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Eye Candy Fun


Thank you, Vicki! I'm totally in love with the Prisma app and the all the many ways it can change one of my simple photographs. 


Love this birdhouse created with Prisma Love!


Eye Candy created with Prisma Candy Paper Art.

I've been going a little crazy trying one effect after another. The reason I dropped was to tell you enjoy the weekend. Our weather this weekend looks quiet wonderful, albeit with a little fall in the air. As you well know, I am not ready for the summer to end and I'll take every warm and sunny day that's offered. 


I'm with you! Let's hold on to summer!!! Love you photos and love you, too!

I bet that app is fun! Great pictures. Yes, let's hold on, but not too tightly. We can't change the change! Have a great weekend.

Haha. Isn't that an amazing app?? I have been holding myself back from PRISMA'ing and POSTing everything!! Love it.

The prism a candy is talking to me. Have a great weekend!

Summer! Keep it coming. fun...and you're right that bird house is fantastic! Enjoy the weekend Margene!

I've lamented that Waterlogue wasn't available for Android, but thank you for leading me to Prisma! I may not get anything done this weekend except lots of Prisma-ing. That birdhouse is quite wonderful!

I'm going to have to checkout the app! (and I'm sending warm sunshine your way - we still have more than our fair share) - happy weekend!

Such fun photos! The birdhouse is my favorite.

That does look like a fun app. Now that I have a new phone, but I bet I have enough memory to download it!

I love what you create. Here's hoping your weekend is awesome!

So fun! I hope you have many opportunities to enjoy it this weekend! xo

Spectacular photos, Margene!! Wow! And, I am glad you had a fantastic weekend - it went by too quickly here!

Those are really cool!

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