Day 17: The Best Places


Having a "hang out" isn't something we think about. This is Utah and local bars and pubs just aren't a usual thing, at least not in the 'burbs where we live.  We have a favorite restaurant or two, but not a bar or any kind of "Hang Out". Carole asked in the Ten on Tuesday query,  What are the Ten Places We Hanging Out but, as it turns out when it comes to hanging out, there is no place like home.

My favorite places are:

1.  Our living room, most of the time this is where you'll find us.  This is our most oft used room, the place we sit when we come home from work and catch up on our day, the place Smith reads the paper, and I do most everything. 

2. Lone Star Taqueria, especially their patio in summer, although we go a once or twice a month all year round. This is one of our favorite places to go when it's just the two of us or when we're meeting up with friends. 

3. On the couch, which is where all my crafting supplies hangs out, so this is where you'll often find me. Yes, it's in the living room, but it's still a place within the living room. This is where I sit and read, craft, talk on the phone, even watch movies and sometimes eat a snack. I like being here when Smith is working. It's my comfy zone. 

4. Stella Grill, when we want a quick night out. They know us and treat us well. We can eat as simply as a burger or a nice entree style meal, cocktails, wine, beer and a special GF dessert (Chocolate Decadence cake, in case you're wondering). 


5. On our patio. Only in summer. We hang it there if it's not too hot and we often have dinner there if the weather is fine.  It's not a very fancy spot, mostly rocks and concrete, but with the wind chimes, Japanese lantern, and my garden goddesses, we call it home. 


6. Silver Lake, which is at the top of Big Cottonwood Canyon is one of my very favorite places to go when the snow is gone from the mountains. It's a place I can go alone, with Smith, with friends and family, a place I can feel my body relax and my soul sing.  Once in awhile we catch sight of a moose or three. The walk is an easy mile around the lake, but it's also the trailhead to several longer hikes. 

7. Our family room, the place we watch the occasional TV show. This is Smith's favorite place, but I only hangout there if he's at home. 

8. The kitchen. This is where we cook, clean up, and afterwards sit at the table to eat--or work, sometimes craft, or when friends come over. This is our "bar", the place we often entertain. 

9.  The Jitterbug with my SLC SnB grrls. We meet up a couple of times and week and it's always nice to catch up with everyone. I learn so much from the SnB girls and little of it has to do with knitting. 

10. My favorite hangout is anywhere my friends and family like to be. 

Ten on Tuesday brought to you by Carole Knits.


Day 16: To Be - It Was

My Saturday afternoon was spent with Cheryl at Hamlet with Benedict Cumberbatch, which was almost as fabulous being there in person would be. Ok, well, maybe not quite, but it was very good and we enjoyed it immensely. 


Not everyone loves Shakespeare, I understand that, but it doesn't take a "Shakespeare ear" to enjoy a great production and seeing Benjamin would get you through it. The production was from the National Theater Live (of London) and it was a one off...Saturday was the only showing for our area. 

The rest of the time was spent doing what I usually do on the weekends, erranding, gathering groceries, laundry and trying to get ahead of myself come Monday. But... addition, we planted the 75 bulbs Smith bought last weekend because the weather peoples say there is a storm coming in Monday. The wind blew all day Sunday, but became stronger and more steady as night fell. I'll let you know how it plays out. 

How was your weekend? 

Day 15: Selfie Sunday


I've never been to Paris, but my thoughts are certainly with the people of France and their beloved city of Paris. Many of my friends have been to Paris and love it completely. Facebook gave me the chance to make my selfie into the image of the flag of France and I did. Love is the answer. It is not easy, but imagine, love, do not be full of fear.  

Day 13: If You Feed Them

...they will come.


Almost every day the scrub jays come to visit and wait for their snack of peanuts. If I speak the the male he will cock his head and listen. If I had time to sit for a spell he'd be eating out of my hand, as he comes very close when I talk to him.


I try to remember to put my camera in my pocket, but usually I am walking out the door to drop the peanuts before I remember the phone back in my office. I enjoy their daily visits and the reason to leave my computer screen behind. They are a very welcome distraction.


