November 11 - At the Park
November 13 - Nailed

November 12 - Elves

These two young men work hard to keep our grounds looking good, lawns mowed, fallen leaves removed, garbage pickup and general grounds clean up. They spent the last week putting lights above every door, and on nearly every tree trunk. I think there are other new displays planned. Our manager is young, has a year old baby, and he is very excited about Christmas. Every year he buys lights at the after Holiday sales and we benefit with new additions to our light display. Hard working grounds crews, who have no fear of heights, are a great reason to live in a condo. 


Love this! The lights will be so joyful!

I can't wait to see this all lit! I hope you will share!

ditto Kat! the elves visited our neighborhood entrance and the lakefront this past week ... I can't wait to see those landscapes LIT!

Ryan has a condo/townhouse and their grounds crew seems to primarily NOT mow or plow snow. They do excel at waking people up early with leaf blowers (but not blowing leaves), and would probably laugh uproariously if anyone suggested putting up lights. Your elves are a real treasure!

Oh, I could probably get into the holidays more if someone else would do the tedious work of decorating! It is not my thang. You are so lucky to have such a good crew.

That's wonderful! My NE Yankee self loves the after holiday price reduction purchasing!

Holiday lights are fun! I hate putting them up, but I certainly do enjoy them. ;)

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