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Prisma Color Wednesday


While it's still Wednesday, I thought I'd create a watercolor with the Prisma app. This is a picture I took while at  Red Butte Garden's several weeks ago. The Rose Garden was full of blossoms of every color and variety. This is the effect, made with "Breakfast", which highlighted the perspective and softened the colors which were quite bright in the original.

Yay! The week is half over and I looking forward to a long weekend.


Wow. That is beautiful!! I think I love what the Prisma app does with texture as much as with color. Woohoo! Happy long weekend!!

That's very cool!

I am really enjoying playing Prisma - thank you so much for convincing me to give it a try. That bloom really pops with the filter you chose - what a beauty!

Lovely! Prismacolor is a brand of very nice colored pencils, which is what I thought your post was about from the title! :D

Just lovely!

Beautiful, Margene! :-) Isn't Prisma a FUN app????

Beautiful!! Wow, I love it!! I need to remember I have that app on my phone! LOL

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