this pair finished by the end of the month.  Unlike the first pair, in which I knit both socks at once, I'll knit this pair in the old fashioned way...first sock then the second. I only had one set of the square needles (which I like very much) and didn't want to splurge on a second pair. Second Sock Syndrome has never been a problem because I love wearing my socks too much.  Sock Mojo may or may not hang around through the end of the year because he heard I had a pair of gloves in the planning.  But, I'm hopefully he won't desert me completely. 

And Not a Sweater in Sight

Sweater avoidance continued throughout the weekend and is still on active duty. All the pieces are finished, blocked and sitting in a pile o' remnants. This poor project will only get attention if it starts a revolution and causes trouble with the other projects. My resolve to finish has evaporated.


Instead my attention has been drawn away by a carnival of color, the Zauberball sock! The yarn is not quiet and, for the most part, is constantly in party mode.  What's not to love about a yarn that loves to show its true colors and is always ready to bring a smile, even a belly laugh, your way? You gotta love a party in a ball.

Several of you wanted a report on the square knitting needles and I'm here to tell they are very, very nice. They are light weight, especially for metal, have an excellent point and are comfortable to hold and use. My theory on why they work, abating tired hands and abating repetitive injury, is because they don't move around in your fingers. With a round needle, your hands work constantly to hold on as the needle moves (imperceptible round and round), but with a flat side your fingers stay in one place and there is no need to keep a grip the needle. Saturday I knit for several hours and, instead of the usual claw-like feeling from knitting for that long, my hands felt very relaxed and comfortable. I'm sold!

Now, after you've ooohed and aahed over the fun sock, can you please tell me the best way to get me sweater knit on again?

Maelstrom Moment

This picture is truest to the color.
Maelstrom caught me in its current and I had a swirling good time. This sock is as much fun to wear as it is to knit.
The yarn is Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Mediumweight, color Coral. It worked well for the leg and heel as my instep is high, but the foot would have been too large had I not decreased down to 58 stitches after the gusset.

They look great in my favorite shoes and my toes are happy and warm.

Let's Talk Socks That Walk First

The Mystery Sock proved to be the perfect way to keep Sock Mojo around.  He stayed the whole month, and is still hanging out, because he had such a nice visit.  Part of the reason he has enjoyed himself  was the interesting pattern Kirsten devised. He was in a state of delight all month!  As if to add icing to the cake, Kim's yarn made the pattern that much more interesting and enticing. 

Knitting with Kim's yarn is like viewing a pointillism painting.  Each stitch looks to be knit with a different color, but when viewed as a whole the colors blend in the eye and create a warm and unique colorway.  Moroccan Spice was the perfect mix of earthy tones and shades, and I must say, Sock Mojo and I were always entertained by it's changes. 


See the heel on the Mystery Sock? It is my first successful Eye of Partridge heel.  It's doubtful anyone has had the trouble I have had in keeping the stitch count right all the way through to the heels end.  I owe credit to Carole who made a very astute observation. She thought the secret might be to do all four pattern rows before you put the sock down for a break. That way one never need wonder what row came next.  I light bulb went off (I can be quite dim at times) and I was able to execute said heel perfectly when the time came!   I am easily entertained and love  little knitting tricks.


The best yarn, the best pattern, the best Mojo made Socktoberfest a blast!

Thank you Lolly, thank you Kirsten and thank you Kim. Hopefully I can keep Sock Mojo around and continue the fun!


I love my SOCKS!

Making the Best of a Weekend

Like many of you,  I have today off and will likely be spend it knitting, spinning and relaxing.  It feels so good to have a day off, a day just for fun, for myself (poor Smith is working).  We made the best of the last two days, however and enjoyed every minute. 

Handmadethankyoucards Inspired by Lisa, Saturday was spent, in part, making cards, a fun, creative and personal pursuit.  I also made groceries, ran a few errands and even had time to make sure the Monkey Socks were finished.  I love the crazy Hot Flash (STR) Monkey socks and they seem to keep my feet warmer than other socks.  It might be my mind playing tricks on me because they are so bright and flashy. Don't you agree?

Yesterday was Smith's birthday and I made sure he had a wonderful day.  The day began at our favorite spot where we had breakfast with a few friends.  They made sure he had a good time and celebrated well.  The day ended with a delightful dinner, made by me, and a slice of our new favorite cake, the yummy Blueberry Crumb Cake, also made by me. (You can call me a "one day" domestic goddess.)

Today I plan to make yarn, by spinning up the rest of the Crosspatch batt, make lace by working on Aspen Grove, and make time to do some relaxing.  Oh, and I might even make some time for EPS! 

Enjoy your day!!

Warming up the Toes

Blueskydaywasverycold This has been a very cold January with frequent days of snow, a constant front of arctic air and a few days of blue skies.  Thankfully there has been little sign of the usual inversions, the day after day of gloom we hate.  The few blue sky days we had have been very welcome, even if they are colder than cloudy days. Today it should be snowing to beat the band. 

At this time of year I'm very grateful to have a drawer full of hand knit socks, wool socks, warm socks, (and fleece lined Merrell clogs don't hurt either).  It's a rare day I don't wear both socks and clogs.


Closeupoflaceonfoot Even with a drawer full of socks, it's always thrill to finish a new pair.  Especially a pair that was as much fun to knit, and is made of such fabulous yarn as this pair.  This might be the most unique of all colorways I've knit with to date and I love it.  The pattern and color share organic qualities and that's pretty cool, too. You can read in Friday's post just how much I love the pattern and the yarn…nothing has happened over the weekend to change that.  In fact, I love them more simply because they are on my feet! (Happy feet!)

Pattern: Leaf Lace Sock, designed by Susan in Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock Book
Yarn: Kim's Woolen Rabbit Sock Yarn, Rosemary and Thyme
Needles: DPN Bamboo 1.5
Time to Knit: 1-11-08 - 1-18-08
Modifications: Leg and foot made longer.

I'll be away from the computer all day which means I may not have a post ready for tomorrow.  See you Wednesday. 

ETA 7:00am:  Seven inches of snow have fallen since 3:00am and it's still coming down hard.