"Passementerie (/pæsˈmɛntri/, is the art of making elaborate trimmings or edgings (in French, passements) of applied braid, gold or silver cord, embroidery, colored silk, or beads for clothing or furnishings."~Wikipedia

The first thing I thought of when contacting Kim about the colors for the Mystery shawl, was the idea of trimmings, gold braid, "passementerie". Kim always seems to read my mind and assured me that her Butterscotch Pudding was just the right shade to work with Through the Looking Glass. Since this was a Mystery Shawl, and no one knew the direction it would take, I made a leap of faith.

I first started with Butterscotch Pudding, but after the second clue arrived without a change in color, I changed my mind. I began again with Through The Looking Glass and I am now grateful I listened to my intuition.

After years of great Mystery results, I trusted Kirsten to design a shawl I'd love and, the newly named, Liz Christy is no exception.  Our only direction as to color was the guidelines Kirsten suggested when we signed up. My idea for the colors worked, but not in the way I had first envisioned. Questions abounded while knitting (What? No stripes!? Whatever are we going to do with this second color? Will this shawl be a disappointment?) As with Germinate, this shawl ended up being a serendipitous (and fortuitous) melding of the designer, the dyer, and a knitter's trust.

Kim's Airy, a deliciously soft single spun yarn, which I enjoyed knitting. As the yarn slipped through my fingers I saw the colors held both light and shadow adding depth and intensity to the shades. My delight with the shawl is evident as I have worn nothing else (as usually happens when I finish a great project). I am predictable.

I am also not very good at putting notes on my Ravelry projects, but you can still check out my Ravelry page.

Mood Indigo


My weekend was broken up into segments, the total of which left me no time to do the usual errands and chores. It was a fun weekend and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  I had...

  • two in a salon chair, one with girlfriends. I love my blue hair which has mostly been given the thumbs up. I figure if someone doesn't like it, well, it's their problem.
  • two with Cheryl shopping at Utah Natural Meat, and one with Smith. We fit in lunch one day and worked in the garden another. We now have enough meat in the freezer and produce in the garden, that I could skip grocery shopping altogether. This is the best time of year, imo.
  • 3 evenings of fun...two with girlfriends, one alone. A friend and I saw the movie Mr. Holmes and liked it very much. The scenery alone was worth the time and I loved all the set director's attention to detail.  My night alone was great, as between rain storms I walked the labyrinth in our garden and, after that, read on the patio while rain wet my toes. 

The weekends, while fleeting, give us strength, time to share love with friends and family, and enough time for relaxation and recreation. I love my weekends.

So, my friends, what do you think?

Wild Wednesday

19954351785_d565e57046_oI totally lucked out with this shot. While the jays grab the peanuts I snap and snap pictures, one after the other, and sometimes get lucky as I did last Thursday. Dad was hiding a peanut in a nearby tree, mom is on the ledge and baby is the one flying.

The scrub jays endlessly entertain me as they fly between tree and bush, side to side, gliding through the air with ease.The baby still has a beautiful pristine tail and perfect wings that have not been beat up by time. He hasn't begged or fluttered his wings in the baby way for some time now, but he does call for mom and dad if he's left alone for too long. He/she searches the skies for wanted company (or if magpies are in the area) and calls and calls. However, the pretty little thing seems to be doing well alone and is left to his/her own devices.

Wednesday's Are For Knitting

Getting organized in a timely manner in order to list my Summer Bucket List just didn't happen. However, there are several things I'd like to do this summer while the sun shines and the skies are blue and first on my list is to soak up the heat! I'm the one who is always complaining about how cold I am so my intent is to get as much warmth into my skin as I can (not by sitting in the sun, but in any other way I can). 


Second on my list is to knit, read, and sew every chance I get. I am working on my beading my Alabama Chanin T-shirt, a slow, slow process, but loving every bead and sequin I sew into place. I'd also like to work on my Market Bag and maybe sew a pair of pants, ala Marcy Tilton and Vogue.

And, since Wednesday's are for knitting, I plan on knitting as often as possible through the summer. Through the Loops Mystery is on my needles now and since it's a mystery, the results are slightly obscured.


I love my-new-favorite-color of Kim's yarn, Through the Looking Glass. At some point, there should be the addition of another color (where or when remains a mystery) and I think my choice will look great with the blue. I am much enamored with the process of the lace, even if it has tripped me up a few times, but sometimes the process means "back"  as much as it means "forth".  How does your knitting go? 

Water and Sky

Do you remember my promise of revealing my Romi's Mystery? We took pictures over Memorial Day weekend, but the last week of the month is a busy time and fitting in a post just wasn't to be. However, waiting until this week gave me time to take more pictures at one of my favorite places, one I think you'll recognize. Between Silver Lake and Red Butte Gardens, I have the best back drops of any place.

The minute I decided to knit Romi's Mystery, I asked Vicki to dye my yarn in the colors of water and sky. She dyed several skeins and I picked 2 that I thought were close to my vision. However, before I'd knit many rows, I decided the second skein needed more contrast. Vicki concurred, and I was happy to hear she still had one of the darker skeins on hand.  It made all the difference.