The photo below is from early this summer when they were in the process of molting. The soft and fluffy regrowth left down here and there around the steps. Once in awhile I'm lucky enough to find a feather.

Scrub Jay

The pair of them stay around all year round as scrub jays do not migrate.  I made sure to stock up on extra peanuts and blue bird pellets. This next week it will be cold and snowy. If I put the food out they will come to hyde the peanuts and eat a few pellets.   If you can't tell, I rather do enjoy feeding my blue babies. They always make me laugh as they can be such clowns. 

Happy Weekend, friends! 

Day 12: Way Back When


When you are the first child and, even better, the only child for three years, there are many advantages. Every event in your life is noted,  pictures taken, the big days and the every days captured. You are completely doted upon by every member of your extended family.

My parents had not one but two baby books for me. This one goes through my third year and both my mother and my father wrote (in fountain pen) notations on my life. I can see the two of them, my mother standing near my father while holding me and dad sitting at the table writing in the book.  They are having a conversation about my day, any "firsts" that may have occurred, and taking care to document them. 

 This page, makes me laugh as I am the same today. I dislike beeping, raspy noises, rattling, or anything too loud. My father wrote "Singing" and my mother wrote the clarification.


This page, which may be a little hard to read, tells of my first "real" haircut, the one that cut off my ringlets. My mother had a brand new baby, her second, and must have found it difficult to take care of my hair, as well as, a brand new baby.


Me at 3 1/2. The ringlets were cut off the next day. Mother kept the locks and I still have them safely tucked away. 

This record of my first 4 years, kept by my parents hands, is one of the most cherished items I own. 

Day 11: Winter WIPs

Winter made its first real appearance yesterday and tried as hard as it might to cover the ground with white. In our neck of the woods only a slight dusting covered the lawns and only wet covered the roads.  The temperatures stayed in the 30s and since I left home without my mitts, I really felt the cold. I will not be doing that again and might even put an extra pair in my car.


Last week I got a good start on the March Through Time cowl and finished clue 1 in time for the release of clue 2. I haven't had one second to look at clue or to put a single stitch into my knitting (or sewing for that matter). The cowl may languish over the next few weeks, as the cold reminds me I could use with a new sweater and, since I am almost finished with the back, my time would be well spent on this one project.

Until yesterday's cold, wet day, I walked daily to keep up with the KAL. March Through Time is about getting your fitness on, as well as, working on the cowl project. If I keep up the walking I will call this KAL a success, even if I do not end up with a finished object. My iPod has been a my companion, although ne thing I love about walking is I can listen to my iPod, listen to a book or a podcast. I've been reading and listening to Nora Webster by Colm Tóibín, switching off with music to keep my step up. So far so good, I'm getting in my mile. 

Day 10: Garden Lovers

When life is giving you rough spots there is always something to come along and give you a laugh. The garden certainly did that yesterday, as Smith walked in with a coupled pair of carrots. 


Apparently a pair of carrots can meet in the garden and like each other so much they can marry. 


Carrots, intertwined for life. Now that ought to make you smile. 


Smith put another smile on my face when he brought  some bulbs he'd found in the local nursery. I had not planned ahead and had no bulbs to plant in our new front garden.  I swear he found the last bulbs in town, which means our spring will be just a little brighter. The weather next weekend looks warmer than today, so I'll have time before winter sets in to get them in the ground. 

If anyone could be more grateful for their hubby, I'd like to meet them. You have no idea all he has done for me the past month. He is the best guy around. I think I hit the jackpot. 

Day 9: Changing


Saturday morning we woke to frost, as you can see on the roof across the way. The first chill of winter started the day, but the  south wind started to blow and day warmed up with not a cloud in the sky. Even still, the golden leaves, reminded by the frost that they should fall, carpeted the ground.


I love to walk in the leaves and hear the crunch underfoot, but our condo has a big vacuum and every day the get rid of the leaves that fall during the night. I took this photo up the street, and another at Red Butte Gardens. Every chance I get I stop and walk in the fallen leaves or take pictures. I won't bore you with all the pictures I took this weekend. 


But suffice it to say there is a lot of gold on the ground in Salt Lake City.