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Over the Weekend

After 8 days of gray the sun played hide and seek with us with only revealing itself  a couple of times, and then, only for short spurts of time. The next week doesn't look very promising, as more gray, and maybe a little snow, are in the forecast. Saturday afternoon the blue skies came into view and Smith and I went for a walk just to celebrate. 


I spent quite a bit of time listening to books (Americanah for the second time), podcasts (innumerable), and, either, knitting or sewing. My dark little secret is the jigsaw I work on while watching TV (Big Bang episodes from the library). Every couple of years I run across a jigsaw puzzle that catches my fancy and this one, Charlie Harper's Rocky Mountains was too cool to pass up. 


On my needles is a second pair of Trip Mitts, which should be in the recipients hands by weeks end. Also, another Alabama Chanin project was started, but you'll have to wait to hear more about that later. The size T-shirt I bought may be a little big, which worries me some, but I'm going to enjoy working on it and wearing it no matter what. 

Smith and I looked through seed catalogs while dreaming of spring and he listened to me moan about the too long nights. I listened to him explained plants need at least 10 hours of light to respond (we're not there yet). Have you noticed the slightly longer days? On January 29th we hit the mark. YAY!

How's the weather in your part of the world? 


I love those mitts - I really need to make a pair (or two!) of those. Your weekend sounds really nice, I'm glad you and Smith had some time together. Our weather has been all over the place, cold and not cold, lots of rain yesterday, and (thankfully) no snow!

Your mountain is always beautiful and I love your Trip Mitts. Thanks for the great Charley Harper puzzle idea; my mil loves puzzles and this one will be perfect for her upcoming birthday. No snow here yet, but with temps in the 20s this week it may appear soon.

We may get out blue skies the puzzle

LOVE Charlie Harper. Did not know his estate did puzzles. Slippery slope? Mitts are beautiful. Is that Malabrigo?

Same as yours! Count me in the Charlie Harper fan club.

I am definitely noticing the longer days and rejoicing. That is a very neat jigsaw puzzle. I love the colors.

Weather here very cold! But after a week of rain and gray, at least the sun is shining. Gotta love the light, no matter what. I love that puzzle, and now I know your secret. I love a puzzle, too, but I don't fall under the spell of many these days. Once hooked on one, I spend entirely too much time on it, but if you can multi-task, that's probably not a problem for you. Have a wonderful week. I hope you get plenty of light!

We've had a lot of gray days, too, and rain. However, Saturday and Sunday were sunny, which helped to boost my mood. January won't last forever, it only feels like it will. Hang in there!

Crazy weather in MA. Rainy, mild and 57°F yesterday. 30°F today and an Arctic wind that cuts through your clothing and seeps into your bones. At least it's sunny! :-)

Love your mitts! The contrasting stripe is delicious. I need to bang out a pair or two.

We've had several sunny days lately, which definitely made it feel more light!

Those mitts look squooshy and delightful.

Thanks for the reminder about the longer days. Indeed it is after 4:30 here and there still is light. Without reading this post just now, I would have neglected to notice.

I've been afraid to get too excited about the (suddenly noticeable) longer daylight -- because I thought it was just my imagination! I'm working on my second pair of Trip Mitts, too. What a great design! I, too, love both Charlie Harper and jigsaw puzzles. That one looks just SO fun. XO

It’s been terribly cold here. I think it was -15 yesterday morning. This morning was warm! 5 above! We managed to get our Christmas decorations down over the weekend and not much else. I have noticed I’m not feeding the horses in the dark (just dusk) any more, so I’m pleased.

Love Charlie Harper, I have that puzzle too. Great Mitts!

those mitts are so fun! and I think my mom might really enjoy the puzzle (how many pieces is it?) - our weather is cold...for us. meaning overnight temperatures in the 20's and daytime highs in the 40's. but thankfully, no snow!

I just checked the "daylight" section of my weather app this morning and was happy to see that tomorrow will be 1 minute and 36 seconds longer!!

What a great puzzle. Every once in a while, we get one going... hard to resist once begun! ;)

Can't wait to hear more about your new project!

if I start a jigsaw that is all I do, eat sleep drink jigsaw until it's done. So I try not to start them often!! lovely second set of mitts :)

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