Day 13: If You Feed Them
Day 15: Selfie Sunday


I love those puffy white clouds over the snow-topped mountain...stay warm!

The lovely western blue sky and puffy white cumulus clouds are beautiful, but I think it's a bit too early for your mountain to be snow-covered. Enjoy those blue skies and some warmth for the weekend!

Your mountain looks shimmery silver with that coating of snow! Such a lovely sky.

You have the most beautiful sky pictures! We are having a cold weekend here in New England with lots of wind. The woodstove will be getting lots of use. Enjoy your weekend Margene.

That's a beautiful shot.

There is nothing quite like those Utah skies!

What a beautiful shot! If only it would stay that beautiful this winter. Hold fast, Margene.

Beautiful puffy clouds!

The clouds are wonderful! The change in weather is coming this way also. One bold forecaster says it could be quite a blizzard!

Hard to believe winter's upon us…such a gorgeous shot; one can return to it often for a bit of peace and tranquility on grey and/or busy days.
Stay warm.


Crazy weather!! That's a gorgeous photo... I love the shadows & light on the mountains.

Great shot!

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