Ten Good Things
Love This Season of Joy



Listening to....We went to a concert Saturday night (Jeff Hamilton Trio) and we have been listening to the CD we bought while there. FANTASTIC!

Thinking about... The fun weekend we had with not one, but TWO date nights. We saw Spectre, the newest Bond, which was too long, but kind of fun. 


Dreading... The inversion, commonly known as the "dreaded inversion". It's here. I'm just dreading it will stick around.

Planning... To turn blue again.


Celebrating... Chanukahmas (all month long) We love to celebrate the light!

Drinking...Water, wine, whiskey and tea

Itching to...Finish my AC bag (maybe soon!)

Needing to... Shop for Christmas

Organizing... I should be organizing my time, but it seems to be slipping through my fingers. 

 How are things in your world? 



You and I drink exactly the same things. I need to finish my Christmas shopping this week. And organizing hasn't gone so well either!

Your menorah is so gorgeous--it's a beautiful homage to the light. What a fun weekend you had--double dating is great.

Things in my world would be pretty darn good if I didn't have to shop for Christmas. I love your time with Smith, the light you're creating, and water, wine, whiskey, and tea. Enjoy!

Happy Chanukahmas! Sounds like you kicked off the season right this weekend.

Oh dear - isn't this a bit early for an inversion??

Time... it seems to be slipping through my fingers too. I just keep taking deep breaths and reminding myself that, ready or not, everything will be fine (and there's not much about it that's worth making myself miserable).

Blue! Wonderful idea.

Love your menorah and the lights. Sorry about the dreaded inversion return. I went back to the gym today for the first time in way too long. I feel good about that.

Time . . . it's slippery business, isn't it??? I love your menorah -- and all the twinkling lights. (Best part of the season!) So sorry about the inversion. Keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn't stick around for long.

I applaud your return to blue and the celebration of light all month long. also TWO date nights in one weekend. (and not the inversion - ugh...)

Love the blue! Ours are orange and white and red and pink and blue and and and

Definitely needing to "organize" my time better too but I'm also just relishing the slow pace of this month, thus far.
Looks like your December is off to a great start ! Enjoy!

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