Knitting a mystery is a unique experience, as you never know what the designer has in mind. You trust her, you take each step with her and, while you may have reservations, you act on faith and just go with it.

The  colors worked out perfectly, the design exactly right for my water and sky vision, as the lace and stripe sections remind me of waves.

The size of the shawl is large enough to cover my shoulders  and keep my arms from the chill of air conditioning.  Romi's Mystery 2015 and Vicki's Make.Do.Dream, six weeks of knitting time (I'm slow, but I get there eventually), and a whole lot of fun all wrapped around me. I love knitting.

Sunday's Are For...Joy!

And poetry...

Mary Oliver book

The minute I heard Mary Oliver would be publishing a new book I called my local bookshop and placed an order. When it arrived I read it from cover to cover, but I keep it near and reread a poem every once in awhile.

A few weeks ago Mary's Facebook page asked for photos of Blue Horses along with a favorite line from the book and I complied with a line from Such Silence!.

"What's magical, sometimes, has deeper roots than reason." 

When the publisher asked for addresses I immediately sent mine. Would I really get a book plate with Mary's signature? Truly, I wasn't sure I'd be one of the 200 hundred she was signing, but a couple of weeks later I received an envelope from Penguin Press and my heart skipped a beat. To have Mary's signature for my book is stunning. 



Over the weekend the skies put on a great show. The weather was mostly great, with a little cool air and wind thrown in. Since then the air has cooled considerably, with gray clouds moving in, bringing with them a day of rain and cold!


Summer has been good to us and we can hardly complain, but a day of cold was a bit unexpected. Speaking of gray...the sweater I'm knitting is charcoal gray (as discussed earlier) and the Mystery Shawl (by TTL) is also gray, as is the other shawl on my needles. However, my one track mind may be in the process of change, as I just bought this gorgeously blue yarn from Anne of Wooly Wonka Fiber fame.

Anne's yarn is comprised of unique blend of 60% merino/20% silk/20% yak. Did you get that? It's part YAK! Yes, it feels just as soft and silky as you might imagine (if you can imagine what yak down feels like). To make this yarn even better, yak wool is naturally odor resistant. Are you thinking socks? This yarn would be perfect for socks, but I'm thinking (what else) a shawl!


Last Friday night a friend came to stay (hi Jo!) and we stayed up knitting and talking into the night. She was knitting socks and I bemoaned it had been such a long time since I'd knit socks, which lead us to look through my sock yarns, a bin full of neglected wonderfulness. I felt inspired by Jo's calm constancy as she knit her sock and by the time she headed home I knew there would be sock on my needles before the end of the day.


Hey look! I'm knitting socks! Instead of using one of the many processed yarns in my stash, I went with a gorgeous handspun from the divine Ms Cookie. The color, the texture, the feel of this yarn is something special and, if all goes well, there may soon be a new pair of socks in my future.

I have not forsaken Chicane. There should be a report on that front soon.

Touching Base

Crazy days in the office
Laughter of grrlfriends all evening
Blog days neglected

I missed my 9th blogging anniversary and missed the first day of spring, but I've been crazy busy either working my fingers to the bone, or laughing with friends. It's all good.

The only picture available for your viewing pleasure (or not) is of me wearing a wonderful cowl Laurie knit for me.

The only thing I remember about this warm and beautifully blue cowl is the yarn, Blue Moon Medium Weight Sock in Midsummers Night. The construction is very cool, as the alternating sections of stockinette disappear, so the lace sections come to the fore. I love the color and love the Laurie hug.

Spring is her fickle self. The weather has gone from blue skies to rain, and snow is in the forecast. No matter the weather I hope you're out enjoying life!! Anything good happening?


I knit. Yes, I do and, every now and then, I finish a project. 


Occitan captured my heart from the moment she caught my eye. Little did I know luck was with me the day I wandered into The Uncommon Thread Etsy shop (now closed) to purchase a kit.  Later, one of the SnB grrls told me what a commodity I had.


Part of my wonder with Occitan was why the name? What did it mean? Was it something specific that inspired the design? Was Occitan a time, a place, a feeling, a language? (This is the most interesting link I could find.)  I did see the romance, the elegance, and I could feel the draw of an unusual, far away, place. Whatever Beth's inspiration, through this shawl she took me to a a lovely place with this glorious design. 


The luxurious yarn, a lovely blend of wool/silk/cashmere from of the The Uncommon Thread was exquisite to knit and I loved watching, as the subtle beauty of the hand-dyed yarn slide through my fingers.  As if Occitan wasn't a beautiful enough name, Comulonimbus is the name of the yarn.  It's blue, it's named after a cloud formation, it was clearly meant to be.

Occitan was a magical, delightful project, as each stitch of its elegant simplicty filled me with calm. This was the right project at the right time and it has brought me joy all the way along.

Even more joy came my way as Carole visited Utah just when I needed her skills for a photo shoot! Thank you, Carole, for taking such a great picture of the shawl!
The Uncommon Thread shop is now open here.