Words in the Wild

Words in the Wild was started by Kym (my memory isn't all that great, but I think that's what happened) and she has a knack for finding words here and there. Honestly, I'm not sure whether WitW is a Wednesday or Thursday thing, but I'm doing it today, in any case. 


Last weekend, I had to stop by one of the big box department stores to pick up new "foundations" and, as I walked from one department to the next, I saw this sign. It not only tickled me, I knew it would make Kym smile, too.

My life has been so busy, with mostly good things (and work), but with a little trouble here and there. Monday night someone rear-ended my car and while I am okay (a little sore) and the car is still drivable, everything just feels even more complicated (it IS more complicated). 

One of the really good things happening this weekend is the Alta Knitter's Retreat. The weather will be superb (70-80s) and I decided to add a day to my stay to take advantage of the fantastic weather. The aspen leaves should be at their full glory, too. 

Enjoy your weekend, my friends!

Delving Into Mystery

As of late, Vicki has been my hero. She not only helped me (inspired me, really) to change my banner, but  also dyed the yarn for my next project, Romi's Mystery Shawl 2015. I was thinking of the sea and sky and Vicki captured my vision perfectly. Since the project is a mystery, I'm cannot be sure what's in store and I'm curious to see how the colors work throughout.


You may or may not remember I started a sweater, but I've been dawdling and only work on it while at SnB. In fact, I haven't done much in the way of knitting or sewing, it's mostly been reading when I have any leisurely time. I've been waiting for this shawl in lieu of starting anything new and tomorrow it begins. 


But, I have reach the point where I'm cutting the petals of the design on my Alabama Chanin T-shirt and I'm hoping to try beading and sequining this weekend. Even if I stitched this project non-stop it would be a month of Sundays before it was finish.

This is the proof I do my crafting for the process, not the finished project. I love every stitch I put into my knitting and sewing, and if I didn't it would all be for not. Enjoy the process, my friends!

Love Long Weekends

T'was the weekend of skies.


Golden skies, blue skies, sometimes a few clouds. The temperatures stay in the fifties, both high and low. Birds started their mating behaviors and sang songs of love and joy. It is heartbreakingly wrong, but it is hard to do anything but enjoy the warm weather and the sun.


T'was the weekend of mail. Postcards came from far away places, but the one postcard that brought surprise and delight was from Beverly. She has an on-going Postcard Project, one for every day of the year, and I am the lucky recipient of a card. It thrills me to no end that her great-grandmother's lapels have an Alabama Chanin look. Beverly has a new moniker for those of us who dabble in AC stitching...Chaninistas! 


T'was the weekend of of silly love notes. Smith collected all the sticky notes we've left for each other over the last year and set them inside a frame. Happy Valentine's Day to me! 

 Truthfully, I didn''t do as much crafting as I'd hoped, but plans are being made and ideas evolving. I do have one more day to do as I wish. We'll see what I can cook up. 

Friday Letters


Dear Weather Dogs-

From what I understand, you have a change in store for us, but it doesn't look like much of one, nor does it look like it will give us much in the way of precipitation, let alone snow. As you can see from the above picture, a weeping willow is leafing. In February. Seriously, I don't like to complain, but will you please bring us weather appropriate for the month? We need a little winter before we have real spring, not that we expect you to honor the calendar or anything. 

Dear Andi & Anne,

Thank you for having a contest, the contest in which I won a copy of Anne's Legendary Knits Vol. 3! I've known Anne a long time and I love her designs based on legendary people and fairy tales. 

Front resized

I'm quite fond of The Little Mermaid Sweater and I am completely smitten with the Guinevere Shawl. I even think I have the perfect Wooly Wonka yarn marinating in my stash. 

Guin Resized 2

The colors in the elegant Flora Mitts are a reminder of beautiful colors of spring and summer, seasons we all love (and miss!). 


 It's always fun to win, but even more so when the designs are something I'll knit (if I ever find time to knit again).

Dear Readers-

Please make sure you check out Volumes 1 and 2 of Legendary Knits. And, that you have a great weekend!

How To Dress


The weekend was cold, so very cold, but this knitter knows how to dress to keep the cold from penetrating through to her skin (and I'm sure you do to). I am always cold, believe me, my friends know this is true. In order to survive a weekend of cold that cuts like a knife, I need my knits.


During cold weather you will always find me in a pair of hand knit socks, but when I'm getting ready to leave the house on a very cold day, I put on my leg warmers. I feel like one the most fortunate people on the planet because this pair of leg warmers was an unexpected gift from CherylS back in 2008. Every spring before I put them away for the summer I check them over to see if they need repair and, then, I carefully give them a bath. I want to make sure my leg warmers are ready for action the following winter.


