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Five Things About My Weekend


1. Friday counts as part of the weekend (in my estimation) and the rain and thunderstorms that day were impressive and exciting. My view, as I returned from lunch, was of a huge black cloud full of lightning and thunder. I tried numerous times to capture the lighting, but it evaded my camera lens. 


2. Saturday, just as I was driving away from the library, and heading to dinner with a friend, the tiniest part-arc of a rainbow appear at the mouth of Big Cottonwood Canyon. You can see I was stopped at a red light and not snapping pictures whilst operating my car. This little bit of rainbow delighted me and I, for once, I was happy to stop at the light. 

3. I have no picture to share for number three, but the the churros I had for dessert, following a delicious taco dinner, were wonderful. I ate them before I remembered to take a picture, but the crunchy outside and soft warm center (dusted with sugar and cinnamon, dipped in whipped cream and/or chocolate) created a mouth full of joy. 

Do not worry, I am not dead or ill as the next photo might suggest.


4. I had a bit of a disaster while trying to fill one of my fountain pens. I wanted the last drop of ink from the bottle and ended up squirting it all over my hands, my face, and my shirt. I am a novice fountain pen owner (my pens belonged to Smith's mother) and I am trying to get the hang of filling cartridges and converters. I am grateful the ink washed out of everything except my fingernails (which will be clear of blue soon enough). 


5. Sunday dawned clear and cool, with beautiful blue skies and entertaining clouds. Smith had the day off (yay!) and after breakfast, we took a walk, taking time for a little photo shoot (which you'll see later in the week). Because we had most of the day together, we were able to take advantage of the beautiful day and spend time on the patio, grilling dinner and making the most of our day. 

How did your weekend go? Did you have a lovely one whether rained on or no? 


Oh, that little bit of peekaboo rainbow! :D

D'oh about the fountain pen filling mess! :( I gave up on the converters - they don't hold enough ink for me. I refill the regular cartridges with a syringe that has a large-bore needle with the pointy bit snipped off. Noodlers Black is my ink of choice.

What a lovely weekend! That black cloud is impressive, and I'm glad you were in the right place at the right time to see the rainbow. At the sight of your hands, I thought maybe you were touching up your hair yourself, but I'm glad it was just a small fountain pen mishap. It's a lovely blue!

Love the rainbow, it gives me a feeling of hope. My weekend had it's ups and downs but I'm grateful that I got to be with Dale for all of it.

Wow! That first photo is amazing. And I love your little rainbow. ;)

We're definitely feeling autumn in our neck of the woods, which prompted a little yard/patio clean up and switching screens for storm windows!

Beautiful and impressive skies in your area this weekend! I thought the first photo was smoke from a massive fire until I read on. From my experience with SLC traffic lights, you have plenty of time for photography while stopped at a red light, especially if you are first in line...the longest red lights ever!

Maybe you should try blue nailpolish again. :)

That thundercloud is MOST impressive! (And the ink on your hands is really a lovely shade of blue.) Sounds like a good weekend, all around. XO

That was a heck of a rain we had. It was fun to watch.

Fun with fountain pens, having a lot of fun with them myself. Lots of experience with big black clouds living where I live. Glad to see you usually just receive rain from those clouds.

I guess I'll have to believe you about your meal....love the blue dye all over the place, that would be me!! both of my kids love fountain pens, I just like regular. Looks like a great weekend and Friday does count!!

I guess my comment got lost in a black hole...I'm sorry! I love your blue fingers - thought they must be related to the continued color adventures of your hair :-) but a fountain pen is very cool. and a super fun way to write.

You could continue the blue hair lol.

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