When You Care

Every year on MLK Day, my office gives service to a non-profit organization. This year we worked with the Neighborhood House by sorting clothes, washing and sorting toys, coloring and cutting shapes used to teach pre-school children, washing windows and cleaning floors. We had a great time working together and giving service to an organization which needed, and appreciated, our efforts. 

 Today's Ten on Tuesday  is in honor of Martin Luther King Jr Day of Service - 10 Things You Can Do To Serve Others. 

1.The absolute easiest thing you can do to serve others is smile (and say "thank you"). 

2.Volunteer your time to the local food bank by sorting canned food. You can also (or instead) give them a nice check, as a food bank can turn one dollar into over $7 worth of good and services.


3. Clean unneeded and unwanted items from your home (in the Kondo way) and donate the good stuff  to an organization who helps people in need. (You know you've got a lot of things you can give!)

4. Homeless organizations need and appreciate an extra set of hands. Call and tell them when you can be there. Even one hour will make a difference.

5. Pay it forward. You know how it works. Buy the next person in line a cuppa or a lunch. 


6. Knit for someone, a premie ward, a cancer support service, or a homeless shelter for families. Kids need hats more than anyone. 

7. Knit for a friend. You know what your friends like.  

8. Choose to be humble and promote someone else's idea. 


9. Always be kind. Keep that road rage at bay. 

10. Give until it hurts. 

Any one of the items on this list would make a great resolution for the year. May you heart to open to giving and sharing all you can. 



I think I would have known this was your list, even if I hadn't read it on your blog. So kind, caring, thinking of others - that's so you! Great list and it looks you and your coworkers had fun and got a lot done.


Lovely list, and I love the idea of buying coffee (or tea) for the person behind you in line.

All wonderful ideas, but I particularly like the idea of being kind, to EVERYONE that will let you. Society is becoming so much less civil than it used to be.

I just love that your company does this. And your list is wonderful!! Thank you.

This is such a great topic for ToT! And perfect timing, when we're all working on New Year resolutions!

Give till it hurts...aww

I love your list Margene. That road rage - that is a tough one at times!

Smile. It really does a body good. And the other body too. :-) Great list Margene.

Your list is awesome and I love that your office does community service as a group. It's such a fun experience to do something good for someone else with others!

Such a wonderful list, Margene. And what a great project for your office. It looks like you all enjoyed yourselves while making a difference for your community. Win-Win!

It's very cool that your organization does that annually! We did a team-building thing once - packed food for Feed Our Starving Children - but haven't again.

To all the comments and especially your entire post, I can only add my Hear! Hear! Should be required reading for us all!

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