After donning my puffy down parka, I wrap an always-handy shawl around my neck. I wear a shawl as scarf, as it serve the dual purpose of keeping my neck warm when I'm out of doors but, also, of protecting my shoulders when I'm sitting indoors. 


I then on pull on a pair of gloves, in this case, a hand knit pair from Estonia, which I purchased from Nancy Bush a few years ago. And, since it's a very cold day, I pull a pair of mitts over the top. 


At this point, I'm ready to head out the door and into the cold. What are you're go-to items for staying warm? 

Autumn Weekending

The weekend weather was about as perfect as you could hope for on a late October day. We took advantage of the warm and sunny skies as much as possible.


Friday night I stopped by my local community radio, KRCL, and met my favorite of all time DJ, John Florence. His music is my morning sound track and listening to him is the reason I makes it up at 5:00am. I felt a little star struck at meeting him, truth be told. 

Saturday Smith and I enjoyed date night in downtown SLC. We wander around looking at the street art (something we need to explore during daylight hours) before going to a concert of beautiful jazz  music by Cyrille Aimée. Fabulous. She and her band were just fabulous. 


Because the weather has stayed unseasonably warm, Smith worked in the garden most of the weekend. We picked the last of our tomatoes for the year. The leaves at been hit by frost, but the fruit clung on to the last minute. Garlic has been planted and other parts of the garden will be covered with mulch and put to bed for the winter. It's a process and one Smith enjoys right up until the snow flies. 


After errands Sunday we stopped by a place that shall remain a secret, and yes, I have something up my sleeve, but the golden grass was photogenic, so I'll share it here while I work on my secret. 

How was your weekend? Rhinebeck joy is in the wind and I can't wait to read about the sheepy experiences.

No Matter the Weather

Last year it snowed and this year it rained, but in neither case was the fun dampened. Hanging out with friends during our annual Alta Knitter's Retreat sometimes made for cozy situations, but a good time was had by all and that's why we're there.

Saturday, the skies opened up and the rain never stopped. We watched as clouds moved in to completely surround Alta Lodge in white. Within minutes the clouds  moved on up the canyon and our view of the mountains returned. By the next morning the rain had stopped and we were very happy to see it hadn't snowed and that the skies were showing signs of clearing. 


Sunday, as Kym and I left the retreat, we took a short drive up the canyon to catch sight of the beautiful town of Alta and the stunning peak of Mt Superior. 


Color was wide spread through the canyon and in all the places Kym and I visited during her stay. Silver Lake's aspens were shimmering with color.                                                                           15224573319_9d4f6d3019_o

We visited Sundance, Cascade Springs, American Fork Canyon and all of it was full of the beauty of fall. The colors of the west are more gold and yellow, than the reds and oranges of the east.


In many places, the color was holding off, the green still in place, but knowing time was waning. 


We both wore our Germinate's all weekend, as we needed the added protection from the chill. We are knitters and we know how to stay warm. It was a grand weekend and I feel honored Kym returned to see more of Utah's beauty.

And, now on to ToT!

If you scroll through my books on Goodreads, you'll find few thrillers or suspense novels there, as it's a genre I rarely read. There are two I can put on my list and maybe you'll give me a few more "must reads".

1. Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier- This is the first book that came to mind when the subject arrived from Carole.

2. Now You See Me by S.J. Bolton - This is the first in a the Lacey Flint series and it was frighteneing and I was kept guessing right until the end.

She Was Here

Kym was here and now she's gone and I'm left to wonder how five days could go by so quickly. 


Day One - We knew the weather was destined to change so we took the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Red Butte Gardens (thank you Cheryl for the pass!). 

Kym in the Sagebrush House

Kym is as sweet, caring, and as engaging as you might expect, and we had a marvelous time seeing the sights and retreating at Alta Knitter's Retreat. There was a lot of knitting, even more rain, and constant views of beautiful golden fall. Hello October! 

Let the Sunshine

A friend asked if I liked having a smart phone, even though she knew the answer.I use it daily to take photos and post them on-line. I've learned many new techniques and which app to use that help to create the photo I have in mind. I learn more everyday. It's the doing that is the best teacher.

I am very pleased with the class that I took from Big Picture Classes. I learned to take into consideration the light, the composition, the background, and much, much more when taking pictures. On top of that, I get to decide which app to use (if any) to change the image into my own piece of art.


Sunflowers are filling the gardens, the sides of the roads, as well as, the flower stands. They're sunny faces are hard to resist.  Sunflowers feel like fall, look like fall, and they give me a thrill, as well as a chill. I love them so, but I look at them with a slight heaviness in my heart, as they portend the ending of summer.